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Sell or Buy Wyndham Timeshare Points

Wyndham Resort Timeshares

Wyndham Destinations is a recognized and trusted global leader in the hospitality industry. Known as the world’s largest timeshare company, Wyndham includes more than 200 resorts developed or acquired by Wyndham Vacation Ownership. With Wyndham timeshare, you’ll find five prestigious resort brands to enjoy:

Each of these timeshare entities adds an additional dimension to the Wyndham timeshare vacation experience. Beautiful resorts, exciting destinations, serene spots to relax—spaces and places where you make memories that last a lifetime.

Of course, the best place to shop for hot deals in Wyndham timeshare is right here on BuyaTimeshare.com. We offer an easy, convenient, and transparent process for buying or renting Wyndham resort timeshare or offering your Wyndham timeshare as a vacation rental. And because so many consumers search our site as a trusted resource for buying timeshare resales, we are also the best place to come when you say, “I am ready to sell my timeshare now!”

Wyndham Timeshares for Family Holidays, Romantic Getaways, or Dream Vacations

Wyndham timeshare resort Wyndham Ocean Walk in Daytona Beach

Today Wyndham timeshare (which includes the properties formerly known as Fairfield Resorts), consist of an expansive network of international resorts, as well as the opportunity to be part of a timeshare exchange network. No wonder nearly a million families have chosen Wyndham timeshare membership as a way to make vacation planning easy with the assurance of safe, clean, and beautiful accommodations wherever they travel. 

For vacation owners who make the wise choice to buy Wyndham timeshare as a by-owner resale, the significance of ownership is even greater with the opportunity to save thousands below developer pricing. With points-based Wyndham vacation ownership, you’ll be able to choose your “home resort,” where you will have priority privileges for exchange and scheduling. And the flexibility of points gives you floating use rights, so you are never limited to vacationing at one unit or one resort property

Points based Wyndham ownership offers many valuable benefits you may not be expecting. Depending upon which resort is your home resort, your perks may include:

  • The privilege to book advance priority reservations, scheduling your home resort holiday up to 13 months in advance of your vacation. 
  • Membership in RCI timeshare exchange (Resort Condominiums International), the world’s largest exchange network. Your annual RCI membership fee is included in your timeshare maintenance fee.
  • And for many Wyndham Hawaii timeshares, your exchange membership may be in Trading Places International, a California based timeshare exchange company that specializes in select regional destinations.

Understanding Wyndham Timeshare & Point Resales

Wyndham Bonnet Creek Wyndham timeshare resort in Orlando

Timeshare points are the “currency” you use for scheduling vacations, and resale points consistently are priced below developer points. Whether you are buying Wyndham timeshare for the first time, you already own Wyndham points, or you have VIP status at Wyndham, you always make a smart move when you buy your points (or buy additional points) as timeshare resales.

Buying resale Wyndham points expands your vacation options. You can combine the points you purchased on the resale market with any points you purchased directly from Wyndham and all of your points ownership works together, other than the fact that resale points do not count toward Wyndham VIP status—a feature many happy Wyndham owners never use.

If you need a large timeshare unit, you plan to travel during peak vacation times or you are scheduling a trip to a very popular destination, you’ll use a larger number of points than you would otherwise need. High demand resorts, such as Wyndham Bonnet Creek, the Orlando timeshare location adjacent to the Disney World Resort, or an ocean view unit at the Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort (California), as examples, require more points than do desirable resorts that are located in destinations with fewer tourists and lower demand. One of the many great aspects of owning Wyndham timeshare points is that you always have the option to add more, expanding your vacation “buying power”.

Wyndham Timeshare Rentals

Wyndham timeshare resort in Rhode Island, Wyndham Newport Overlook

Remember, you don’t have to buy timeshare to enjoy it. Booking Wyndham timeshare rentals is easy, convenient, and extremely affordable here on our website. You’ll be renting directly from the current owner, which means you enjoy discounted pricing on timeshare that an owner would love to be using, but simply can’t make work in his or her schedule this year. Because owners who use their timeshare as a rental usually only seek to offset their annual fees or cost of ownership, you, as the renter, are in a great position to enjoy these vacations at luxury destinations.

Buy, rent, or sell…when it comes to Wyndham timeshare, you’ve come to the right place at BuyaTimeshare.com. Let our timeshare professionals help you with all your vacation ownership or resort rental needs.

Wyndham Timeshare FAQs

Can you get out of a Wyndham timeshare?

The short answer is yes, but as with many things about a timeshare there are certain conditions. The best way to get out of a Wyndham timeshare is to sell it on the resale market. This will not only get you out of your ownership but also put some dollars back into your pocket. However, the vast majority of the time the timeshare needs to be mortgage-free or free of any encumbrances so the buyers can purchase straight-up without any hiccups involved or the need to pay off any outstanding loans.

Another way is to contact Wyndham directly through its Wyndham Cares program. This is the take-back program that the company implemented a few years ago to allow owners to give back the ownership of their Wyndham timeshare back to the company. There are criteria that must be met, such as the timeshare being paid in full and all maintenance fees being up to date, and the owner does not receive any money for their timeshare. This is handled on a case-by-case basis so this is not a blanket policy to guarantee take back of every timeshare in the company’s portfolio.

How much does it cost to get into Wyndham?

This depends on how the buyer purchases their Wyndham timeshare or Wyndham points. The lowest cost to get into Wyndham is to purchase on the resale market, since that removes the marketing costs and sales commissions that are baked into the new sale cost of the products. By buying resale, the buyer can save 50-60% or more on the cost of their vacation ownership. Nationally, the industry-wide average cost of an interval (industry-speak for the average price of a week’s worth of vacation time regardless of whether it is week or points ownership) is just shy of $22,000 according to the American Resort Development Association. In a news release from a couple of years ago, Wyndham stated that the average cost of its timeshare is $21,000, which would be the new sale cost of ownership bought through the company. This would not include adding the possibility of taking out a loan to pay for the timeshare, with many timeshare loans running at interest rates as high as 17%. Because resale prices are so discounted, it is highly unlikely that you would need a loan to buy on the secondary market.

Compare those figures to the cost of resale timeshares such as those on offer at Wyndham Smoky Mountains resort and you can immediately see the bargains on offer through the resale market.

How does Wyndham timeshare work?

Essentially a Wyndham timeshare is a prepaid vacation where you pay in advance for a time period of vacation time at a resort within the Wyndham network of resorts. This is a use product, so the value is in using the ownership each year to take annual vacations.

Wyndham timeshares come in two primary types, weeks and points. A week can be either a fixed week (meaning at the same resort at the same week every year) or a floating week (a week within a certain season). Some owners like the certainty that week ownership provides, especially in high demand resorts, and allows for specific planning well in advance for their vacation. With Wyndham, the floating option is tied to points where the week owner can convert to points in a given year in order to use their week at a different time of the year. Points act as a type of vacation currency where you redeem them to use at a resort and give you the chance to vacation at virtually any time of year.

Points provide added flexibility in that it opens up more options such as the use of a larger unit in certain seasons or gives you a larger range of places to vacation. Points owners can also split up their allotment into shorter stays such as multiple long weekends. In either case, an owner would book their vacation time through Wyndham, even in the case of a fixed week. It is always best to plan as far ahead of time as possible, as much as 12-13 months ahead, to give yourself the best chance to reserve your favorite time at your top location. Weeks and certain points classifications are deeded at a specific resort, known as your home resort. This gives you priority at your home resort in addition to being able to book within the Wyndham timeshare resort network. Other points classifications, such as Club Wyndham Access points, are not deeded and operate more like a membership product that gives you more flexibility to book throughout the Wyndham network.

Can I sell my Wyndham timeshare?

Yes, you can sell Wyndham timeshare mainly in two ways. First is through an online advertising outlet such as BuyaTimeshare.com where you are the one doing the negotiating. In this way, look for a website that gets high online traffic from targeted buyers specifically looking for a Wyndham timeshare product. Some generic sites advertise hundreds of different types of products and don’t target buyers looking for a specific product.

On an advertising site, you would take out an online ad and post all of the unique information that led you to buy in the first place. Buyers would contact you online and you would negotiate the sale yourself. This saves you the kind of high agent commissions that can rack up when a sale is completed.

The other primary way is through a timeshare resale broker which specializes in selling timeshares on the secondary market. These companies could agree to sell your Wyndham timeshare using a licensed real estate agent and are paid after a sale is closed. However, brokers can be very selective about the timeshares they agree to work with, depending on areas such as the requested asking price or type of timeshare owned. So there is no guarantee that they will agree to work with you.

Other ways to sell are the traditional ways such as advertising in newspapers, magazines or other old-fashioned outlets. The problem with these is that today’s savvy buyer looks online for the best deals possible.

Is Club Wyndham a timeshare?

Club Wyndham is often referred to as a timeshare program but it is also identified under the broader term of vacation ownership. There is overlap between these terms but the timeshare term essentially is defined as a week of time which is deeded to a specific resort, giving the owner the use of a unit in that resort for the vacation week. Many of the resorts in the Club Wyndham network provide timeshare ownership that fits this description, primarily based on a fixed week or a floating week in the form of points. Fixed is a specific week often in a specific unit that the owner can occupy, where floating refers to the use of a unit during a week in a specific season of the year, giving the owner a choice from among several weeks within that season. Owners would convert their timeshare to points in a specific use year to take advantage of the floating option.

Club Wyndham also offers pure points programs, which is where the broader vacation ownership term comes into play. These points are non-deeded and points can offer benefits beyond the standard definition of a timeshare. Use of the points can give the owner the use of a vacation unit in a resort for a week, the same as a timeshare, but the points can also be divided into smaller allotments to be used for multiple, shorter term stays.

Can I rent my Wyndham timeshare?

Yes, owners can rent out their Wyndham timeshare the same way they can rent out any vacation property. The first thing they should do is book the use of their timeshare, whether it is a week or using points, since vacationers need to know that the unit is available. Many points owners offer the use of their points and try to work with a vacationer by offering a range of dates to use those points. The issue here is certainty, since you may need significant lead time to secure the use of a unit and renters want to know that they can have the unit before they put any money down. The advice here is to secure the use of your unit, then go find a renter.

Next step is to find a way to promote your timeshare to the vast community of online vacationers looking for accommodation deals. Many tourists understand the benefits of renting a timeshare, with the multiple rooms, full kitchens and amenities you can’t get in a standard hotel. Look for a website that gets loads of traffic and advertise your timeshare for rent, then negotiate the deal yourself. Have a rental agreement ready to sign and create a way that the traveler can send you a deposit to hold the use of the timeshare. Once you have an agreement in place, get their details so you can inform your resort and send the confirmation letter to the renter. Collect the remainder of your rental fee and enjoy.

Is it worth having a timeshare?

Absolutely it is worth having a timeshare, depending on how your timeshare is purchased in the first place. This is where the timeshare resale marketplace makes a huge difference.

Timeshares provide amazing vacations in nearly every major vacation destination in the world. Having a unit with multiple bedrooms, expansive living and dining areas, full kitchens and all the amenities of a top resort can significantly enhance your vacation experience. It certainly beats everyone piling onto a hotel bed eating a pizza. The real issue is not the product but the cost. A timeshare bought on the resale market can cost 50-60% less than buying through the resort because of the sales commissions and marketing costs included in the original prices at the resorts. Wyndham states that their average timeshare price is $21,000, so removing those inbred costs significantly reduces the resale price. And that is just the starting point for negotiations between resale buyers and existing owners looking to sell.

Also – keep in mind that timeshare is a use product meant to be used at least once a year for annual vacations over a number of years. Using the timeshare every year over a 20 year period, you can essentially prorate the purchase price over the years to give you a good indication of the real worth of a timeshare. Even when adding in annual maintenance fees, this can still be a much better deal than renting a hotel room every year – especially if you need to rent multiple rooms for your entire group.

Are Wyndham timeshares deeded?

Yes, Wyndham timeshares can be deeded to a specific home resort where you have your ownership. The level known as Club Wyndham Select refers to deeded timeshare weeks where an owner has a week of ownership at a home resort. These owners also have the option of converting their ownership to points in a given use year in order to add flexibility to their ownership, such as using the week at a different time of the year.

Points programs that are considered pure points programs such as Club Wyndham Access are held in a trust and issued to owners, with the total allotment of points based on the overall purchase price. These points are non-deeded and function more like vacation currency in a club program where they can be redeemed for a variety of unit types in any resort within the Wyndham timeshare network.

Deeded weeks can be beneficial to the owner in instances where the week is in high demand at a popular resort. This would guarantee the owner vacation time at that resort, whereas points owners may have more difficulty booking high demand weeks.

Is Wyndham destinations a timeshare?

Wyndham Destinations is the corporate umbrella company for their branded timeshare operators that participate in the vacation ownership industry. This includes several branded timeshare programs such as Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Margaritaville Vacation Club and Shell Vacations Club – all of which offer timeshare ownership at select resorts in the U.S. and internationally.

Exchange company RCI also comes under the Wyndham Destinations umbrella, which allows owners to exchange the use of their timeshare with other owners in order to vacation at different destinations around the world. Over 4,000 resorts and nearly 4 million members are part of RCI, giving timeshare owners numerous vacation choices beyond their home resort.

Do Wyndham timeshare points expire?

Wyndham timeshare points expire at the end of the use year, so it is important to take action on your points whether it is to reserve an accommodation stay, convert them into the Wyndham Rewards program or use them within the RCI exchange program. Points are renewed at the start of your use year, whether your year begins on Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, or Oct. 1 depending on your contract. You can also use them to make a booking into the next use year, so keep that in mind as well, since some booking windows begin as far in advance as 16 months from the requested vacation dates. Unused points remaining in a Wyndham timeshare points account will expire so make sure you use them before the end of the use year.

How much are Wyndham timeshare points worth?

Wyndham timeshare points are worth more than you think, but it depends on the type of program with which your points are affiliated and the range of resorts your points can access. The best step you can take is to use our innovative Timeshare Worth search function, which allows you to enter the name of the resort or program and usage details to get an average asking price from the sellers advertising on our website. This is a great starting point and takes the guesswork out of assessing what your timeshare points are worth on the resale market.

Can you buy Wyndham timeshare points?

Certainly you can buy Wyndham timeshare points. You could go directly to Wyndham but you will be paying significantly more money for your points than through the resale marketplace. Resorts mark up their prices as much as 60 percent to cover the sales commissions and marketing costs associated with bringing prospective owners to the resort and selling the timeshare points. These costs are removed from resale prices because the seller has already paid those fees. Buyers who buy Wyndham timeshare points as resales get the benefit of buying at a significant discount worth thousands of dollars back into the buyer’s pocket. Just search for the resort or program you are interested in, click the timeshares for sale button and look through the available inventory. Click the Make Offer button to make an offer or send an inquiry to the seller to begin the process.

How does the Wyndham points calendar work?

A Wyndham points calendar is different for nearly every resort, since point requirements are based on factors such as peak season, resort demand and location. Resort stays are labeled by seasons, so a resort may have Prime, High, Value and Quiet seasons available at the resort. Specific weeks are assigned to these seasons, with Prime season showing the highest demand weeks for a particular resort. When you have an idea ofwhich week you want to vacation, such as week 52 for an end of year celebration, check to see the season where that week falls into. You’ll then be able to choose the type of unit (two-bedroom, etc) and the length of stay (full week or individual nights) to see how many points you’ll need to book that stay.


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