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    Worldmark Points

    WorldMark points, otherwise referred to within WorldMark as credits, offer an outstanding program for timeshare owners to vacation among the more than 60 WorldMark resorts located throughout North America.

    With more than 270,000 owners, the WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare program operates on WorldMark points, allowing owners to use those points to vacation in resorts in Canada, the U.S. including Hawaii and Florida, Mexico and even in Fiji.

    Read below to find out more details about how the WorldMark points program operates. If you need to speak to a resale specialist with any questions you may have about buying or selling WorldMark points, please fill out our form or call 800-640-6886 and we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

    How WorldMark Points Work

    WorldMark points act as a form of vacation currency, so owners can use those points to book vacation time at a WorldMark resort. The amount of points needed for a specific vacation depends on a number of variables such as:

    • Location of the resort – the more popular the resort, the more points are generally needed to visit.
    • Size of the requested unit – the larger the unit, the larger the point value required.
    • Season requested – high season, higher points needed. This presents an opportunity for those who can travel during the off-season.
    • Length of vacation time needed – points can be used for multiple shorter stays or for a week-long vacation.

    Points give members the flexibility of being able to visit a different resort each time they go on vacation. Unlike some timeshare points programs which are based on a deeded home resort, WorldMark points are a pure play system where any owner can stay anywhere within the WorldMark by Wyndham resort network, regardless of where they purchased their points. No favoritism here, just fair play.

    One of the big selling points of the WorldMark program is that it is both convenient and easy to use. Owners are given access to a special website and owner phone number where they can book their next vacation and, if needed, with the help of a WorldMark representative.

    Because WorldMark is owned by the owners themselves, its Board of Directors is made up primarily of owners, so you’ll know that your best interests are being taken into consideration. With WorldMark, you won’t find special assessments or many of the issues affecting the rest of the industry – just a convenient way to vacation in wonderful resorts.

    Extended Vacation Options Through RCI

    WorldMark is partners with Resort Condominiums International (RCI), so you can become a member of RCI and immediately expand your choice of resorts to more than 4,500 resorts around the world. With RCI membership, you would deposit your WorldMark points into the RCI system and select the resort, time and unit that is available within their network. It is a terrific way to explore the world beyond the WorldMark network of resorts.

    Sell WorldMark Points

    Some owners think they're unable to sell their WorldMark points because their points arn't specific to one resort. This couldn't be further from the truth! BuyATimeshare.com can help you sell as many or as few points as you'd like. Visit our step by step sell guide for more information.

    WorldMark Points as Resales

    Buyers can purchase WorldMark points through the advertised deals on offer here at BuyaTimeshare.com. When you buy WorldMark points, they can even be combined with new or existing points packages to expand your vacation options at WorldMark by Wyndham resorts, whether it is staying in larger units or traveling more frequently.

    Just check out the WorldMark resorts on display below and click onto the resort that peaks your interest. Then click onto the Timeshares for Sale or Timeshares for Rent button to find the deals that best fit your vacation plans. You can then Make an Offer to begin negotiating with the owner.

    If you need more information, feel free to fill out the form at the top right corner of the page or phone us direct at 800-640-6886.

    Contact a Worldmark Vacation Specialist Today

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