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Marriott Vacation Club International

Orlando, Florida

Buying that luxury vacation home may be out of your price range, but joining Marriott Vacation Club International can be a great option. This club makes planning your dream vacation fun and easy.

Joining Marriott Vacation Club means you are buying a deeded interest at a top resort. You are in control, it is that simple. Each year you will get points for your family trip, or your romantic getaway. As a member of this club you have the right to plan your stay up to a year in advance. A great way to purchase is resale.

Looking to go somewhere else? Try Marriott Interval Internaional Membership where you can trade your week for another week at a resort out of the Marriott Network.

As a Marriott Vacation Club member, you may choose which location to use. The more points you have, the more options you have. When you travel you will have access to two and three bedroom villas, with breathtaking views of mountains, oceans or islands. In addition to beautiful rooms, Marriott offers perks that sweeten each deal. Some of those perks include discounted meals to restaurants and shopping at your hotel, or free tours and tickets for events near your resort. You are in charge of your vacation, so customize it anyway you want. 

When it comes time to book your time, being a member of Marriott Vacation Club can make this process less of a hassle. You have an annual allotment of vacation points for use each year. You can book your stay online, or you can call in and reserve through one of the helpful Marriott travel advisors. Marriott knows you do not want to throw away money, which is why you can keep any unused points for the following year. Some trips require more points than you have been allotted, but that’s no problem. Through the Marriott Vacation Club, you can purchase more points to grow your options. 

Marriott knows owners want the ability to travel around the world, and members can do just that. As a benefit of joining this club, you can travel to one of the many U.S. locations, in addition to travel to hundreds of resorts worldwide which are affiliated with timeshare exchange company Interval International - if you have an Interval membership.

Once you decide Marriott Vacation Club is for you, making the purchase is simple. Advisors and customer service representatives are available to help you seal the deal. There are many perks and benefits to owning a time-share with Marriott, and you can get them today. Stop dreaming about those exotic vacations and start living them!

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