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Hard to Sell Timeshares?

Why is it so hard to sell timeshares? This is a question many timeshare owners have been asking themselves for years.

BuyaTimeshare.com has built a business around answering this question. When someone goes to a resort; they're on a dream vacation usually paid for by the resort, they tend to be in a euphoric state, which sets up the timeshare salesperson to show you how great ownership can be. So at the time, it makes sense to buy a timeshare because you are enjoying the resort and having a blast.

The reality is timesharing is not for everyone. Do your research and you will find great ways to buy a timeshare or sell a timeshare, through BuyaTimesahare.com

Sell My Timeshare Please!

When you find yourself in a position where you say "I need to sell my timeshare now" there are a few options that go through your head. First one will call their realtor; customers believe because they sold their house realtor's should be able to sell a timeshare. Most realtors rely on local advertising and marketing to sell properties. They also rely on showing the property to potential customers. So how are they going to effectively sell your timeshare, they can't show the timeshare to a buyer because resorts won't allow agents on the timeshare property because they have their own agents working for them to sell their units.

Timeshare brokers or timeshare realtor's, typically specialize in timeshare properties that are easy to sell, or are in their local area. Now, if you own a timeshare in Orlando and go to a local real estate agent to sell a timeshare, you must understand people typically don't go to local real estate agents to buy timeshares; most people that walk into a real estate agency are looking to live in the area. People that live in Orlando don't typically buy timeshares in Orlando. If you own a timeshare, think back to how you bought it. You probably bought it at the resort.

Buyatimeshare.com is changing the way people buy timeshares; our goal is to educate our customers, so they know exactly what they are buying. We want to make the process as easy as possible. At BuyaTimeshare.com, we can market and sell any timeshare property anywhere in the world to millions of potential buyers.

Your next move will probably be to call the resort; they must have a resale program, right? Wrong, most resorts have so many units or points packages to sell for themselves that they won't want to even try to sell your timeshare. In the case where your resort does have a timeshare resale program, you're likely to be paying a 50% commission to resell your timeshare property. Then your probably also not going to sell it for what you bought it for so you are looking at only getting back about 25% to 40% of the original value if you're lucky. Also, you will be on the bottom of the list because it is more profitable for the resort to sell their properties, rather than yours.

BuyATimeshare - Markets to Sell Your Timeshare

Finding effective online marketing is the problem that most timeshare owners find themselves in. BuyaTimeshare.com has worked hard to be the industry leader in the timeshare resale market. With millions of dollars spent every year and thousands of timeshares sold we have dominated the industry. Our advertising can be seen all over the internet and even in magazines and newspapers that are read by millions of people who are looking to buy a timeshare.

At BuyaTimeshare.com we have taken it a step further and created a Buyer Specialist Department, it is their job to help answer questions to your potential buyers. We are the only company in the industry that targets buyers; the proof is in the domain name "BuyaTimeshare.com". So if you are looking to sell a timeshare or buy a timeshare we can make the process effortless!

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