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Q. Why should I rent a timeshare?

A. The decision to rent a timeshare, compared with a hotel room, is a simple one. The advantages of a timeshare rental are striking, from the added privacy of multiple bedrooms to full kitchens to prepare meals. Larger living areas, separate dining space, in-room washer and dryer to keep the beach towels dry and the ability to relax in an apartment-style living space far outweighs a cramped hotel room where the family piles onto the bed to eat a pizza at night. The price is much lower compared to a hotel room of similar quality, especially when negotiating directly with an owner who is posting their timeshare for rent on our website.

Q. How do I begin the process of renting a timeshare?

A. By the time you’ve made it to this page, you probably already have an idea of where to take your next vacation. Making that decision is the first step, but you’ll want to be as specific as possible. If it’s a beach destination, then do you want to vacation directly on the beach, or close by? If it’s a ski week, how close to the lifts do you want to be? Do you need a 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom unit? The more specific you are at the start, the easier it will be to decide on your timeshare resort accommodation.

Once you have selected a vacation destination and are ready to begin looking for timeshare rentals, you have a couple of different ways to proceed.

If you would like to conduct the timeshare rental process yourself, start by searching the inventory available through BuyaTimeshare.com by entering a resort name, brand name or location into the search field near the top of the webpage. A search will produce a list of resort profiles from which to choose, and you’ll be able to view the available rentals on offer.

If you need help with the selection process, the best place to start is with our Booked Timeshare Rentals page. This is our rental program where we have confirmed timeshare weeks ready to be booked which are promoted on a designated page on our website. Just review the timeshare resorts and weeks on offer, then contact the team through the information provided in order to proceed.

Q. How does the Booked Timeshare Rentals program work?

A. Because the timeshare weeks promoted on our Booked Timeshare Rentals page are pre-confirmed by the owner through the resort, the weeks are ready to be booked by you, with the assistance of our timeshare rental specialists.

Just go to our Booked Timeshare Rentals page, choose a week on offer and contact our team through the information provided on the page to let them know that you want the week. Our vacation rental specialist will contact the owner with your request and reconfirm that the unit is still available. If your offer is accepted, we will verify the usage dates and answer any questions you may have. In the event your offer is declined by the owner, we will immediately notify you should you wish to place a counter-offer on the week.

If the owner accepts the offer, then our specialist will prepare a rental agreement and email it to you for review and signature. Once approved by both parties, an invoice will follow to cover the cost of the rental. When payment is received, our specialist will work with the owner to schedule the rental reservation under your name and obtain a confirmation number or confirmation letter from the resort. This reservation will be independently confirmed by our specialist and, upon receiving a valid confirmation, we will contact you with the documentation and provide any additional information as necessary.

Payment for the rental will be held in escrow and released to the timeshare owner upon the completion of your vacation.

Q. How do I start the timeshare rental process with an owner on BuyaTimeshare.com?

A. Should you decide to conduct your own search and place an offer to rent a timeshare through an advertisement on the BuyaTimeshare.com website, you will be negotiating directly with the owner and handling the transaction yourself.

Begin by searching through the search field near the top of our website for a resort name, brand name or location. A list of resorts will come up, as well as an advanced search platform where you can narrow down your search.

Review the resorts until you decide upon the one which you would like to visit for your next timeshare vacation. Click onto the resort name and you will see more information about that resort, including details on amenities. You will also see a “For Rent” tab on the resort profile page, so click on the tab and you can review the timeshares for rent, along with the asking prices mentioned for those rentals.

Once you find an ad to your liking, you can place an offer onto that ad to begin the negotiation process and a notification of your offer will be emailed directly to the owner for a response.

Q. How do I negotiate a timeshare rental from an existing owner?

A. Once notification of your offer has been emailed to the owner, they will review the offer and respond by either accepting, declining or countering the offer. You will be notified of the owner’s response by email and will have the opportunity to respond back until the negotiation process has been completed.

The negotiation process takes place electronically through our industry-leading platform, which has been developed with captcha software to protect the information. The process will remain anonymous until an agreement has been reached between you and the owner to rent the timeshare.

In order to view the offer and the specifics of the correspondence, you will need to open a free Timeshare Pulse account with us, which can be done through the My Timeshare Pulse tab at the top right corner of our homepage. Through your account, you will be able to communicate at your convenience within the protected online environment of BuyaTimeshare.com.

If the negotiation process concludes with an agreed price, then you will need to get the agreement in writing.

Q. Can I be notified when a timeshare rental becomes available?

A. Our Timeshare Pulse system provides email alerts for consumers looking for a specific type of timeshare rental. Through your free account, you can set up alerts to be sent to your inbox based on items such as resort name, location, unit configuration and price point. Once a timeshare for rent comes into our system, if it falls within the guidelines you have set for your alert, you will be notified immediately and have the first opportunity to respond with an offer.

Q. If I have an agreement to rent a timeshare from an owner, then what?

A. Once you have agreed to a price to rent a timeshare from an owner, you will need to get that price and the specifics of the agreement in writing. Most owners will have paperwork for you to fill out which will confirm the details of the rental such as the physical location of the resort, check-in/check-out dates, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, unit number, and the type of kitchen facilities.

An agreement should also explain any possible damage liability involved, responsible parties, cancellation policy, terms and conditions, full contact details of the parties involved and any additional fees which may be incurred.

Payment terms should also be clearly explained, such as deposit amounts, balance due and the dates at which the amounts should be paid. Many owners require a deposit before they will even make the reservation - so they know the renter is serious about the booking. To process payment, we suggest the establishment of a rental escrow account for the disbursement of funds. A reputable company experienced with processing timeshare rentals, First American Title Vacation Ownership Services, is one of the leading companies in the country and they can receive and distribute funds, organize the agreement and manage the entire process.

Q. How is the reservation made and confirmed?

A. The timeshare owner will need to contact the resort and reserve the week in your name. This would often take place through a guest program offered by the resort. Once the reservation is confirmed, the owner will send you the confirmation, including confirmation number and relevant documents, along with resort details and any additional information you may need.


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