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Timeshare Exchanging 

One of the great joys of owning timeshare is the fun and excitement of timeshare exchanging. Vacation owners can swap their timeshare for other vacations through their own timeshare company or through a private exchange company. Exchanging timeshare expands your opportunities to vacation during all the seasons of the year, lets you stay in villas and vacation condos of all sizes, and most importantly, opens the door for you to explore a world of exciting destinations.

To Exchange …or Not Exchange

A number of extremely satisfied owners enjoy timeshares for years and never take advantage of exchange. On the other side of the coin, many timeshare owners buy vacation ownership products specifically and purposefully for maximizing their timeshare exchange options. These fans of timeshare exchanging are so exuberant about the product they may never or only rarely vacation at their home resort. They use their property as exchange currency, making it easy to vacation at worldwide destinations, sightseeing new territory, and savoring the opportunity to visit hundreds of resorts during their lifetime.

Avid exchangers select timeshare or timeshare resales to buy based on the desirability of the property as a resort for timeshare exchanging. They choose properties that are located at an in-demand destination, in a popular vacation season, and that are the most popular unit size. Although two-bedroom units are the most requested condo or villa size, larger units that can be used as a lockout also have high exchange value, as they enable the owner to either exchange the unit as a whole, or exchange it as two smaller timeshares.

While these are the two ends of the spectrum, it is safe to say that most timeshare owners fall somewhere in the middle, frequently using their interval or points at their home resort, but in select years planning trips to special destinations utilizing their opportunities for exchanging timeshare.

In general, timeshare owners have the following choices for timeshare usage, each based on guidelines specific to their brand, resort, and terms of ownership:

  • Exchanging timeshare.
  • Vacationing at their home resort.
  • Banking their timeshare for use in an upcoming year.
  • Borrowing ahead on timeshare usage from a future year to enhance your ‘exchangeability’.


Options for Timeshare Exchanging

Owners of vacation club points or timeshare (whether deeded timeshare, right-to-use timeshare, or points) generally have three different ways they can exchange their intervals or points. Remember, these options vary, based on your terms of ownership. However, when it comes to timeshare exchanging, it does not matter whether you own timeshare you purchased from the developer or you own by-owner timeshare resales.

Some timeshare resorts offer internal exchange privileges that are limited to one resort only, making it easy for their member/owners to swap weeks among themselves. Resort brands may also offer exchange benefits, which generally permit exchanging within the company’s branded resorts and sometimes extend to select affiliated brands.

Timeshare Exchanging Takes Vacation Ownership to a Whole New Level

In so many ways, timeshare exchange adds a dimension to vacation ownership that expands it in almost limitless ways. For timeshare resales, exchanging timeshare is especially meaningful. Although some timeshare companies try to control which benefits of membership transfer when reselling timeshare, they don’t own or control exchange companies.

On the exchange market, your resale timeshare has the same value as one purchased for thousands of dollars more from a development company. The choice is simple. Buy a timeshare resale. Save a bundle. Then take advantage of timeshare exchanging and start packing—a world of luxury vacations awaits you!

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