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Buyatimeshare.com Scam Report

BuyATimeshare.com wants to help you steer clear of any timeshare resale scams. With so many companies lurking in the shadows, BuyATimeshare.com has important information that will help you identify ripoffs and potential timeshare scams.

If you have inquired about selling or renting your timeshare, you have most likely been contacted by a fraudulent company. They will often claim to have a buyer waiting for your exact timeshare package. Another common scheme is to claim they are from a state agency, working to help you get your money back.

Common Timeshare Resale Scams:

We have put together a list of the most common scams aimed at timeshare owners like you. If you're looking for honest information that you can trust, contact the expert staff at BuyATimeshare.com at 800-882-0296 or Click Here and one of our specialists will contact you.

    • Too good to be true: If anyone makes promises that are too good to be true-it most likely is. Many companies will make it sounds as if your timeshare is worth more than you paid. Some will promise to sell your timeshare within a certain timeframe. If anyone specifies a price or states that they can sell your within a certain amount time, this should be an immediate red-flag.
    • Claims to Have a Buyer: Several companies will claim that they already have a buyer for your timeshare. It's important to know that no one can sell what is not yet for sale. When someone claims that they already have a buyer willing to pay for your timeshare, be wary of any upfront fees. Understand what these fees are for and what services are begin provided.
    • Transfer Companies and Relief Companies: A new tactic is sending out notices to timeshare owners and enticing them with negative messages about their timeshare. For a price of around $3000 they will claims to transfer ownership out of your hands. While most companies never do transfer ownership, the ones that do transfer them into a "Viking Ship LLC" or a shell company that acts as a third-party closing company. Rather than paying maintenance fees, using the weeks or selling them, the Viking Ship will often file bankruptcy and creates a financial burden for the resort and other timeshare owners.
    • Claims to be from Attorney General's Office: Other schemes involve companies pretending to be from the Attorney General's Office. The scammers will claim that they are from a Timeshare Advocacy Company/Bureau. They promise restitution for any moneys lost to resale companies or even the resort itself. This scam charged fees upwards of $400 to $4000 for "court fees" and/or "filing costs." After promising to repay victims from a non-existent "state restitution fund," the companies were never heard from again.

Avoid Timeshare Resale Scams:

BuyATimeshare.com is here to help you avoid getting bilked out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The trusted team of experts at BuyATimeshare.com has been the solution for timeshare owners for over a decade.

Find a buyer for your timeshare without scams or misrepresentation. So, if you have any questions about a company you have dealt with, feel free to contact our specialist with any concerns you may have. We will be happy to steer you in the right direction. At BuyATimeshare.com we are committed to educating consumers about the various timeshare scams out there.

Get the Information you Need

If you're interested in selling off your unused or unwanted vacation property, we can help. In addition to affordable advertising fees, our customer service staff is here to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our expert staff will discuss the options available to you. Furthermore, we can put you in contact with a team of licensed brokers to make sure you get legitimate and up-to-date information that you can trust.

Trust The Reviews

Join the many satisfied customers who have successfully found buyers for their timeshares. 

We can help you create a custom timeshare marketing and advertising program. At BuyATimeshare.com we will tailor an advertisement that is specific to your needs and your budget. Since 2000 we have been marketing timeshares on top of all major search engines without tricks or scams. For more info on how you can get your timeshare sold without the threat of scams or rip-offs, contact us today at 800-640-6886.

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