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Timeshare Rentals

Timeshare Rentals

Timeshare rentals are the ideal way to first experience the elegance of a luxury vacation ownership resort without the initial long-term commitment of a timeshare purchase.

Thousands of vacationers look to rent a timeshare and enjoy the added space and modern conveniences that come with a timeshare rental, and BuyaTimeshare.com is perfectly suited to provide you with great timeshare rentals at terrific prices.

The next time you want to vacation and spend a week somewhere new and exciting, we can help you with a selection of affordable timeshare rentals. From the glamour of Las Vegas to the beaches of Mexico, you can explore stylish nightclubs and restaurants when you rent a timeshare at one of the spectacular resorts on offer on our website.

Why Timeshare Rentals?

Timeshare rentals are a no-brainer for families looking for the most comfortable and affordable vacation accommodation. Many travelers aren’t aware that timeshares can be rented, but you can rent a multi-room, condo-style unit often for less money than a standard hotel room.

Especially with today’s multi-generational families going on vacation together, renting a larger timeshare suite is much better than booking multiple hotel rooms. Everyone gets their privacy, enjoys larger living space and can even prepare their own meals to cut down on costs.

Add in the wonderful resort amenities and activities that you can’t get with a home or Airbnb rental, often with better deals than booking through major booking sites, and timeshare rentals are the complete package.

Always superior to hotel rooms, timeshare units offer wonderful amenities that are not found in the typical hotel room:

  • Larger, condo-style units
  • Multiple bedrooms
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Full kitchen
  • Separate living and dining areas
  • In-room laundry facilities
  • Large, furnished balconies

Why pile everyone onto the bed eating pizza in a cramped hotel room when you can relax and enjoy the peace and spacious living areas of a timeshare?

At BuyaTimeshare.com, we can help you find the timeshare rental that meets your needs. Choose the time that you want to stay, and the price that you want to pay.

How do Timeshare Rentals Work?

At the start of their use year, timeshare owners decide whether or not they can use their timeshare. Perhaps they have a scheduling conflict, a work-related conflict or a health-related issue, so they are unable to use it in a particular year. Rather than forfeit their use, they often choose to put up timeshares for rent and recover some, it not all, of their annual fees.

Owners put their timeshare rentals up on websites such as ours and field offers from vacationers looking for a good deal. Their prices are often lower than anywhere else because owners offer timeshares to rent without the commissions and booking fees charged by resorts and online travel outlets.

Consumers looking to rent timeshares find sites specializing in by-owner rentals such as ours, then find the rental that best suits their vacation needs. The renter puts in an offer and the negotiation take place between the owner and renter to come to an agreed price.

Once they agree, the owner initiates a written agreement and takes a deposit from the renter, then provides the renter details to the resort to confirm the booking. Once the confirmation is in place, the owner forwards it to the renter and can collect the remainder of the rental fee. The resort will expect the renter and receive them as a guest just as if they had made the booking themselves.

Companies such as First American Title can help with the agreement and hold monies in escrow in case the owner and renter would like a third-party to help with the process.

Is it Worth It to Rent a Timeshare?

Absolutely it is worth it to rent a timeshare. With access to the larger, multi-room suites and the home-like comforts along with the resort facilities and activities, renting a timeshare provides a terrific way to vacation.

Especially when you consider the comparison with staying in a standard hotel room, timeshare suites are far and away a better value. Just the multiple bathrooms alone takes the pressure off, along with the ability to prepare healthy meals and reduce your meal costs by not eating out for every meal.

Resorts have great family-friendly activities like outdoor movie nights, multiple pools, arcade game rooms and organized children’s activities. They are a real vacation destination in themselves – and that’s before you head out to the beaches or theme parks.

Add in the cost savings by renting from an existing owner and it can be the best deal on the market.

Where to Find Timeshare Rentals

Did you know that there are timeshare resorts in 46 of the 50 states in the U.S.? No matter where you want to take your next vacation, you can find a timeshare rental and enjoy upscale accommodation at much lower prices than comparable hotels.

The most popular states with timeshares are:

Perfect for any occasion, a timeshare vacation offers the highest quality lodging at some of the most prominent locations in the world. Perhaps you’re looking for an urban destination such as New York CityNew Orleans or San Francisco? We can help. Maybe it is an international locale like the beaches of Mexico, the slopes of Canada or exotic Thailand? We have timeshare rentals in these and other locations around the world to help you create your dream vacation.

By working directly with an owner advertising their timeshare for rent, you can rent vacation ownership accommodation for much less than what the resort will charge, simply because you’re saving the booking fees and marketing costs resorts include into their prices.

Should You Buy a Timeshare Rental?

While some travelers primarily book timeshare rentals for their vacations, others are looking to try before they buy because of their affinity with a particular resort, location or hospitality brand.

Securing timeshares to rent give you a first-hand experience with a resort or branded timeshare program that you just can’t get through a brochure or online photos. Enjoying the resort and the spacious timeshares for yourself by renting from an owner lets you become familiar with the process and be treated like an owner.

In fact, renters are often encouraged by the staff to take a resort tour so they can explain the benefits that you may not know. The best part is that you know their resort prices will be way more than the discounted deals you can get on the timeshare resale market – maybe from the very owner who provided the rental.

Once a renter is repeatedly looking for the same resort or the same location, then it may make more sense to buy timeshare rather than rent. Owners get preferred access to their favorite week and season of the year, months in advance of when non-owners are able to book.

With points programs, you are also able to vacation in multiple, shorter stays and adjust your unit size based on changes in your family needs at the time of your vacation.

Keep in mind that renters are unable to recoup any of their money spent on accommodation, whereas buyers can ultimately put up their timeshare for sale and reclaim some of their expenditure.

In any case, when you rent a timeshare here at BuyaTimeshare.com, you can rest assured that you are vacationing for the best value for money in the industry.

Looking to Rent Out Your Timeshare?

Do you own a timeshare and are thinking of renting it out? Renting your timeshare is a great way to recoup most, if not all, of your annual fees and also introduce a new prospective buyer to the resort.

Whether you want to rent a timeshare or put your existing timeshare up for rent, you’ve come to the right place. Through our online marketing strategies, BuyaTimeshare.com is poised on the search engines to offer the most effective platform for timeshare rentals than any other resource in the industry.

Search our available inventory, request more information through our online form on this page or call us on 800-640-6886 if you have any questions. You’ll be on vacation before you know it.

FAQ When Renting a Timeshare

1. Can you rent timeshares?

Yes, you can rent timeshares in a few ways. Owners often put up their timeshares for rent, advertising on websites such as BuyaTimeshare.com. The owner controls the use of the timeshare, so they will advertise their timeshare rental, set the price and negotiate a booking directly with a vacationer looking to stay in the unit.

The vacationer usually sees the timeshare that suits their needs, makes an offer, and negotiates the deal. Once an agreement is in place, the owner takes payment, secures the booking with the resort on behalf of the vacationer, and confirms the booking directly with the vacationer.

There are also third-party companies such as timeshare brokers that can manage the process on behalf of owners. These companies handle the process and secure the bookings and confirmations on behalf of the parties involved, for a fee or commission.

Lastly, resorts tend to have their own rental programs where a vacationer can contact the resort directly for availability to rent timeshares. Many also offer their rentals through online travel agencies. However, remember that these rentals include commissions and fees that can make these rates much higher than those from an owner looking to rent out their timeshare.

2. Do people rent out their timeshares?

Yes, owners rent out their timeshares all the time, mainly to recoup the cost of their annual fees if they cannot use it. Because the timeshare is privately owned, the owner can put their timeshare up for rent by usually advertising it themselves on sites like BuyaTimeshare.com. Because this is a private transaction, the owner sets the price, conducts the negotiation, takes deposits and confirms the booking with the resort on behalf of the renter.

Renters will see these available timeshares for rent, inquire about availability and negotiate the deal directly with the owner. Once an agreement is in place, the renter will receive booking confirmation from the owner and proceed just as if they had made the booking themselves.

3. Do timeshares include all inclusive?

Timeshares may include all-inclusive benefits, such as meals and drinks included in the price, but this depends on the resort. Most resorts are not all-inclusive, so be sure to look for all-inclusive in the description if this is a priority before making a rental booking.

Typically the rental price of a timeshare does not include the all-inclusive component, especially when renting straight from a timeshare owner, with this package to be purchased separately.

Some all-inclusive packages are mandatory, meaning that you must purchase it if you intend to stay at the resort. The package can be purchased at the time of booking, closer to the stay or at the resort itself. Some resort packages include the all-inclusive component in the rental price, so it is imperative that you do your research and ask

4. How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Timeshare?

The cost to rent a timeshare can vary substantially depending on the resort and the location. However, renting a timeshare from an existing owner is generally cheaper than looking to book a unit through the resort or by using an online travel agency.

For the most part, owners are just looking to get a rental amount that covers the cost of their annual fees, while the OTAs such as Expedia and Travelocity have commissions and booking fees factoring into their online costs. Plus, the OTA offerings are usually direct from the resort, so the resorts will be marking up the cost as well because theywant to maintain their margins and don’t want to undercut the market.

As an example, we’ve seen timeshare rentals at Disney's Old Key West Resort posted for as little as $209 a night for a Deluxe Studio, whereas the rates through Disney are $439 for same nights and an OTA had it for $568.

Depending on the season and the resort, there could be closer parity between the sources, but it is always a good idea to check directly with owners first before going elsewhere.

5. What is the best timeshare?

Assessing which is the best timeshare is like asking which hotel brand is better. For example, would you rather stay in a Marriott property, or a Hilton property? This ultimately comes down to personal preferences and experiences, since one vacationer’s experience at a particular resort could be very different from someone else.

As much as the hospitality brands like to maintain consistency across their properties, travelers know that this is not always the case. Often times it comes down to perks, benefits and the specific needs of the vacationer such as resort location. For example, if Aruba is a priority, then you may want to go with Marriott since they have the Marriott Aruba Surf Club and Marriott Aruba Ocean Club available on the island. By comparison, brands such as Hilton, Disney and Wyndham do not have timeshare resorts on Aruba.

Other aspects such as loyalty programs may come into play. For instance, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, which boasts resorts such as Orange Lake Resort in Orlando, is part of the IHG hospitality network. IHG Rewards Club is the largest hotel loyalty program in the world with over 90 million members, so this could significantly tip the scales in their favor.

The best way to look at this is to take inventory of your personal vacation preferences and needs and look at whichever timeshare company can best meet those needs. Do you need a one-bedroom or a three-bedroom unit? Is a fully-equipped kitchen important? Are you looking for a ski vacation? Once you have your needs assessed, it will make your decision much easier.

6. How much does it cost to own a timeshare?

The cost to own a timeshare can be viewed in separate phases depending on which part of the ownership process we are talking about. There is the initial purchase price, which can be completed mainly in one of two ways. Then there are the annual fees that factor into the cost of ownership.

First, the purchase price. This can vary significantly depending on how you are buying your timeshare. If you buy through the resort, the average price is just over $24,000 per interval according to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA). These high prices have sales and marketing costs and commissions included into the price, and the resorts are looking to recover those and any associated management costs included in the process.

If you are buying on the resale market, the price is discounted significantly because you are buying directly from an existing owner without all the marketing commissions and fees.

Regardless of whether you buy at the resort or as a timeshare resale, you can either buy in a cash transaction or by financing the purchase with a loan. Financing will obviously cost more because of the interest rates that hike the overall purchase price. Most transactions at the resorts are done with financing, whereas most resale transactions are done with cash because of the much lower price points. Remember that you can also use credit cards to purchase a timeshare, but unless you pay it off in the initial credit cycle you will be paying credit card interest on the transaction.

The on-going maintenance fees are what can impact the overall cost to own a timeshare. However, even though all timeshares incur these fees, this is more of an issue for the resort buyers than the resale buyers. Annual maintenance fees can be paid either once a year, quarterly or monthly depending on the management firm for the timeshare resort. The owner can usually choose how often their fees are paid. According to ARDA, the average maintenance fee amount is about $1,100. However, this is where the initial price factors into the overall cost of ownership.

For example, if an owner bought at the resort for the average price, with cash, and using an average maintenance fee, they would have an average spend of over $2,100 per year for their annual vacations over a 20-year period. Now, on the resale market, finding a price for a timeshare in the $4000-$5000 range isn’t unheard of. Using that price, the average spend comes down to closer to $1,200 per year over the same 20 years. For a week in an upscale resort at a place such as Orlando for a 2-bedroom unit, that’s a pretty good deal.

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