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Buyatimeshare.com Complaints Regarding the Timeshare Industry

Complaints about the timeshare industry seem to be as prevalent as ever, and BuyaTimeshare.com is working to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers so that the resale process can be as effective as possible.

At BuyaTimeshare.com complaints about the way the timeshare industry operates are heard every day by our customer service team – mostly from owners who feel frustrated about the initial sales process at the resorts and how those first impressions have filtered down to affect their ownership experience.

By the time these owners find BuyaTimeshare.com complaints can become ingrained and owners just want to transition out of the product. For owners looking to sell their timeshare, remember that the success of the resale process can often hinge on an owner’s ability to manage the process.

Helping Owners Sell Timeshare

We have been in the resale business since 2000. Over time we've had several customers praise our for sale by owner advertising soultion:

We've also heard a number of complaints from potential buyers who come to BuyaTimeshare.com looking to buy a timeshare but can be deterred due to problems with the information provided by the owner.

With BuyaTimeshare.com complaints from buyers can be minimized if owners make sure that:

  • The information in their advertisement is correct.

Check your deed and documents to make sure that what you are advertising for sale is actually what you own.

  • Communication is clear in the negotiating process.

Buyers can be unaware of the nuances of the unit, the resort or the ownership requirements, so make sure to be as transparent as possible. You don’t want a buyer to pull out at the last minute because of any surprises.

  • Terminology is understood by the buyer.

Sometimes timeshare is like a foreign language, with terms like fixed, floating, flex and credits commonly used within the industry but not so much by the regular traveler. Make sure a buyer understands what you are talking about.

  • You include specific information about your unit and resort in the text of your ad.

Be specific about the details of your unit (is it far away from the elevator? Is it on the ground floor? Is it accessible-friendly for the disabled?) Whatever makes it stand out and gives you an advantage, say it.

  • Keep your contact information updated.

Keep your email address and phone number up-to-date and let us know of any changes so we can ensure that buyers and renters can make contact with you.

The most amazing issue the BuyaTimeshare.com complaints team hears on a regular basis is that buyer requests can go ignored by owners. A buyer or renter will either request information or make an offer to an owner and they are unresponsive, so the buyer may contact us to see if the timeshare is still on the market. We understand that this sounds incredible, but it is true in many instances. Remember that we are a for-sale by-owner advertising company, so if an owner is going to partner with us to sell a timeshare, please make sure you’re checking your inbox regularly.

Programs To Assist Timeshare Resales

To help make the process as efficient as possible, BuyaTimeshare.com has created two specific programs so that owners can better manage the process and keep buyer complaints to a minimum:

  • Owner Verified Seal – owners advertising their timeshare for sale can submit their deeds and associated owner documents to us so our team can verify the details of ownership. Once verified, we will place an Owner Verified seal onto the ad to endorse the accuracy of the information.
  • Free Online Account – advertisers have use of a free online account through the BuyaTimeshare.com platform, which allows them to quickly respond to offers and adjust the information in their ad themselves. This provides 24/7 access to their information, giving owners more control of the sales process.

Our number one priority is connecting sellers with buyers and renters and we have built the most robust online program in the industry to facilitate the timeshare resale process. We hope this information helps you to better understand how the process works and also explain common buyer complaints, and you can always contact our team through the box at the upper right corner of the page for more information.

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