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Disney Vacation Club Prices

Disney Vacation Club Prices, Only Discounted When You Buy Resale

Buy Disney points on the timeshare resale market and you’ll be taking advantage of the only way to become a DVC member at reduced Disney Vacation Club prices. In a recent price increase, DVC raised Disney Vacation Club prices (for points purchased through Disney) by 13 to 30 percent, depending upon the resort owned. However, DVC points here on BuyaTimeshare.com are always discounted!

Our inventory of Disney timeshare resale points for sale by current owners makes it possible for you to save substantially on the price of DVC points. With BuyaTimeshare.com resales, you can add to the number of Disney points you already own or buy your first points and become a happy new DVC member.

If you currently own DVC points that you want to sell, BuyaTimeshare.com is your best resource. Our high-visibility timeshare resale and rental website is searched by targeted traffic; people who are ready to buy or rent timeshare weeks and timeshare points for their next vacation. And our team of resale specialists makes it easy for you to advertise your Disney Vacation Club points for sale and get them sold. To find out more, start by completing the no-obligation form you’ll find on this webpage.

Disney Vacation Club Prices Available Only By Purchasing Owner Points Sold As Resales

When you buy Disney timeshare as a resale, you are buying a current DVC member’s Disney points. These points are secured by a real estate interest in the Disney Vacation Club and are linked to the DVC resort you select for your home resort. Buying resale and taking advantage of discounted Disney Vacation Club prices affords you considerable savings over buying your Disney points directly through the DVC.

As the owner of resale Disney points, you become a member of the Disney Vacation Club. With only a few exclusions, you enjoy the same benefits and privileges you would receive if you had paid a higher price and purchased your Disney points directly through Disney. Most vacationers say the savings realized in resale Disney Vacation Club prices far outweigh the loss of a few benefits, but we want you to be aware of the facts in making that decision for yourself.


  1. Resale buyers may use their Disney points (based on availability and the number of points owned) at any of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts but they cannot use resale DVC points to book stays at Disney hotels. Note: DVC points transfer at a much lower value for hotel stays than for DVC resort vacations, which makes this a benefit most resale buyers don’t mind losing.
  2. As of April 4, 2016 Disney resale owners no longer receive access to DVC Membership Extras. Some of these extras include discounts on merchandise, annual passes and restaurants. Other extras include access to a lounge opening at Epcot, select special events, member cruises and a sweepstakes.
  3. The Disney Vacation Club provides DVC members with access to Disney travel programs. Resale buyers have full access to the Disney World Passport Collection travel program and to timeshare exchange through Interval International (II), Resort Condominiums International (RCI), or Club Cordial. Resale buyers do not have access to the Adventurer or the Concierge Disney travel programs.

Disney Vacation Club Prices and the Right of First Refusal

When you shop for Disney points as by-owner resales, be aware that the Disney Vacation Club always retains the Right of First Refusal over its timeshare points. For you, as a prospective buyer of resale Disney points, you’ll want to price your offer to buy at a fair market value for resales. You will certainly be offering less than the price you would pay to buy Disney Vacation Club points directly from Disney. However if you make a rock bottom offer to buy, and the current owner accepts your offer, Disney will likely exercise its Right of First Refusal.

In doing so, Disney would essentially step in on the transaction and tell the owner, “we’ll match that same price and we’ll retake ownership of those Disney points.” The seller would then have no choice but to sell their points back to the Disney Vacation Club at the super-low price you put in play with your low-ball offer.

In making your offer to buy, remember that when it comes to Disney Vacation Club prices for timeshare resale points, there are great deals … but there are no steals. Fair market resale prices are discounted and afford you excellent savings on Disney points, but the Disney Vacation Club does not permit its property to be devalued for its current owners because a few owners might be willing to accept “bargain basement” prices. While Disney’s Right of First Refusal impacts Disney Vacation Club prices for buyers, it also protects the long-term value of the resale points you are buying.

Interested in learning more about the great deals in resale Disney Vacation Club prices? The timeshare resale and rental specialists at Buyatimeshare.com are ready to help you.



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