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Vacation Ownership Options

Although timeshare started out as a structured vacation product, today’s timesharing has been reinvented. Contemporary timeshare ownership is packed with excellent flexibility and vacation ownership options, all designed to put you in control of your vacation experience and how you are really spending your hard-earned dollars!


Most people’s first reaction is to wonder how fractional ownership is different from other types of shared ownership, including timeshares. In some ways, the two concepts are much the same. Both timeshares and fractionals involve a collective of individuals who share the ownership of a real estate asset.


Today’s timeshares are an evolving vacation product, capturing all the best parts of the original shared ownership concept while energizing the product to be more flexible and more relevant to the way couples and families travel today.

Vacation Clubs

People often have questions about the differences between a vacation club and a timeshare. The confusion is understandable, as even vacation clubs and timeshare companies sometimes use the words interchangeably.

Travel Clubs

One interesting choice to make vacation planning easier and travel more affordable are travel clubs. Unlike either traditional interval and points based timeshare or membership based vacation clubs, travel clubs are built on the concept of providing their members access to group discount pricing on travel opportunities.

Timeshare Exchanges

One of the great joys of owning timeshare is the fun and excitement of timeshare exchanging. Vacation owners can swap their timeshare for other vacations through their own timeshare company or through a private exchange company.

Vacation Homes and Condos

Why rent a room for your next vacation or business trip when you can rent vacation homes or vacation condos and enjoy a whole house?

Don’t Just Take a Vacation… Own Your Vacation!

The days of entrusting your vacation to someone else’s idea of a good time are over. A proactive and energized consumer market wants to make their own decisions, which is why resorts have diversified vacation ownership options to include products such as fractional and club products as well as timeshare.

Great vacations start when you are calling the shots about your schedule, your destination, accommodations, how you spend your time, and the price you pay —that is why it’s such a smart idea for you to “take ownership” in the vacations that mean so much to you and to the family or friends with whom you share them.

Let’s face it. You can vacation for a lifetime in hotels and vacation rentals, walking away with memories but nothing tangible to show for your vacations except guest soap and tiny shampoo bottles. Or, you can take advantage of timeshares that give you great memories and vacation ownership options in the resort or brand you buy. As a timeshare owner, you may own:

  • Deeded ownership for a lifetime
  • Deeded ownership for a specified number of years
  • Vacation points that are secured by deeded timeshare real estate or a right-to-use contract
  • Timeshare exchange points or vacation club membership that you use like “currency” for you vacation or travel products
  • Or, a hybrid product that is a blend of more than one type of ownership


Vacation Ownership Options in Timeshare Points and Vacation Club Membership

One of the most popular options in vacation ownership is that of a vacation club or a timeshare membership secured by timeshare points. Points-based ownership (or membership) means that instead of owning a set week or timeshare interval, you have an annual allotment of timeshare points you can use to exchange for your next great vacation.

Timeshare points are sold on the timeshare resale market in the same way deeded timeshare real estate ownership is sold, which means there are lots of great deals and values available to you. The number of timeshare points you own determines your vacation ownership options. Larger timeshare villas or condos require more points, just as high demand weeks, and sometimes high demand resort venues, call for extra points.

Where Can My Vacation Ownership Options Take Me?

For timeshare owners, the question is not where can I go, but where and when do I want to go? With timeshare, your vacation ownership options are virtually limitless. Vacation ownership resorts are available all over the globe, from beach timeshares to golf timeshares to ski resorts and urban timeshares in the heart of the world’s most vibrant cities. Your vacation ownership can even be exchanged for cruises and in some cases, other travel benefits such as hotel stays or even airline discounts.

If you have a dream vacation in mind, there’s a timeshare ownership option to fulfill it. Fixed interval ownerships let you ensure you’ll always have access to your favorite resort during your preferred vacation week or weeks. And the flexibility of timeshare points means you can bank, borrow, exchange, share, gift, resell or even use your vacation ownership as a timeshare rental.

When you think about it, there’s not a hotel or private vacation home rental in the world that can make such a claim or offer such options.

If you’re thinking about vacation ownership but still have some questions about the product, contact us through the form near the top of the page or give us a call at 800-640-6886 and we’ll be glad to help.


Vacation Ownership

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