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    Best Timeshare Companies

    Assessing the best timeshare companies depends on several factors, such as the country or region that their resorts are located in and whether your tastes line up with their offerings.

    However, with the prominent role that the major hospitality chains now have in the timeshare industry, the best timeshare companies tend to gravitate to the major players for a number of reasons:

    • New Resorts – the major brands such as Hilton, Disney and Marriott have new timeshare resort offerings, giving their programs more options in places such as New York City, Chicago, Orlando and San Francisco with different types of timeshares.
    • Upgrades to their Facilities – this is a resource issue, as the companies with the deeper pockets tend to be able to upgrade their resorts easier than the smaller resorts. If you are considering buying a timeshare, check with the resort management company to see if they have ongoing plans to maintain the resort at a high level.  
    • Quality of Service – this does not necessarily skew toward the bigger players, as we’ve all had great experiences at smaller, more boutique resorts as well as poor customer service at larger resorts. That said, for a high standard of consistent service it is hard to beat the major players.
    • Variety of Destinations – all of the branded timeshare companies now operate points-based programs, which provides exceptional value for owners who want more choices than the traditional timeshare week at the same resort.    

    Keep in mind that geography plays an important role in determining the best timeshare companies, since many of the major American companies have limited or no options outside the United States. For instance, Westgate is the largest, privately-owned timeshare company in the world but only offers resorts in the U.S. Bluegreen Vacations offers access to a resort in Aruba, but this is an associate resort and all of their other resorts are located in the U.S.

    An owner in Mexico or Australia may see a choice of best timeshare companies entirely different than an American. Mexican timeshare companies such as Sunset Resorts, Palace Resorts or Royal Resorts offer outstanding timeshare experiences, but these are mainly centered on Mexican and Caribbean resorts. Classic Holidays is a premier timeshare operator in the South Pacific, but operates predominantly in Australia and New Zealand.

    Best of the Best Timeshare Companies

    With all of this in mind, we narrow our choices of the best timeshare companies to the following (in no particular order):

    Wyndham Destinations – the Wyndham timeshare brand boasts nearly 900,000 owners with a true international presence. Yet, they keep their standards high and reinvest into their resorts, with the best example being the Wyndham Bonnet Creek property in Orlando.

    Marriott Vacation Club – Marriott was the first hospitality brand to enter the timeshare realm, in 1984, but they continue to innovate and expand their product to new destinations. Their new Pulse brand targets new urban destinations, such as South Beach, San Diego, San Francisco and Washington, D.C., plus internationally to Australia, Thailand and Indonesia.

    Hilton Grand Vacations – the Hilton name conjures up images of class and luxury, and the Hilton timeshare resorts do not disappoint. While smaller than the previous two companies, Hilton has expanded their program into Chicago and Japan as well as additional offerings in New York City. They have excellent relationships with partner programs, allowing members to also venture to Italy and Mexico.

    Disney Vacation Club – every list of the best timeshare companies needs a mention of the Disney timeshare brand. Leveraging their unparalleled brand strength into timeshare in 1991, Disney built around their amazing theme parks to establish a program with exceptional demand for their product. Disney continues to expand, with The Villas at Disneyland Hotel added to the newest offerings as well as new timeshares at Disney's Polynesian Villas & Bungalows. They stay in their lane and do an incredible job.

    Looking to Buy a Timeshare?

    To begin your journey, we recommend getting the timeshare basics down, then move into exploring some options for becoming a timeshare owner.

    There are many timeshare scams out there or companies using questionable tactics, such as the Timeshare Exit Team, that all together can put a dark cloud over the timeshare market. There are still many ways to buy a timeshare with the confidence that you are actually getting a vacation destination at a discounted deal!

    We recommend first looking at the BuyaTimeshare.com marketplace to see if current owners or timeshare resellers have advertised any good deals that meet your needs in your desired destination. If for some reason you can't find a timeshare to your liking among the large selection we have, or just want some help walking through the process, you could also contact a timeshare broker

    Looking to Sell a Timeshare?

    We have many resources that will allow you to get more acquainted with how to sell your timeshare. We detailed out the best way to sell a timeshare, the timeshare closing costs, a guide to complete the sale of your timeshare, a detailed seller FAQ, and more.

    Learn how to sell your timeshare now with BuyaTimeshare.com.

    When you are ready to sell, BuyaTimeshare.com is the #1 place for owners to sell a timeshare on a marketplace that gets significant visibility to your timeshare.

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