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Sell or Buy a Diamond Timeshare

You've found your Diamonds in Timeshare

You’ve heard it said that, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” If the saying means Diamond timeshare resales and Diamond timeshare rentals, then we wholeheartedly agree!

After all, what could feel friendlier to girls, guys, families, kids, or couples than great vacations at lavish resorts, purchased at a fraction of what others have paid to vacation there?

Diamond timeshares include nearly one hundred managed resorts, more than two hundred affiliated properties, and four cruise itineraries. You’ll find Diamond timeshares in 34 countries around the globe, including the United States (and Hawaii), the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, South America, Central America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Owned by Diamond Resorts International, Diamond timeshares is one of the most popular names in vacation ownership today, with over 500,000 members from around the world.

Diamond Timeshare Resales: Deals that Sparkle

One choice for enjoying Diamond timeshare is to buy deeded resales directly from the current owner. You’ll save thousands of dollars; while ensuring that you have vacation ownership at the Diamond resort you love the most.

Buying a deeded resale means that you will receive the timeshare week, the unit type, and the timeshare season held by the owner from whom you buy a timeshare. You’ll be able to plan your vacation and enjoy all the resort amenities and services, knowing that because you bought on the resale market, you have paid far less than other owners paid for their vacation ownership in Diamond timeshare units that are identical to the one you own. And if you choose to have a paid membership in the Interval International timeshare exchange program, you’ll be able to use your deeded resale for all types of exciting timeshare exchange opportunities.

The DRI Collections of Diamond Timeshare Trust Points: More Diamond Bling

The DRI Collection/Trust Points are also available to buy or rent on the timeshare resale market. Again, you deal directly with the current owner, letting you skip the sales presentations and professional pitch and get down to the business of buying the vacation ownership product that really appeals to the way you and your family or vacation partner like to travel.

The DRI Collection includes:

  • Diamond Resorts California Collection
  • Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection
  • Diamond Resorts US Collection
  • Diamond Resorts European Collection

When you consider buying Diamond timeshare resale points, select the Collection that contains the resorts you will most enjoy visiting, because you points usage applies only within the Collection of properties in which you have chosen to be a member. Just like the option to exchange your deeded timeshare through Interval International, you can also purchase paid membership in II and exchange your timeshare points, expanding you vacation horizons even more!

Diamond Timeshare, Where Vacations Matter

Vacations are no longer a luxury item; for most people they are a necessity. Vacations afford us the time to make new friends, forge deeper relationships, reconnect with others (and with ourselves), and make memories that we can carry in our hearts for a lifetime.

Each of us has our own way of enjoying a vacation and our own reasons we so desperately need one. Vacations help us wind down, chill out, gear up, or get going.

Yet whatever vacationing means to you, you can count on Diamond timeshares offering you the right space, the perfect destination, the ideal view, and the ultimate experience. At Diamond Resorts timeshares, your vacation matters to them as much as it matters to you.

Let the timeshare resale and rental specialists at BuyaTimeshare.com help you find a great deal on a great Diamond!


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