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In The Age of Points, Why Buy a Timeshare Week?

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Posted on September 18, 2023

In today’s fast-paced travel and vacation scene, a question often raised by potential vacationers is: In an era dominated by timeshare points, why should someone consider buying a timeshare week?

At first glance, the concept of committing to a specific resort location for a designated week might seem restrictive and outdated. Even with options such as timeshare exchange services and floating weeks, planning to buy a timeshare week when points programs seem more flexible can appear to be a limiting option.

However, a deeper exploration of the benefits of timeshare weeks can shed light on why they remain a great option for many.

Reasons to Buy a Timeshare Week

Guaranteed Vacation Time

Predictability: A timeshare week provides a guaranteed vacation spot. One knows exactly when and where they'll be vacationing. This can make planning annual leave, coordinating with family members, and making additional arrangements much simpler.

Commitment to Relaxation: In our hurried lives, taking time off can fall to the wayside. Owning a timeshare week can act as a reminder and commitment to take that much-needed vacation every year.

Predictable Climate: If you love skiing in Breckenridge or sunbathing on Cape Cod, knowing when to take your vacation week lets you buy a timeshare during your favorite season, ensuring ideal weather for your activities.

Real Estate Asset

Tangible Property: Unlike timeshare points, which can change in value over time and are intangible, a timeshare is a real estate interest. It’s bricks and mortar, which can also be a benefit if the resort and land is ever sold and the profits divided up among the owners.

Legacy Creation: A timeshare, being a tangible asset, can be passed down to future generations. It's not just a vacation spot; it’s a legacy you can bequeath.

Quality Accommodations

Home Away from Home: Timeshares are often more spacious accommodations than standard hotel rooms, including kitchens, living areas, and multiple bedrooms, making it comfortable for families or groups.

Consistency: Buying a timeshare week ensures a consistent quality of accommodation. Unlike points which may or may not get you the type of unit you desire, with a timeshare week you know exactly what you're getting every time.

Hassle-Free Maintenance: Unlike whole vacation home ownership, you’re not responsible for managing the property maintenance or troubleshooting problems with vendors. The property will be ready for you when you arrive.

Sense of Community

Familiar Faces: Returning to the same resort every year can lead to building relationships with other timeshare owners. It creates a community feel, where one looks forward to seeing familiar faces and catching up year after year.

Local Connections: Being an annual visitor to a location can lead to deeper connections with the local community, establishments, and businesses. It provides an authentic experience, which is often missed out by tourists hopping from one place to another.

Timeshare Exchange Opportunities

Trading Power: While timeshare points often promote their versatility, timeshare weeks, especially during prime seasons in high demand destinations, can have a strong trading power in exchange programs as owners swap their weeks for other destinations.

Global Network: Most timeshare resorts are part of extensive global exchange networks such as RCI or Interval International. Owning a week doesn’t tie you to one place; it can be a ticket to explore various destinations around the world.

Higher Exchange Value: Premium timeshare weeks in prime locations can be exchanged for multiple weeks in less sought-after destinations, or for upgraded suite accommodations.

Protection Against Excess Demand

Guaranteed Availability: Points systems usually operate on availability. During peak seasons, popular destinations can become over requested, making it challenging for point users to secure a booking. However, with a timeshare week, you have a guaranteed slot, ensuring you won't miss out on your desired vacation.

Priority Access: Before a resort opens rental bookings to the general public, timeshare week owners get priority, ensuring they never miss out on their preferred dates.

Choicest Spots: Owning a timeshare week means you get one of the best units available, such as oceanfront view if that’s what you originally paid for.


Less Complex: Points systems can be complicated, with varying point values depending on the time of year, type of accommodation, or destination. A timeshare week is straightforward – you have a designated week at a specific location. No need to engage in the often-intricate game of maximizing point values.

No Hidden Clauses: While point systems might come with blackout dates or changing terms and conditions, with timeshare weeks you know what you’re getting.

Easier Planning: You can set a certain pace to your vacations. For instance, knowing you'll be by the beach every August allows you to plan related activities without fuss.

Budgeting Advantages

Established Cost: The annual cost of a timeshare week is fixed, making it easier for families to budget for their vacations. In contrast, the use of points for a similar vacation might change based on demand, season, or changes in the program's structure, necessitating the need for buying more points.

Avoiding Peak Pricing: Owning a timeshare week during peak seasons means you avoid exorbitant hotel prices. New Year's at a prime location? You're covered without the marked-up costs.

Protection Against Inflation: With the cost of vacations continually going up, locking in today's prices for a future vacation can be financially savvy. Your timeshare week cost remains consistent year over year, safeguarding you from fluctuating hotel prices.

Ready to Buy a Timeshare Week?

While it's undeniable that the points system offers a level of flexibility that appeals to many vacationers, it’s important to recognize that flexibility isn't the sole factor when deciding on vacation ownership.

The choice between timeshare points and timeshare weeks should be based on an individual’s vacation preferences, financial considerations, and desired vacation experience.

In the age of points, buying a timeshare week continues to offer a unique blend of predictability, tangible value, consistent quality, and community feeling.

For many vacationers, the certainty of knowing when and where they’ll vacation, especially in high demand seasons and locations, outweighs the flexibility of a points-based system. It's a testament to the fact that in our ever-evolving travel landscape, there remains a dedicated space for traditional timeshare weeks.

You may need more information about how timeshare weeks work or details for specific timeshare weeks by using a timeshare calendar. In any event, it’s relatively easy to find the timeshares for sale on our website.

Just enter your favorite resort name into our search field at the top of the page and choose from the options offered by our system. Click on the resort of your choice and you’ll be shown the timeshares for sale for that resort at significantly discounted resale prices.

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