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Tips to Find the Right Timeshare for Sale

When browsing timeshares for sale, you need to first take a look at your personal vacation goals and then apply those goals when you search the timeshare resales that fit your needs.

We touched on this earlier, but in analyzing your goals, some of the items to think about are the type of resort you want, the location of the resort, the size of the unit and whether you want to take advantage of timeshare exchanges.

Some of the specifics to start with are:

  • Type of Vacation – are you looking to lay on the beach or do some fishing? Maybe a golf-centric trip? How about hitting the ski slopes or taking a fall foliage trip? This works alongside the town or city choice below, since the activities and location generally go hand in hand.
  • Town or City – most travelers choose their destination first before other aspects of their trip. Even if it begins with a certain state or country such as Mexico or Canada, it starts the process.
  • Family or Group Needs – how large of a unit do you need for everyone to be comfortable? Do you want a full kitchen to cook healthy meals and cut down on costs? Does everyone need a separate bedroom or can the kids sleep on a pullout couch? Decide on this before searching for a resort, especially if you are searching for fixed week timeshare resales or choosing a home resort, since you may need a unit layout that the resort doesn’t provide. 
  • Choice of Resort – you may already have a resort, or specific brand name, in mind. Search the resort or use the search bar to locate a page for a specific town, which will show the resorts in our system for that town. Once you land on a resort, read up on the activities and resort programs and choose the timeshares for sale tab to look through individual timeshares on offer.

You’ll find the best timeshare companies and top brand names such as Marriott, Wyndham and Hilton - all involved in the timeshare industry because they know that offering timeshares for sale makes excellent vacation sense.

When you're ready to look for timeshares for sale, the outstanding inventory available here on will open amazing possibilities for your next vacation. Simply enter your favorite timeshare resort or destination in the search bar above and choose from the options provided.

If you need more help, please fill out the inquiry form on this page and our professionals can help find the right vacation choice for you.

Great Deals on Timeshares

The best timeshare deals are on the resale market, where buyers can save upwards of 60% off the resort retail prices. Save thousands of dollars by buying timeshare resales and put that extra money back into your pocket, instead of the developers.

Leading Timeshare Brands

Some of the leading hospitality companies in the world have timeshares and timeshare points programs. World-renowned names like Disney, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Hyatt, Westin and Sheraton. Click on your favorite brand name below.

Finding Timeshares For Sale

Use the search field at the top of the page to search for your favorite timeshare resort or vacation destination. Or click onto the resort or state images below. Then use the Timeshares for Sale button to find the right timeshare for you at the right price.

No Sales Pressure to Buy

The beauty of buying timeshares online on the resale market is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Without sales pressure - unlike the high-pressure sales tactics used at the resorts. Take your time and pick the timeshare for the best vacations.

Looking for a Great Timeshare?

There are timeshares for sale all over the world, so how do you buy a timeshare that’s right for you?

Beginning with your preferred vacation destinations, start to set your priorities such as type of vacation (beach, mountains, theme parks, ski, etc.), the specific town, then the layout of the timeshare unit you need (one bedroom, two bedrooms, etc.).

This is the pattern typically used for any vacation, but the advantage of timeshares is the flexibility of today’s programs to offer multiple options within a given program. As your priorities change over time, you can adjust your priorities and booking requests accordingly and continue to experience fabulous vacations every year.

We all know that timeshares are a great way to pre-purchase vacation time at a wonderful resort at today’s discounted prices. Instead of taking the occasional vacation, you can enjoy a great vacation every year through the savings and benefits of timeshare ownership.

Take a look below at some of the best known hospitality companies that offer timeshare resorts within their resort portfolios. 

You'll also see some of the most popular states for timeshares, so check out the state that best fits your vacation needs. 

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Timeshares for Sale FAQ's

This depends on whether you are buying a new timeshare at the resort or buying a discounted timeshare on the resale market. According to the American Resort Development Association, the average new timeshare purchase is just under $24,000 for a week’s worth of vacation time. There is no average timeshare resale price because there is no MLS system for timeshares (like there is for real estate). However, resales are discounted an average of 50-60% because of the sales commissions and costs baked into the new sale prices that do not carry over into the resale market.

If you consider an investment in better health and better relationships a good thing, then yes, timeshares are a good investment. Timeshares should not be considered a financial investment because they are a depreciating asset, similar to the way a new car depreciates when it is driven off the lot. Timeshares should be considered a lifestyle investment because of the evidence that regular, annual vacations lead to improved physical, emotional and relational health.

Only if you rent out your timeshare when you are not using it. Owners buy timeshares to use them for annual vacations, so they should not be considered a money-making venture. They are primarily seen as a way to take affordable vacations each year.

Yes. In fact, according to the American Resort Development Association, the owner satisfaction rate stands at 90 percent with 84 percent of owners saying they would buy timeshare again if given the choice. This also supports the fact that owners sell because they simply want to transition out of ownership after a successful ownership period rather than because of dissatisfaction with the product.

Thanks primarily to the development of new points-based club programs, the average age of timeshare owners has dropped to 39 years old according to the American Resort Development Association. These newer, more flexible clubs with multiple vacation destinations appeal to a younger audience who had previously passed on the single-site, fixed week timeshare model.

If you own a points-based timeshare product you can use it more than once during a year, depending on how many points you own. Timeshare week owners are limited to using a timeshare once a year because they own a designated week of vacation time at a specific resort. Owners who buy timeshare points can split their points into smaller increments and use them for multiple, shorter stays at different destinations during the year.

Wyndham Destinations is the largest timeshare operator in the world with 245 resorts and nearly 900,000 members owning timeshare in various programs under its management. Its portfolio of brands features Club Wyndham, WorldMark by Wyndham, Margaritaville Vacation Club by Wyndham, and Shell Vacations Club.

When a timeshare is paid in full, the owner no longer has to worry about loan repayments on the original timeshare purchase and can continue using the timeshare as normal. The ownership becomes more cost-effective, as the only financial commitment remains the annual maintenance fees or annual dues, depending on the product owned. Nothing changes as far as the use of the timeshare, as long as the owner remains up to date on their annual fees.

According to ARDA, the average timeshare maintenance fee is about $1170 a year but the cost depends on what type of timeshare you own. For instance, the average fees for a studio timeshare is $740, while the average for a three-bedroom unit is $1480. The fees on a two-bedroom timeshare, which is the most popular type of unit, is $1150. Also – whether a resort is in active sales makes a difference, as the average maintenance fee for a resort not in active sales is only $820.

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