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Ready to buy timeshare—or at least learn more about vacation ownership? Smart thinking!

Your interest in becoming a timeshare owner shows that you are a person who takes control of things that matter in your life, like how you spend your leisure time, as well as how you spend your hard-earned money.

The thoughtful decision to buy a timeshare means you want to stop handing over money to hotels that give you a bed and a bathroom (and usually not much more). Hotels take your money, pad the bill with incidentals, and invite you back year after year to do it all over again, billing you higher rates each time you vacation there.

Timeshare ownership gets you out of the expensive hotel vacation rut. When you buy timeshare, you lock down the price of your future vacation accommodations at today’s rates—you take ownership in the quality and the price of vacations you will enjoy this year and for years to come.

Why Couples and Families Choose to Buy Timeshare

Buying timeshares means that you are making a commitment to yourself and to your family that leisure time is an important part of your life and that it is not going to be short-changed. You stop pretending that it’s fun to share cramped accommodations with the kids, sitting on the bed, eating sandwiches and cereal meal after meal.

With vacation ownership, you stop cramming your family into a hotel room and start comfortably relaxing in a timeshare villa, complete with a kitchen, multiple bathrooms, and multiple televisions. Today’s families don’t huddle together in one room at home, and they shouldn’t have to do so just because they are on vacation.

Look for a Timeshare Company You Can Trust

The current owners who advertise their timeshares for sale at BuyaTimeshare.com are typically people who can no longer use their timeshare. Some sellers are dealing with life changes such as job or career shifts, a divorce, or an illness. Others have reached a time in life when they travel less. And some sellers are people who never planned to be a timeshare owner but inherited their interval or weeks. All are motivated to move that timeshare and sell it at a competitive price.

The Timeshare Process is Simple:

  • Search by resort brand, destination, or other variable that is important to you. Make another cup of coffee and search a little longer—this is one of the perks of buying online. When questions arise, call us or send us a quick email. We are here to help.
  • Peruse the BuyaTimeshare.com inventory of timeshare resales. Take your time. Unlike sitting through a timeshare sales pitch on a new property, there is no pressure to buy before you have made a deliberate, well thought thru decision. The only reason to hurry would be your awareness that great deals at great resorts tend to move quickly.
  • If you like, create a Timeshare Pulse account, identifying exactly what you are searching for and even the price you are willing to pay. We’ll do the rest, matching you with options that fit your criteria and notifying you by email when new properties that meet your wish list become available.


Your purchase will be made either by dealing directly with the current property owner or by working with a licensed timeshare Real Estate Broker. Either way, when you choose to buy timeshare advertised on BuyaTimeshare.com, you as the buyer can have complete confidence that our staff is highly knowledgeable and will be respectful of you and your objectives throughout the timeshare sales process.

BuyaTimeshare.com has been at the forefront of timeshare resales and rentals longer than just about any other company in the industry. Established in 2000, we were the first to use portal technology so that our buyers and sellers could communicate directly and anonymously on a 24/7 basis. We are leaders in using search engine marketing to build visibility and attract both buyers and sellers—we were doing it first and we will still be doing it long after other timeshare resale companies have closed their doors or been gobbled up by other brands.

Simply start the process by searching through the search field at the top of the page or by filling out the no-obligation form and let us help guide you through the process. You’ll save yourself thousands of dollars compared to buying timeshare from a developer, so start your search today.

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    Your Market Analysis reflects the average asking price among the owners from your resort seeking to sell their timeshare here on BuyaTimeshare.com. The analysis is based on specific characteristics such as unit configuration, season, specific week owned or, in the case of points ownership, the category and number of points owned.

    Marriott's Harbour Lake

    7102 Grand Horizons Blvd, Orlando, United States

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    We will review current advertised sales prices along with the 5,385 offers processed through buyatimeshare.com for Marriott's Harbour Lake. In addition, we will consider the following details you submitted regarding your ownership:


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