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    How Much Is A Timeshare?

    A timeshare’s cost is determined by many factors, but one of the primary factors is whether the timeshare is purchased from a resort directly or on a resale marketplace like BuyaTimeshare.com. Timeshares purchased on a resale marketplace are almost always at least 50% less expensive than the same timeshare purchased through a resort directly.

    This is a significant difference because the average cost of a timeshare purchased through a resort last year was just under $23,000 according to ARDA, the largest and most respected trade association in the timeshare industry.

    Timeshares purchased through resorts directly are more expensive because resorts have higher overhead costs that do not exist in the resale market. For example, a resort needs to pay for its highly commissioned sales staff as well as the free gifts used to lure potential customers to their timeshare tours. These costs are then passed down to the customer.

    Have specific questions about how much a timeshare is worth or what the best deals are? Fill out our information form and a resale specialist will contact you as soon as possible. Or check out the average asking prices on timeshares through our calculator further down the page. 

    Other Factors Impacting Timeshare Prices

    The type of timeshare can also affect its price. For example, a fixed-week timeshare with a week number in the high season is typically going to cost more than the same timeshare with a week number in the low season. This is also how hotels are priced as well.

    The resort where the timeshare is originally purchased can also be a factor. It will typically cost more to buy into a newer and higher quality resort like Disney’s Grand Floridian than an older resort like Disney’s Old Key West.

    The resort’s location is also something to consider. A timeshare in Ohio is likely going to cost less than a timeshare in a vacation destination such as Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas or Branson. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes top vacation destinations have resorts with multiple owners looking to sell. This creates competition in the resale marketplace and can bring the cost of all timeshares at a resort down in price.

    Other aspects that impact cost include the size of the timeshare unit, the number of bedrooms, location of the unit (oceanfront vs pool view, etc.) and location of the resort. Is the resort right on the beach or a few blocks away?

    You won’t be able to find the cost of a retail Diamond, Wyndham, Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, WorldMark, Westgate or Bluegreen timeshare online. Timeshare resort developers keep this information private so they can charge customers vastly different prices for the same or similar product. If you’ve ever been to a timeshare presentation, you may have noticed the timeshare salesperson starting with an extremely high price, but then lowering it significantly once you say no. This is an old sales trick that makes the timeshare appear more valuable than it is.

    If you’re wondering how much a resale Diamond, Wyndham, Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, WorldMark, Westgate or Bluegreen timeshare is, all you need to do is browse the timeshare advertisements on BuyaTimeshare.com and submit a few offers. Once you submit an offer, the timeshare owner will either accept, deny or counter your offer. After you’ve made a few offers you will start to figure out how much each timeshare costs.

    Still wondering “how much do timeshares cost?” Submit an offer on our website today and find out!

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