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Let Us Help You Exit Your Timeshare

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    Timeshare Exit 

    Have you heard the radio and TV ads lately that promise to help you with a timeshare exit? These have been popping up all over the U.S. Most of these timeshare exit companies require you to pay thousands of dollars in advance on the promise that you can give your timeshare away.

    What they don’t tell you is that you can sell or rent out your timeshare instead on the resale marketplace for extra cash.

    Many of these timeshare exit companies operate with deceptive practices. The latest example involves a decision handed down by the Washington State Attorney General to one of the largest timeshare exit firms in the country. You can click here to read about the multi-million dollar fine handed down by the AG.

    For more information about timeshare exit strategies that can actually put money back into your pocket, read on below. If you have questions or need more information, please fill out our inquiry form and we'll be in touch with answers as soon as we can.

    Timeshare Exit Strategies that Work

    When it comes to successful timeshare exit strategy, we do the marketing; you collect the check. It’s really that simple.

    Our proprietary marketing strategies have pushed our website to the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo for search terms including “I want to buy a timeshare”, “timeshare resales” and “timeshares for sale”.

    These first page positions have helped us obtain an average of one million unique visitors annually from those looking to buy or rent timeshare on the resale market. These are exactly the type of visitors that want to make an offer on your timeshare.

    Your timeshare exit strategy begins with posting your timeshare on our website, which is seen on multiple websites in our network. You are given a full page ad and an account to manage your advertisement, where you can include the details and incentives necessary to find a buyer or renter.

    We can work with you to implement search engine optimization techniques designed to target buyers specifically looking for a timeshare such as yours. Once a buyer places an offer or inquiry on your ad, your negotiation begins until a deal is reached.

    The best part – you can actually make some money rather than giving it away to exit your timeshare.

    Credentials When Choosing a Timeshare Exit Company

    Industry endorsement is crucial when researching how to exit a timeshare. What you’ll find is that most exit companies do not have the support of the industry. It’s not because resorts don’t want to help owners transition out of their ownership, but because they hate seeing their owners unnecessarily pay thousands of dollars to exit companies with nothing to show for it.

    As a timeshare resale specialist, we’re proud to be in good relations with leading trade associations within the timeshare industry. This is an important part of our strategy and helps to build confidence in those looking to buy or rent a timeshare resale on our website.

    These organizations are shown at the bottom of every page of our website and include ARDA, CRTA and AMDETUR, the largest timeshare trade associations in North America.

    See what these satisfied customers had to say:

    Dave of Stayton testimonial

    Scott of Forest City testimonial

    Avoiding Timeshare Exit Scams

    As you research ways to exit your timeshare, you’ll come across all kinds of pitches and guarantees from companies offering the best way to exit a timeshare. The problem is that it always seems to cost you thousands of dollars, and those guarantees usually don’t pan out.

    Some of the tactics a timeshare exit company uses can be a red flag as you look to avoid timeshare scams:

    • Stop Paying Maintenance Fees – exit companies use this as a way to get a resort’s attention and supposedly help save you money. This only compounds the problem because you are contractually obligated to pay annual fees. Timeshare operators can then use a collection agency to get their money.
    • Stop Talking to the Resort – the exit company wants to handle the discussion, but resorts no longer take their calls or respond to their letters or emails. As an owner with a relationship with the resort, you should always remain in contact with the resort.
    • Guarantees – whether it is a guaranteed timeshare exit or a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work out, there really are no guarantees. The resort or management company is the only one who can approve an exit, and you can request that yourself without the involvement of an exit company. And we’ve already seen from the Washington AG decision, exit companies don’t live up to money-back guarantees. 
    • Is It in Writing – get everything in writing and check the fine print before committing to anything. Many states are behind the curve when it comes to regulating exit companies, since they don’t often come under state timeshare resale rules.
    • Business Location – most exit companies have actual business locations but there are the few that operate on the fly. Always research if a business is legitimate, with an actual address (not a PO Box), a proper business phone number and a license to operate in their home state.

    If you are choosing a timeshare exit company, it’s easy to jump on statements that sound too good to be true. It really comes down to whether you want to roll the dice to pay them the $5,000 - $10,000 they ask upfront before anything gets done.

    The Best Way to Exit a Timeshare

    We understand that you want to move past your timeshare ownership or you wouldn’t be here. Whether it is because of changes in your family, your finances or health, there are several reasons why you are looking for timeshare exit solutions.

    Rather than just giving your timeshare away or, worse yet, paying a timeshare exit company with no idea if they will come through – why not sell it? Wouldn’t you want to get some money back for your timeshare instead of having it be a total loss?

    In short, we specialize in helping timeshare owners sell or rent out their timeshares, not give them away.

    We are one of the longest-operating timeshare resale companies in existence, with an office in Tampa, Florida. Early on we recognized the search marketing potential of being visible on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and made this visibility a priority over more traditional timeshare advertising outlets. Newspapers and local real estate offices can no longer compete with targeted worldwide online exposure, and this decision has been the key to our success.

    Ready to Exit Your Timeshare?

    The best and most cost-effective timeshare exit strategy is to sell your timeshare and recoup some of your initial outlay. To begin the process, just fill out the inquiry form on this page or call 1-800-640-6886 to speak with one of our timeshare specialists.

    Let Us Help You Exit Your Timeshare

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