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About BuyaTimeshare.com

Founded in 2000 by company president and CEO, Wesley Kogelman, BuyaTimeshare.com is one of the longest-operating timeshare resale outlets in existence, created specifically to give timeshare owners an effective, online method to find timeshare buyers and renters for their vacation ownership interest.

The company operates in the for-sale-by-owner timeshare marketplace, offering advertising options for owners to tap into the thousands of potential buyers and renters visiting our website. We average over one million visitors a year on our platform, so owners looking for the maximum exposure for their timeshare can advertise their unit for sale or rent and leverage our online marketing expertise to get their timeshare in front of those consumers.

The key to our success is our ability to position our website on the major search engines so people can easily find us. You probably found us that way, and being located on page one of search sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing attracts buyers from around the world. Our strategy has produced over $100 million in confirmed buyer and rental offers directed to advertisers over the last two years alone. You can see the recent offers on the homepage of our website.

Consumers are definitely seeking the timeshare product, as Google estimates 74,000 searches per month for the term “timeshares for sale” through its website, with another 22,000 searches per month for the term “buy timeshare”. And that’s just through Google, not accounting for the other myriad ways people search and find vacation ownership information on the web.

How Does BuyaTimeshare.com Work?

We find buyers for time-share, which is the core philosophy of our company. Because of our online marketing efforts, we position our website so prospective buyers can find us and transact with timeshare owners. This is what sets us apart from the competition since our competitors don’t measure up when it comes to online search. If you can’t find a resale timeshare company in an online search, neither can a buyer.

Our website acts as an online timeshare marketplace specifically dedicated to timeshare, where owners advertise their timeshares for a one-time advertising cost with no commissions, closing costs, or hidden fees. Prospective timeshare buyers search for their desired timeshare for sale and place an offer to either buy or rent on an advertisement. Negotiations take place directly with the owner through our industry-leading, web-based communication platform.

Offers are relayed through our secure, Timeshare Pulse account system which is protected through captcha security, allowing notification of offers to be relayed to an owner’s email inbox while protecting the information and identity of all parties. The owner would then login to their Timeshare Pulse account to review and respond directly to the offer until the negotiation process is concluded.

Who We Are Helping: Timeshare Buyers, Sellers, and Renters

  • Timeshare Buyers – prospective buyers looking for a deal. These are consumers who understand the industry, perhaps having been on a resort tour and know about the thousands of dollars that can be saved by buying timeshare on the resale market. Resorts hike their prices 50-60% to cover sales and marketing costs, money which buyers can save by buying directly from owners advertising their timeshare for sale here.
  • Timeshare Sellers – owners seeking to sell a timeshare. We understand that there are several reasons owners look to sell, whether it’s a change in the family, finances or season of life. Most owners are happy with the use of their timeshare (an 83% satisfaction rate according to the American Resort Development Association) and put their timeshare for sale when they conclude they no longer need the use of it. These owners understand the power of internet marketing and the sophistication of target marketing to consumers who have shown an intent to buy or rent timeshare, which is fundamental to our success.
  • Timeshare Rentals – either owners planning to rent their timeshare or vacationers pursuing a timeshare rental. Many owners don’t know they can rent their timeshare and cover some, or all, of their maintenance fees in the process. Travelers looking for their next vacation destination can find amazing timeshare rentals available here at BuyaTimeshare.com, securing much better, cost-effective accommodation than settling for a cramped hotel room.


Worldwide Timeshare Resale Credibility

As a Member of the American Resort Development Association, we have been welcomed by the industry’s leading trade association as a legitimate operator at a time when the ethics of resale companies have been called into question. Support has also come from the Canadian Resort and Travel Association and the Mexican Resort Development Association AMDETUR – both prominent industry-based groups who have given their backing to our efforts by approving our membership.

The Best, and Only Timeshare Resale Solution

Meeting the needs of timeshare consumers is at the heart of what we do, whether it is helping an owner transition out of their timeshare ownership, helping a buyer find the perfect timeshare they have been looking for, or assisting a renter with the vacation of their dreams. You can see our success in our reviews.

Let us help you. Just fill out the no-obligation form on this page and we’ll contact you to help you with your timeshare needs. If you’d rather call us direct, feel free to contact us at 1-800-640-6886 and speak to one of our representatives.

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