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Marriott Timeshare

Marriott Timeshare and Marriott Vacation Club

Respected throughout the world, Marriott is a cornerstone of the hospitality industry and one of the pioneers of timeshare and vacation ownership. Although Marriott has paved the way in timesharing, the company doesn’t linger in the past. Instead, Marriott is constantly, thoughtfully re-imagining what great vacations could and should be… and who benefits most from their visionary approach to vacation ownership? You do, when you make the decision to buy Marriott timeshare and enjoy leisure at a whole new level!                                            

With more than fifty resorts around the globe and vacation opportunities within an ever-expanding network that currently tops over 2,500 resort destinations, buying from Marriott is more than vacationing—it’s a promise to yourself to create magical memories built around resorts, recreation, adventure, and fun.

Choosing Marriott Timeshare Weeks or Points Ownership

Today, the company sells vacation club points, but no longer sells timeshare weeks to consumers. Timeshare weeks are not available—at any price—from Marriott. Likewise, discounted prices on points are available only by purchasing points directly from the current owner who has used them, enjoyed them, and is ready to pass them on to the next vacationing couple or owner at a fair market price—well below prices offered by Marriott.

When you want the pleasure of owning a a week or weeks for a traditional timeshare usage experience, your best choice is to buy timeshare or Marriott Vacation Club resales advertised on BuyaTimeshare.com. Only through the resale marketplace can you still become part of the respected weeks-based program that Marriott owners have loved and enjoyed for decades.

Buying Marriott Timeshare Resale Weeks

Why buy timeshare weeks instead of points with Marriott?

If you have a favorite resort you want to visit, and can commit to a timeshare season for scheduling week-long (or multi-week) vacations within that seasonal window, then Marriott timeshare resale weeks ownership is a great option for you.

Marriott Vacation Club resale weeks may be fixed weeks (meaning that you are buying a specifically numbered week for your vacation and that week will be consistently yours, year after year), or you are buying a floating week. Some Marriott resorts originally sold only fixed weeks, which often were assigned to a fixed timeshare unit number. When this is the case, the vacationing family always knows both the exact vacation week and precisely which timeshare unit, villa, or condo they will be enjoying. Floating weeks are generally assigned to a season, but afford you the flexibility to schedule your vacation within that usage season.

Resale Weeks Ownership Means:

  • You’ll enjoy vacationing at the Marriott resort you love most.
  • You’ll be able to book your floating week vacation at any available time within your timeshare ownership season.
  • You and your family will enjoy a true sense of owning vacation property, as you return to the same resort, and in some cases the same timeshare unit, for each special getaway.
  • If you have a preferred vacation week that is consistent from year-to-year, you may want to shop for a fixed week of ownership. For families who seek to celebrate a favorite holiday, anniversary, or special occasion at their designated Marriott resort, fixed week ownership guarantees that their vacation date is easily confirmed, ready, and waiting for them to enjoy!
  • Whether you own fixed or floating weeks, or Marriott points, you always have exchange opportunities available if you choose to participate in a exchange program such as Interval International.

For Marriott timeshare resales located in the U.S., your weeks ownership will be secured by an actual deeded real estate interest. For timeshare resales located internationally, your weeks ownership is typically secured by a Certificate of Ownership, which is often a Right-To-Use contract. With Right-To-Use contracts, your ownership ends when you reach a pre-established number of years (for example, 50 years or 99 years are common Right-To-Use contract periods).

Marriott Timeshare Points

When you buy Marriott Vacation Club resales as timeshare points, your ownership is secured through a deeded real estate interest in the MVC Trust, yet it is defined as timeshare points you will use as your “vacation currency.”

Although Marriott strictly controls the price at which it sells points (also known as Marriott Vacation Club points), buying Marriott vacation points from an individual is very different. Timeshares advertised on BuyaTimeshare.com are held by individual owners who have already enjoyed Marriott vacations. These owners are typically motivated to sell because they are making a lifestyle change. As a resale buyer or a timeshare renter, you are positioned to save big, while still enjoying all the dependability, quality, and luxury that are part of the Marriott Vacation Club brand.

Are You Interesting in Selling Your Marriott Timeshare?

As you can tell, our specialists know and understand MVC points and weeks ownership and we know how to attract an active market of interested buyers, sellers, and renters. BuyaTimeshare.com was the first online resales company to use search engine optimization as our exclusive marketing strategy and we’ve been doing it longer and better than anyone else in the business.

Why not start looking for your dream vacation right now or contact us and let us help you rent or sell your Marriott timeshare.


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