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    Are There RCI Timeshares For Sale?

    For many vacationers in today's busy world, the vacation opportunities available through timeshares make it easy for them to write new chapters in their lives through travel, adventure, and the much-needed leisure time that timeshare vacations can provide. However, travelers looking for RCI timeshares for sale as an accommodation option are in for some confusion.

    That’s because the concept of RCI timeshares "for sale" is inaccurate, simply because RCI does not own timeshares, nor do they manage timeshare resorts.

    Read on for a detailed explanation about how the RCI program works. If you have questions and need to speak to a resale professional, please fill out our information form or give us a call on 800-640-6886 and we'll be happy to help.

    Let Us Explain 

    RCI is the largest timeshare exchange company in the world, with about 3.7 million members globally and an affiliate network of 4,500 resorts in over 100 countries. Since 1974, RCI has been delivering vacation ownership exchange services for owners to travel the world. That’s their core business, timeshare exchange.

    They are a membership-based organization and, because they essentially connect existing timeshare owners with the resort of their choice, RCI facilitates an owner’s desire to vacation at different resorts throughout the world. However, they do not own resorts or sell timeshare, making the idea of offering RCI timeshares for sale an impossibility.

    What does occur is that an RCI member with an active membership (usually one, five or ten years in length) deposits their week or points into the collection of inventory that RCI manages – according to whether they are an RCI Weeks or RCI Points member. A member could then choose a vacation at a different resort within the RCI network.

    The key is that an RCI member, regardless of their membership status, would already have owned a timeshare product located at an RCI-affiliated resort before they are even eligible to become a member of RCI. No timeshare ownership changes hands, nor is a timeshare product purchased from RCI, new or resale.

    RCI Points and RCI Weeks

    Owners can experience the benefits of RCI timeshare exchange both through the global RCI Points vacation exchange system and through the RCI Weeks membership:

    • RCI Weeks - the traditional week-for-week exchange membership where timeshare owners can exchange their vacation week for a different week at a different resort, depending on availability and the assigned value of the resort.
    • RCI Points – the program where an affiliated resort has either converted a week into RCI Points for an existing owner or sold an owner RCI Points through a new timeshare purchase.

    Both the RCI Weeks and RCI Points programs offer vacation ownership exchange based on the assigned value of their ownership product, which RCI bases on several factors such as the resort itself, resort location, unit size and season of ownership.

    Weeks owners try to match up the value of their deposited week with an available timeshare week of similar value at a different resort in order to complete an exchange, while timeshare Points members can choose not only where they vacation but the duration of their stay, breaking week-long vacations into multiple short stays whenever beneficial for their vacation needs or schedule.

    With RCI Points, you can even enjoy resort stays for as little as one night.

    Additionally, the RCI Points program makes it easy to either use, save or borrow points toward special event vacations. RCI points can even be used for travel perks including airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, and other benefits through the RCI Points Partner program.

    Every year, the RCI team helps vacationing couples and families take advantage of the travel opportunities found among the network of RCI-affiliated timeshare resorts.

    RCI Resort Award Designations

    RCI has developed a rating system to showcase the outstanding resorts within their network, according to the following designations:

    • RCI Gold Crown - awarded to resorts that meet or exceed RCI's standard of excellence in categories such as check-in, hospitality, resort maintenance and an evaluation of resort facilities.
    • RCI Silver Crown (formerly known as Resort of International Distinction) - awarded to resorts which meet RCI's standard of excellence in areas such as unit maintenance, housekeeping and overall resort maintenance.
    • RCI Hospitality Award - given to resorts that are rated highly on their hospitality and check in/out procedures.

    Resorts within the RCI network take these Awards very seriously and often make mention of them on their resort websites, in member correspondence and in industry news articles. When you see these awards mentioned, consider them when exchanging within the RCI network or choosing timeshare resales to purchase.

    Timeshares For Sale Through BuyaTimeshare.com

    Here at BuyaTimeshare.com, we have an abundance of RCI-affiliated timeshare resorts available on our website for timeshare resale purchases, whether it is an RCI Gold Crown, RCI Silver Crown or RCI Hospitality Award-winning resort.

    Prospective buyers looking for timeshares for sale can simply search through the field located at the top of this page to find their desired timeshare resort. Or enter a location and let our industry-leading website do the work for you to find your resort.

    If you aren’t quite sure where to begin, or perhaps you are an owner looking to sell a timeshare, you can start the process right now by simply completing the no-obligation form you’ll find on this page and let us help you with the information you need to make your decision.

    Contact us at BuyaTimeshare.com. We understand that a vacation is an important part of life and we want to help you select the vacation of your dreams. Let us assist you with a new chapter of fun and travel through the flexible and affordable opportunities available in timeshare ownership.

    Ask Us About RCI Timeshares

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