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Sell Worldmark Timeshare Points

Since 1989, vacationers have enjoyed using WorldMark credits to travel because of the upscale accommodation and flexibility available through the WorldMark timeshare program. However, we understand that owners may not always have the ability to vacation each year. When you no longer use your WorldMark credits/points and are looking to sell, you have a great opportunity to sell WorldMark credits with BuyaTimeshare.com, the most-trusted online timeshare resale advertiser in the industry.

To sell your WorldMark credits/points, consider the following three step process.

Step One: Determine the Number of WorldMark Credits/Points You Would Like to Sell

The first step is determining the number of timeshare credits you would like to sell. While your initial reaction may be to sell all of them, remember that different lengths of stays require a different level of credit use, so you may want to hold some back and use them for short-stays closer to home. Also – identify the number of credits needed for a specific stay, such as a week’s stay in Orlando at a specific resort. This will give a buyer the ability to translate the amount of points you wish to sell into an actual vacation – giving you an easier ability to sell WorldMark credits/points to a first-time buyer.

Step Two: Find a Resale Outlet You Can Sell Through

Once you have identified the number of points you are interested in selling, the next step is to find a company through which you can sell WorldMark credits. There are many different online outlets available for owners, but very few with the resources and online marketing experience of BuyaTimeshare.com.

We have been connecting owners with buyers and renters since 2000, and such longevity in this industry speaks to our success. With over one million unique visitors to our website every year, buyers find us through the search engine marketing we have perfected to generate offers to our advertisers. This is how we have delivered over $100 million in offers over the past two years alone!

Step Three: Profit From Your Unused WorldMark Credits/Points

The final step in deciding to sell WorldMark credits/points is establishing the process to consummate the sale. With BuyaTimeshare.com, this means establishing an account with us, having us build a full-page website advertisement designed to sell your WorldMark credits and walking you through the process to accept or counter the offers coming in from prospective buyers. Our industry-leading customer service team will be with you every step of the way, so you’re not alone in the process. And once you have agreed to a sale price with the buyer, we can refer you to the best closing companies in the business to make sure you have the proceeds sent to you as soon as possible.

Let us know when you’re ready for a no-obligation consultation with our specialist and we’ll go over your options to sell your WorldMark credits/points with BuyaTimeshare.com. Just fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible to get the process started.

Sell Worldmark Timeshare Points / Credits FAQs

1. How much can I sell my WorldMark credits / points for?

Owners can sell WorldMark credits/points for a wide range of prices depending on the sellers and how quickly they want to sell. WorldMark points are advertised here on our website ranging from about 50 cents/point to nearly $3/point. Much of the variance is due to the allotment of points for sale since the packages range from 5000 to 45,000 credits. Some sellers figure the more points/credits offered, the lower the per-point price so the price of the total package comes down in the view of the buyer.

2. How do I cancel my WorldMark timeshare?

If you are within the rescission period – the first few days after you purchased your WorldMark timeshare credits directly from WorldMark – you can cancel. Refer to your documents for the length of the recission period and how you need to cancel, but it will need to be in writing. Because WorldMark is owned by Wyndham, owners looking to cancel WorldMark timeshare credits after the recission time are referred to the Wyndham Cares department to discuss their options. To even be considered, owners will need to have their WorldMark credits/points paid off and completely free of any liens. Accounts must be paid up and in good standing and you may even need to pay a transfer fee. There is no guarantee they will cancel your agreement, so you’re better off selling your timeshare and getting so money back for your purchase.

3. Do WorldMark credits / points expire?

WorldMark credits are renewed each year during the anniversary month of when you purchased your credits. If your credits/points go unused, they will expire at the end of the two-year period from when they were renewed, in the last month of the use year.

4. Can I transfer my WorldMark credits / points?

You can transfer WorldMark credits to a new owner by filling out the necessary paperwork and paying a $299 transfer fee. This assumes you already have someone willing to take ownership of your points and also applies in cases where you sell WorldMark credits/points. If you just want to transfer the use of your credits during your use year, such as gifting them or renting them, you can do this up to two times during your use year without paying a transaction fee.

5. Is there a WorldMark buyback program?

WorldMark does not have a direct buyback program where they pay members directly to buy back their credits. The way owners can get money for their WorldMark credits/points is to put them up for sale on the resale market and sell them, but make sure you use a legitimate marketing company that knows how to advertise WorldMark points to sell and has a strong online presence to get those credits in front of prospective buyers looking online for deals.

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