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Marriott Interval International

Harmony Between Two Timeshare Giants

The Marriott Interval International relationship goes back several years, as the Marriott Vacation Club product has become a pillar of the Interval International timeshare exchange program.

Beginning in 1990 with their first affiliation agreement, Marriott has served as a mainstay of Interval's exchange platform, which is enjoyed by nearly two million members around the world. As part of their agreement, Interval provides both internal and external exchange offerings to Marriott owners. This allows Marriott owners to exchange their ownership interest within the Marriott resort network or choose from over 2,800 resorts in more than 75 countries within Interval's global exchange program.

The reciprocal arrangement gives Interval members the chance to exchange their week into Interval's system and choose from over 50 Marriott Vacation Club resorts in the U.S., the Caribbean, France, Spain and Thailand.

Benefit for Marriott Timeshare Owners

The beneficiaries of the Marriott Interval International agreement clearly are the owners who take part in the program. Because timeshare is a use product, the value of ownership is in the lifestyle experience through the vacations owners enjoy. While some owners debate the value of the financial costs involved, timeshare should never be seen as a financial investment, but as an investment in one's health and well-being as well as a family bonding event. As such, Marriott owners understand the benefits they have as partakers in one of the leading hospitality organizations in the world.

That said, the Marriott brand carries strong credibility on the timeshare resale market, as Marriott timeshares hold some of the highest resale values in the industry.

Interval International - a Global Leader

Interval understands all of this and holds the Marriott Interval International arrangement in very high esteem. A glance at the Interval International listings reveals that Marriott resorts maintain nearly universal Premier Resort status from Interval across their variety of offerings. And Marriott promotes the benefits of Interval's exchange services in their promotional material.

The great part of this connection is that timeshare buyers who purchase on the resale market can enter in at significantly discounted rates compared to Marriott owners who bought new weeks through the resort. And because Marriott only sells points packages now to new buyers, your best choice if you wish to make an offer for a Marriott week is through platforms such as BuyaTimeshare.com.

If you purchase a Marriott timeshare week from an existing owner, remember that the week may not automatically come with an Interval International membership, which usually incurs an additional annual membership cost. Ask the owner if there is an exchange membership attached to the week and, if so, for how long is the membership valid. You will most likely need to become an Interval member in addition to the purchase, but the benefits of exchange far outweigh the costs.

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