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Are Marriott Timeshare Points a Good Deal?

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Posted on August 02, 2023

Evaluating Marriott Timeshare Points: A Good Choice for Vacations

The hospitality industry offers a broad spectrum of options for avid travelers and holidaymakers. One such option is timeshares, a popular choice for many due to the allure of spacious condo-style suites combined with luxury resort amenities. Among the leaders is Marriott Vacation Club, which operates on a renowned points-based program. So, the question we're tackling here is, "Are Marriott timeshare points a good deal?"

Marriott Timeshare Points System Explained

First, let's look at the concept of Marriott timeshare points. As a Marriott Vacation Club owner, instead of buying a fixed week at a specific resort, you can purchase vacation club points known as Destinations points.

These points can be used for vacations at any of Marriott's timeshare resorts worldwide, depending on availability, your specific level of points and the type of accommodation you choose. You can think of these points as a type of vacation currency, providing greater flexibility in when, where, and how long you stay.

Marriott began selling timeshare points in 2011, but it still manages timeshare weeks sold prior to 2011 which are deeded at the various resorts in its program. You will see both types of Marriott timeshare ownership available on the resale market, but we will focus more on the advantages of Marriott timeshare points.

The Flexibility of Marriott Points

Marriott Vacation Club's reputation is built upon high-quality accommodations, reliable service, and an impressive range of destinations. As a member, you're promised luxurious stays at over 60 Marriott Vacation Club resorts, and through the Marriott Bonvoy hotel rewards loyalty program, you can also access thousands of hotels around the globe.

This points system provides flexibility for planning vacations that traditional timeshare ownership may not offer. You can use points to book a stay at any time of the year, choose to save points for a larger vacation the following year, or opt for several shorter stays during the year. This kind of flexibility, coupled with the consistently high standards of Marriott properties, is a big draw for many.

An important caveat here is plan to use your Marriott timeshare points to book as far in advance as you can, since premium resorts during high demand seasons can fill up rather quickly.

Owning a fixed week at a specific resort during peak travel times has been seen as a benefit for weeks owners, since they are guaranteed a vacation spot during a given week every year. However, this repetitive form of vacationing has its drawbacks, which is why Marriott launched the Destinations points program in order to provide the type of flexibility that defines today’s travel market. 

How Do the Finances Work Out?

The perceived value should not obscure the financial aspects of buying Marriott timeshare points. While they grant you access to upscale resorts and accommodations, these perks come with initial purchase costs and ongoing maintenance fees. It's important to examine these expenses against your vacation budget and frequency of travel.

In some cases, owners may find that the cost of buying and owning timeshare points surpasses the cost of booking hotel stays directly, especially if the points are underutilized. However, this should be approached as an apples-to-apples comparison, since it can be cheaper to book a stay in a hotel with lower quality, small hotel rooms and fewer amenities than your typical higher quality Marriott timeshare resort.

This is where the timeshare resale market can make a huge difference. When comparing prices, Marriott timeshare resale points can be discounted as much as 50 percent compared to prices charged through Marriott. Such price discrepancies can add up to thousands of dollars in savings for buyers looking to enter into the program. Therefore, owners who buy Marriott timeshare points as resales have a much lower cost point to use in comparison to those who buy from Marriott.

As an example, Marriott Aruba timeshare resorts are some of the most sought-after destinations in the program, with Marriott Aruba Surf Club and Marriott Aruba Ocean Club featuring as top-level locations. A week in a one-bedroom oceanfront suite at either resort can use as little as 3,000 MVC points, with 3000 points offered for as low as $9,500.00 on our site. Conversely, Marriott’s price packages start at $25,500.

At a $9,500 cost prorated over a 20-year period, adding in the annual dues and maintenance fees, it comes to about $2475 per year for that week’s worth of vacation accommodation. Compare that to a week’s stay at the Radisson Blu Aruba ($2750) or Hyatt Regency Aruba ($4575) and you’ll see the value in getting a good deal on Marriott timeshare points.

Considerations Beyond Finances

There are also non-financial considerations to factor in when determining if Marriott timeshare points are a good deal. Consider how much value you place on having a consistent quality of accommodations and the convenience of pre-planned vacations. For some, the peace of mind gained from these benefits outweighs any potential financial drawbacks.

Today’s travel trends reflect the desire for larger, condo-style units with separate bedrooms, kitchens and living space. This is one reason why outlets such as Airbnb have gained notoriety. However, today’s travelers are also looking for the type of resort amenities that vacation homes cannot provide, such as onsite bars and restaurants, health spas, children’s pools and a professional standard of cleanliness.

Marriott timeshare points owners have the advantages of both – spacious vacation accommodation combined with excellent resorts amenities in some of the best vacation locations in the world.

So, are Marriott Timeshare Points a Good Deal?

The answer heavily depends on individual circumstances and especially if your points were purchased on the resale market. If you're someone who vacations frequently, values the consistent luxury offered by Marriott, and can comfortably handle the annual fees, this deal could indeed be a really good one for you.

The best place to find a good deal on Marriott timeshare points is to check out the selection on offer here at BuyaTieshare.com. Just click onto our Marriott Vacation Cub Destinations Points page here and you’ll see the Marriott points for sale on our site. Scroll through until you see the posting that piques your interest, click the Make Offer button and send an inquiry to the owner through our data-protected platform to begin the conversation.

If you need more information about Marriott timeshare points, you can always call us on 800-640-6886 or email us here and we’ll be glad to help.


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