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Timeshare Pros & Cons

Timeshare offers some of the most enjoyable and affordable accommodation available in the most popular holiday destinations in the world - without the added expense and hassle associated with more traditional hotel arrangements.

The flexibility provided through timeshare ownership not only allows holiday-makers the opportunity to vacation in style – it allows families the opportunity to build new memories every year, while enjoying all the amenities and comforts of a vacation home.

For those not closely familiar with timeshares, the benefits of timeshare ownership can be obscured due to the sometimes polarizing information available about the product. We will explore the timeshare pros and cons of ownership to explore why this is such a terrific way to vacation.

Pro: Timeshare Community 

Once someone becomes involved in the timeshare community, in most cases they’ll have choices beyond their current resort where they can choose to vacation in different locations or destinations.

Depending on the ownership structure of the home timeshare resort, they could have a choice of different sized units to meet their particular need for that vacation, take time off to vacation during different times of the year or enjoy discounted perks, based on the level of ownership.

Con: You Won’t Want to Stay at a Hotel again

If given a choice, of course you would choose to vacation in a multi-room suite with private bedrooms, spacious living rooms, full kitchens and in-unit washer/dryer for when you come in from the beach or the slopes. When that timeshare suite is less expensive (or even a similar cost) than a standard hotel room, you can say goodbye to the hotels forever.

Pro: Variety of Timeshare Accommodations

One of the major benefits of timeshare ownership is that units can range from a studio unit to a four-bedroom villa, with most holiday apartments falling into the one and two-bedroom size. Units can be as large as 3,000 square feet, with separate areas for dining, living areas, kitchen, in-room laundry facilities, spa bathrooms and bedrooms.

The real timeshare benefit is the chance to vacation at multiple locations and different timeshare resorts throughout the course of the ownership period.

The days of going back to the same resort in the same location are virtually over, unless that is the choice of the owner. Today’s options allow an owner to vacation in the mountains one year, on the beach the next, taking in world-renowned historical sites the next year, then perhaps visiting a world-class city such as New York or London.

Con: You’ll Have Trouble Deciding Where to go Next

With all of the choices of vacation destinations, how will you fit them all in? Some programs such as Club Wyndham have over 200 timeshare resorts to choose from, which is a lifetime of options. And that doesn’t include the thousands of resorts offered through exchange companies.

Tough problem to have, so best to decide what type of vacation you want and find the timeshare resort that best fulfills your dream.

Pro: Timeshare Exchange Offers Ultimate Vacation Flexibility

The timeshare exchange component of the industry has been the real game-changer. By buying a timeshare and exchanging it through one of several programs available, owners can leave their designated resort and exchange their original vacation destination for a new one every year if they choose, even use it for a cruise or extended tour option. These programs open the world to the timeshare owner and provide the flexibility that is only limited by the imagination of the owner.

The comfort of the “home away from home” concept has been the real drawing card to buy a timeshare over the years. Unlike the usual hotel or motel experience, these apartments typically have larger floor plans and the ability to accommodate small or large groups (such as for family reunions). Exchange companies make it possible to find your home away from home virtually anywhere you choose.

Con: Multiple Choices Even For Exchange Companies

Larger exchange companies such as RCI and Interval International require a paid membership in order to access their resort inventory. This works well for millions of timeshare owners looking for access to nearly 4,000 resorts around the world. However, some owners would rather use the services of boutique exchangers like 7Across, RTX and Trading Places who do not charge membership fees.

Some of the larger branded programs allow for internal exchanges within their programs. Especially the points-based programs, like Disney Vacation Club, allow owners to use their points at a variety of resorts within their network. But make sure you check to see if your program charges an exchange fee for internal exchanges.

Pro: Timeshare Resort Amenities

Timeshare resorts often provide outstanding amenities such as multiple swimming pools, water parks, golf, tennis courts, spas, ski-in/ski-out access and fitness facilities. And for the parents, planned children’s activities are becoming more popular as resorts cater to the needs of the entire family.

Timeshare benefits such as onsite restaurants and bars make it easy to plan for meals that you’re not cooking yourself in your unit’s kitchen. And you don’t have to pile into the car to get there.

For those who do want to meal prep, today’s timeshares have marketplace venues with convenient shopping options for several types of meals. Others can even have groceries delivered right to your unit.

Con: Too Much Fun Stuff to do in a Short Time

It’s always better to have too many options than not enough, but this can be a bit frustrating if time gets away from you, especially in places like Orlando where the theme parks are king. Make sure you allow for down time in your schedule to enjoy the amazing facilities offered at your timeshare resort.

Is a Timeshare a Good Idea? The Conclusion

The benefits of timeshare ownership are extensive but evaluating timeshare pros and cons is always a subjective exercise since people’s vacation needs can be very different. Families may appreciate the kitchens more than couples who want to dine out for every meal. Conversely, couples may like cozying up to a fireplace, whereas the kids may not care.

Like any product, cost weighs heavily on the decision. Fortunately, the significant discounts on the timeshare resale market make ownership a much more affordable option than many may realize.  

Benefits of Timeshare Ownership

Timeshare ownership can provide some of the most affordable vacation options available, depending on the length of time an owner uses a particular timeshare program or ownership plan.

When compared to the costs and amenity levels of standard hotel rooms, or the cost of renting more than one room depending on the size of one’s family, the cost of a timeshare can be very competitive. Especially when the cost of dining out compared to preparing meals in the kitchen facilities of most timeshares is factored into the equation.

Plus factoring in the larger, multi-room suites with plenty of space and privacy – timeshares are far and away the better choice for vacations.

Drawbacks of Timeshare Ownership

Like with virtually any other product, there are on-costs that factor into timeshare ownership. Upkeep and maintenance ensure that the product is at a high quality level every time you visit and play a big role in the resale value of your timeshare.

When buying timeshare on the resale market, and factoring in the thousands in savings over the ownership period, even adding in the annual fees makes this a great way to vacation compared to renting vacation accommodation or staying in a hotel.

What are you Waiting For? Find Your Perfect Timeshare Today!

If you are serious about taking fantastic vacations every year at amazing resorts and saving money in the process, timeshare resales are the way to go. Savings of 50-60 percent over resort retail prices make this an affordable option, while also pre-paying for your vacations at today’s rates before the prices go up.

Now that you’ve reviewed the timeshare pros and cons, check out the deals on offer here at BuyaTimeshare.com by searching for your favorite resort or vacation destination in the search bar at the top of the page. Then scroll through to see the best deals on offer. If you have any questions, give us a call on 800-640-6886 or through the inquiry form on this page.

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