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Disney Vacation Club Resale

A Disney Vacation Club Resale for Dream Vacations at Value Prices

Whether you are just starting out and planning your honeymoon, or you're looking for a great way to bring the grandchildren together at an unforgettable family reunion, choosing a Disney Vacation Club resale is a personally rewarding vacation decision. With a Disney timeshare resale, you can enjoy value pricing at spectacular resorts located at Disney World Orlando, Disneyland Anaheim, California, and even at three of your favorite beachside destinations: Vero Beach, Florida; Hilton Head Island, South Carolina; and Ko Olina, Hawaii. When you buy a DVC resale, you join a network of other vacationing families who recognize that no one makes vacations more fun, more relaxing, or more memorable than Disney does.

While Disney Vacation Club resales are some of the easiest timeshares to own and enjoy, they can also be among the easiest to resell or rent. The DVC resale and rental strategies at BuyaTimeshare.com are effective if you are ready to sell or rent your Disney Vacation Club membership points. Learn more about how easy it can be to turn your timeshare commitment into a DVC Resale by completing the no-obligation form you'll find on this page.

Buy a Disney Timeshare Resale

Buying a Disney Vacation Club resale gives you most of the benefits and freedoms of DVC Membership, without paying the higher price you would be charged if you bought your membership through Disney. You will be buying your DVC resale directly from the current owner at the kind of value pricing found only on the resale market. Every perk or benefit of DVC membership will be yours to enjoy, except Disney Vacation Club does not extend to owners of Disney Vacation Club resales the right to use three of its Disney travel clubs or have access to DVC’s Membership Extras. Most smart shoppers think the cost savings gained by buying a Disney timeshare resale far outweigh these travel perks. Plus, many of these perks can be enjoyed through membership in a timeshare exchange program.

For some DVC members, which Disney resort they buy into as their home resort can be important, yet for others, this detail may not be as noteworthy. Here are tips to help you in choosing which of the Disney Vacation Club resorts you may want as your home property or in deciding that the resorts are all so delightful any of them will make you a happy Disney Vacation Club member:

  • DVC Membership is not held in perpetuity but instead has an expiration date. Different resorts have different dates, with some expiring as early as January 31, 2042, and newer resorts such as Disney's Grand Floridian, having a longer expiration date of January 31, 2064. Depending on several factors, including your age at the time you buy your Disney points, you may want to own at the resort that offers you the greatest number of years to enjoy vacation usage. While many people speculate that Disney Vacation Club will ultimately offer renewals at or near a resort's expiration date, there currently is no guarantee this will happen.
  • As a Disney Vacation Club Member, you will be able to book vacations at your home resort 11 months in advance, and 7 months in advance for Disney Vacation Club resorts that are not your home property. If having the extended time for booking matters to you, then you may want to buy at the resort you expect to visit most often. If you typically don't plan your vacation during the highest demand season, then having the flexibility of extra months for advance booking may not be an issue for you.
  • Most Disney timeshare vacations either involve a large family, group or a couple (perhaps on a honeymoon, romantic getaway or anniversary trip). Because of this, the two most in-demand Disney timeshare units typically are, first, the largest ones (multi-bedroom villas) and second, the smallest ones (studios). Disney Vacation Club one-bedroom units (midsize units) tend to be the most readily available. If a one-bedroom DVC timeshare, designed to accommodate up to four guests as well as a crib if needed, is a good size for most of the vacations you will take, then you will likely find it easy to book your preferred Disney timeshare vacation no matter which resort is your home property.

Finding the DVC Resale that is Right for You

We all love Disney for different reasons. That's why Disney's theme parks and water parks offer so many distinctive types of experiences and why each Disney Vacation Club resort property boasts its own charming personality. As a member of this remarkable vacation club, you'll be discovering Disney magic you never knew existed, some of which is only available to members of this very special club.

Spend time here on our website. Think about all the ways you and your family will use and enjoy your Disney Vacation Club membership. Then pick the DVC resale you want to buy and act fast. Disney Vacation Club membership at the resale price is always in demand.

Let BuyaTimeshare.com help you become a happy owner of a Disney Vacation Club resale.

Disney Vacation Club Resale

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