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Is It a Good Time to Buy a Breckenridge Timeshare?

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Posted on October 02, 2023

The picturesque town of Breckenridge, tucked within Colorado's Rocky Mountains about 90 minutes from Denver, has been a favorite destination for both winter enthusiasts and summer adventurers for decades.

Offering breathtaking scenery, world-class skiing, and year-round attractions, it's no wonder that the town is a hot spot for Breckenridge timeshare vacationers.

Breckenridge is not a one-season wonder of a destination. While the town is globally acclaimed for its winter sports, thanks to the five peaks of its ski resort, summer unveils a different charm.

Whitewater rafting, fly fishing, and mountain biking attract a new wave of enthusiasts. The vibrant local culture, rich mining history, and unique events like the International Snow Sculpture Championships add layers to its appeal.

This range of activities has prompted many to consider buying a timeshare in Breckenridge, but vacationers may be asking - is it a good time to buy a Breckenridge timeshare?

Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Buy a Breckenridge Timeshare

Post-Pandemic Market Trends

The post-pandemic world has reshaped the tourism industry in many ways. While international travel faced significant hurdles, domestic destinations like Breckenridge witnessed a surge in visitors seeking escapes closer to home.

This has fueled a moderate uptick in the demand for timeshares, as they promise regular vacations without the hassle of searching for deals on online rentals and the advantage of a home-like environment.

Heading Into Ski Season

With the anticipation of the ski season opening on November 10, skiers from across the country will be excited to hit the slopes again in Breckenridge.

Because timeshares can take anywhere from 30-90 days to close, depending on the ownership type and the approval timeframe of the resort, now is a good time to buy a Breckenridge timeshare and have it ready for the upcoming season.

Perceived Value and Flexibility

Breckenridge isn't just about skiing, as the town offers a wide range of year-round activities from hiking to mountain biking, fishing, festivals, and cultural events. Buying a timeshare here ensures a terrific vacation spot regardless of the season.

Many timeshare companies have moved on from the fixed model of the same unit, the same week, every year. However, Breckenridge is one of the destinations where a fixed week of timeshare is a prized possession due to the high demand for ski weeks.

Most timeshare resorts now offer a points-based system, allowing owners more flexibility in choosing when and where to vacation. This has added value for potential buyers who want variety and spontaneity in their travels.

You’ll see both fixed and points-based timeshare options available on the Breckenridge timeshare resale market, along with floating week options that give the owner the chance to book a week during a specific season of the year.

Property Management

Another factor worth noting is the quality of the property and how it is managed. A well-managed property can make the difference between a delightful vacation experience and a logistical nightmare.

Because resorts are now gearing up for the prime ski season in a couple of months, now is when they are preparing and upgrading their resorts. Check with your favorite resorts to see how they are investing in their resort amenities to give you an idea of how well it is managed.

Real Estate Market Insights

Breckenridge saw an uptick in property values through the middle of last year, owing in part to its growing reputation as a year-round destination. However, it has dipped a bit since, but the average home value is still over $1.1 million and expected to rise as interest rates stabilize.

As property prices increase, timeshares often emerge as an attractive alternative to traditional real estate, offering a much more affordable entry point for those looking to secure their slice of mountain serenity.

Maintenance Fee Costs

It is important to consider the long-term responsibilities of owning a timeshare. Maintenance fees, which are inevitable, can rise annually. While these fees ensure that the property remains in top shape, they can become a financial issue if not properly planned for. Potential buyers need to ensure that they're comfortable with this recurring expense.

Exit Strategy

Exiting a timeshare can be more complex than entering one. However, depending on what, where and when you own, Breckenridge timeshares have a consistent track record of reasonably holding their value and selling well on the resale market.

Selling your timeshare might still fetch a price lower than the original purchase price, but that is the case with timeshare across the board because of the sales commissions and marketing costs baked into the original resort prices.

Potential buyers should look at timeshares more as a long-term, cost-effective vacation strategy rather than an investment expecting a profitable return.

The Changing Nature of Travel

Post-pandemic, the crossroads of work and travel have evolved as well. With remote work becoming more prevalent, many have the flexibility to travel and work simultaneously. This makes having a set vacation spot, like a timeshare, even more appealing.

If you're among the growing number of people who can work from anywhere, a Breckenridge timeshare might be a suitable option.

The Role of Technology

Digital platforms have revolutionized how we buy and manage timeshares. Online timeshare exchange companies enable owners to swap their weeks or points with other owners, offering greater flexibility.

For Breckenridge timeshare owners, because of the high demand for this location, it could mean the ability to exchange their mountain escape for a luxury beachfront retreat or an urban adventure.

Emerging Health and Wellness Tourism

Breckenridge is an outdoor playground with activities that definitely lend to the increased emphasis on well-being and it has embraced health and wellness tourism. Beyond the ski slopes, hiking, rafting and mountain biking, the town now boasts numerous spas, yoga retreats, and wellness centers.

For those seeking rejuvenation in the crisp mountain air, a Breckenridge timeshare can be an enticing proposition.

Time to Buy a Breckenridge Timeshare?

Savvy timeshare observers know that the timeshare resale market means great deals and savings on timeshares compared to the prices on offer at the resorts. So, is now a good time to buy a Breckenridge timeshare? The answer depends on individual circumstances and priorities.

For those who love Breckenridge and plan to vacation there frequently, a timeshare can offer convenience, familiarity, and the guaranteed comforts of a second home. The current market trends, approaching ski season and a consistent resale market make the proposition attractive.

If your heart is set on Breckenridge and you're ready for the ownership responsibilities, then now might indeed be a good time to buy. But as with any significant purchase, it's crucial to do your research and find the timeshare that’s right for you to ensure you're making an informed decision.

To help you in your journey, below are a few of the post popular timeshare resorts in Breckenridge according to the offers and inquiries we receive from our clients:

Grand Colorado on Peak 8 - boasting luxury amenities that will elevate the vacation experience. Guests enjoy ski-in/ski-out access, rejuvenating spas, modern fitness centers, great dining options, and pools with mountain views. With suites ranging from studios to four-bedrooms, it offers the epitome of mountain resort luxury.

Grand Lodge on Peak 7 – with residences from studio through to four-bedroom layouts, guests can also indulge in treatments at Soothe Spa, relax in indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, access convenient ski-in/ski-out facilities, enjoy in-house dining, arcade game room for the kids and immerse in breathtaking mountain vistas.

Grand Timber Lodge – a great location between Peaks 8 and 9 and just 75 yards from the Snowflake Chairlift, this wonderful resort has it all. Refresh Massage Studio is perfect after a day on the slopes, plus heated indoor/outdoor pool and hot tubs. The on-site Boot Saloon restaurant tantalizes taste buds, all available from the range of studio to three-bedroom timeshares residences.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Valdoro Mountain Lodge – at the base of Peak 9 yet within walking distance to Main Street, the spacious suites range from studio to three bedrooms. Enoy a massage in the spa, hot tubs, heated pools, fitness center, on-site ski rentals, on-site bar and dining options and convenient shuttle service to the shops and dining on Main Street.

Hyatt Main Street Station – the closest of the resorts to the Main Street shops and restaurants, you’re also near the QuickSilver Super 6 chairlift. Guests can enjoy a heated outdoor swimming pool, seven outdoor whirlpool spas, fully equipped fitness center, onsite dining options, and spacious suites ranging from studio, two-, and three-bedroom timeshares.

There are more timeshares in Breckridge than those shown above, so it you want a deeper dive into the ones on offer, click here and scroll through the resorts until you find your favorite. Then click the Timeshares for Sale button for that resort to see the packages or weeks available and click the Make Offer button to start the conversation with the owner.


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