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Timeshare Closing Services

Timeshare closing services make the timeshare buying process as smooth as possible so you can enjoy your vacation home as soon as possible without worrying that you missed something.

Like the ownership transfer of any type of property, the timeshare closing process is a necessary part of the timeshare sales process. By the time an owner gets to this stage, they have already found a buyer for their timeshare, have agreed to a price and secured the deal with a purchase and sale agreement.

When the deal is in the final stages, it’s important to look for a timeshare closing company to help make sure everything is legally and logistically taken care of.

How is closing on a timeshare different than closing on other real estate?

What sets the timeshare closing process apart from a traditional real estate closing are the intricacies of the documents involved. Title searches, resort estoppel requests, and existing mortgages are just a few of the areas that can delay the timeshare closing process, which can take between 30-180 days depending on the resort and the status of the documents.

How to prepare for working with a timeshare closing company

If you are ready to send your timeshare sale to closing, a few items you should have ready will help expedite the process:

  • Have a copy of your purchase and sale agreement, signed by both parties.
  • If your timeshare is clear of any liens and all mortgages have been paid, have documentation ready to prove it.
  • Depending on the type of timeshare, have a copy of your deed or lease in hand and ready to provide upon request.
  • Obtain the necessary contact details of the buyer and have all information ready to be provided.
  • Find out if a legal review is required by the state which has jurisdiction over your timeshare. Some closings require a legal review, some don’t, and a legal review generally increases the closing costs.

Remember that in the majority of cases the buyer pays the timeshare closing costs so, while that is more good news for the seller, it can sometimes come as a surprise to the buyer.  

Finding a Company that Offers Timeshare Closing Services

The timeshare closing scenarios outlined in this article are just some of the reasons why you will want to find an experienced, reputable timeshare closing company with which to do business. Two of the companies we can recommend with confidence are First American Title and Fidelity National Timeshare.

Both First American Title and Fidelity National Timeshare have been processing timeshare closings for years, providing services such as:

  • Title search
  • Escrow services
  • Disbursement of funds
  • Document preparation
  • Estoppel work to confirm the ownership details with the timeshare resort
  • Transfer and recording of deed

How the Timeshare Closing Process Works with a Timeshare Closing Company

Once a timeshare closing company has been chosen, they will open an escrow account and hold all deposits and payments until the timeshare closing process has been completed. Once the sale is closed, the money will be released to the seller.

A traditional real estate closing takes 30 days, after which the seller and buyer typically go to an office to sign all of the paperwork and the transaction is closed. Not so with a timeshare closing.

Because of the evolving nature of the timeshare industry, some resorts and timeshare developers have changed ownership over the years. Original deeds and ownership information can be confusing, especially the longer the ownership has been held.

Chances are that owners were originally sold their timeshare by a developer that no longer is involved in the resort, having turned over control of the ownership to the resort HOA which now manages the resort. All of these factors play a part in the time it takes to close the sale of a timeshare.

If it takes a little time to close your timeshare sale, be patient. As long as the information is all correct, it is only a matter of time before the seller gets that check in hand.

Buy a Timeshare Today

Buying a timeshare can be a great way to secure years of exciting vacations, but as with most property purchases it can take time to close the transaction. If you have any questions about the process, or how to buy a timeshare from the selections on offer at BuyaTimeshare.com, please reach out to us through the inquiry form or call us on 800-640-6886.

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