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Save Big on Years of Family Vacations by Buying a Disney Timeshare

Whether a timeshare is a money-saving investment for your family depends on many factors. These include how and where your family likes to vacation and what type of accommodations you'd book if you owned no timeshare.

What sets Disney timeshares apart is that the math for justifying their purchase so often adds up in their favor. Let's take a look at why this is.

Disney Hotels Have No Real Competition

Competition in the lodging market often prevents timeshare ownership from being cheaper than hotel stays. In most areas, families willing to do plenty of comparison-shopping work can find significantly less expensive, non-timeshare accommodations that are comparable in location and quality.

This isn't possible when Disney is your destination. No matter how carefully you shop, no one but Disney has in-park accommodations, nor accommodations that include Disney's level of free, efficient transportation to, from and between their attractions. For families who want the convenience of staying in Disney proper, Disney-owned accommodations are the only game in town.

Fortunately, Disney timeshares are a surefire way to get a break on those park lodging prices. Over the course of years, a family that regularly returns to Disney's parks saves quite a bit on their stays by owning and using Disney timeshare. At Disney, your vacation ownership pays for itself over several years.

Disney Ownership Fits Your Every Trip

Once you buy a Disney timeshare, an impressive number of travel options is available to you. Every stay you book is easily tailored for dates, unit size and location. This means that you won't ever have to build your itinerary around inflexible timeshare check-in dates, a location inconvenient to your particular trip, or an owned unit that is the wrong size for the trip you're planning.

Instead, book your Disney reservation for the dates, resort and unit size you need. Every trip uses exactly the number of points your booking goals require, and no more.

Unused Points Are Easily Saved for Use Later

Say you save points on one trip but need to spend more points than usual on the next. Here, too, Disney timeshare offers excellent value. You can bank, or save, unused points from one year to use later. If you temporarily need more points, you can borrow, or use some of next year's point allowance early.

Your Unit Size Stretches or Shrinks to Fit

Most timeshare programs require you to buy a specific unit size. If the size of your traveling party changes in the future, even if only for the year that, say, your in-laws want to join you for your trip to Animal Kingdom, you're out of luck with most timeshares. You may even lose your investment that year. For example, maybe no hotels are near your reserved timeshare, so because your complete party needs that extra space, you must go and stay in that hotel with your in-laws instead, to keep the group together for ease of planning.

However, as a Disney timeshare owner, you simply use more of your points to book a larger unit as desired, or even to book a second unit. You are never tied to any particular unit size, which means that 12-sleeper Grand Villa at Animal Kingdom Lodge can be yours, any year that you need it.

Timeshare can present a complicated buying decision. Fortunately, for Disney-loving families, the choice of whether to purchase Disney Vacation Club is quite easy.

What are you waiting for? The sooner you buy your Disney timeshare, the faster you can begin creating a lifetime of worthwhile, no-hassle Disney memories.

Buy Disney Timeshare

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