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    Make the decision to buy Marriott Vacation Club points, and you and your family can start enjoying beautiful resorts at some of the most desirable locations in the world including beaches, ski resorts, urban timeshares in exciting cities, and spectacular resorts close to the attractions and theme parks you already love. Best of all, you'll be enjoying vacation accommodations at discounted prices available only in timeshare resales.

    If you own Marriott points you want to sell, let BuyaTimeshare.com help you. Many Marriott timeshare resales on the market today are owned as timeshare weeks or intervals, creating an on-going demand for resale Marriott points. Find out how stress-free it can be to sell Marriott timeshare points through BuyaTimeshare.com. Complete the short, no obligation form you'll find on this page and let us help you get your Marriott points sold.

    What Do I Get When I Buy Marriott Vacation Club Points?

    Marriott Vacation Club includes more than sixty worldwide resorts offering a mix of 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom vacation villas or timeshare condos. With a worldwide network of affiliated hotels and resorts, and as part of the Interval International network of timeshare exchange, the vacation options available to you as a Marriott Vacation Club points member can be almost endless.

    When you buy Marriott Vacation Club points as resales by owner, you are purchasing, an annual or occasionally a biennial (occurring every two years) allotment of points that can be used like vacation currency for booking time at fabulous resorts. At some locations, you also have split-week usage options, making it possible for you to enjoy three-night or four-night getaways as long as you schedule to enjoy both of your shorter-stay getaways within the same year.

    Is it the Same to Buy Marriott Points as to Earn Marriott Rewards?

    Let's sort out possible confusion about these two programs. When you buy Marriott timeshare points, you have not purchased Marriott Rewards - the two programs are separate and distinct in their purpose and benefits.

    Marriott Rewards is the brand loyalty program for Marriott hotels. Joining Marriott Rewards (the loyalty program) earns you a type of awards points you can use for travel perks. For example: stay as a Marriott hotel guest or use a Marriott Rewards VISA card at a Marriott hotel, and you can earn points that are redeemable for airline miles, car rentals, Marriott hotel stays, and other benefits. This program is similar to other loyalty programs in which you may already participate. Therefore, you cannot buy Marriott Rewards points because the program is free to join and available to you at any time, whether or not you own Marriott timeshare.

    Marriott points are part of the Marriott Vacation Club timeshare ownership structure. They function like "currency" to pay for Marriott timeshare vacations. More Marriott Vacation Club points means more vacation time, larger or upgraded accommodations, or the chance to vacation during high-demand seasons at the most popular resorts.

    Buy Marriott points on the resale market and you can vacation in the same amazing resorts and enjoy the same high-end accommodations and deluxe amenities that other Marriott timeshare owners own - except you will have paid significantly less. Owners of resale points are limited from some resources of the Marriott Destinations Club internal timeshare exchange, but you can access the Marriott Rewards loyalty program by virtue of your status as a Marriott Destinations points owner. You can also choose to be a member of the Marriott Interval International timeshare exchange program and enjoy all the flexibility of banking and swapping your timeshare points for vacations at other Marriott resorts, including those outside the Marriott brand.

    Summary of Facts to Know Before You Buy Marriott Points

    • Marriott Vacation Club points ownership and weeks-based ownership have different structures and options. The information on this page applies to consumers who buy Marriott Vacation Club points as resales.
    • Marriott sells both new Destinations points ownership and Marriott timeshare resales. When you buy Marriott timeshare points advertised on BuyaTimeshare.com, you are negotiating to buy at prices set by the families who currently own the points. If you buy Marriott points through the Marriott Vacation Club, Marriott acts as the middleman, setting and controlling the price of the points.

    For most consumers, the savings realized by buying Marriott points on the resale market far outweigh the loss of a limited number of benefits. Nevertheless, the timeshare professionals at BuyaTimeshare.com want you, as an informed consumer, to make only buying decisions that will fit your vacation needs. Whether you choose weeks based or points based timeshare ownership, let us help you find the option that is the best match for your vacation style and budget.

    Marriott FAQ

    1. Can You Still Buy Marriott Timeshare?

    The only way you can still buy Marriott timeshare is on the resale market. Marriott Vacation Club no longer offers timeshare weeks as new sales, as they are only available on the resale market. Marriott Vacation Club points are sold through Marriott but at much higher prices than to buy Marriott Vacation Club points as a resale.

    2. What is a Marriott Timeshare Resale Property?

    A Marriott timeshare resale property is deeded ownership of a timeshare in a Marriott Vacation Club resort. This can take the form of either a week of ownership (fixed or floating) or Marriott points that are connected (otherwise known as overlaid) to a week. Consumers can only buy Marriott timeshare weeks on the resale market since Marriott discontinued selling weeks products through their sales operation in 2011.

    Also – Marriott points that are overlaid onto weeks do not transfer on the resale market, so consumers looking to buy Marriott points need to search for Marriott Destinations points, which are also available at significant discounts on the resale market.

    3. Can Anyone Buy Marriott Vacation Club Resales?

    Certainly, consumers looking to buy Marriott Vacation Club points or timeshare resales are in a very good position to save thousands of dollars compared to buying directly from Marriott. Marriott Vacation Club weeks are only available as resales, and Marriott sells them through their resale department at 30-40 percent commission, which undoubtedly drives up their resale prices.

    Conversely, Marriott weeks sold through traditional resale outlets such as BuyaTimeshare.com are sold directly from existing owners without the marked up prices to cover commissions. Plus, buyers looking to buy Marriott Vacation Club points on the resale market can get a much better deal than going through Marriott since MVC marks up prices as much as 50-60 percent to cover marketing and sales commission costs at the resorts.

    4. What is the Marriott Interval International Relationship?

    Marriott and Interval International are part of the same company, Marriott Vacations Worldwide, which is the Marriott umbrella company that oversees all of the Marriott timeshare brands including Marriott Vacation Club and Interval International.

    Owners can place their Marriott timeshare or Marriott Vacation Club points into the Interval International exchange network and choose from additional vacation destinations and available travel products, depending on your level of membership. Certain options are available as internal exchanges due to the Marriott Interval International corporate relationship, so owners should check their documents or contact Interval for more information.

    5. Are Marriott Timeshare Rentals Available?

    Marriott timeshare rentals are definitely available on BuyaTimeshare.com. Owners place their timeshare or Marriott points up for rent, so you can either search for your favorite resort in the search bar at the top of the page, or search for Marriott Vacation Club Destinations Points.

    Once you’ve clicked onto the page suggested by our system, click onto the Timeshares for Rent button on that page and you’ll see the options on offer. Send an inquiry direct to the owner and you’ll be vacationing in a Marriott timeshare rental before you know it.

    6. Who is Marriott Vacation Club International?

    Marriott Vacation Club International is the former name of the company now known as Marriott Vacations Worldwide. When the Marriott timeshare division spun off from the Marriott corporate hotel company in 2011, it became a stand-alone company providing timeshare products and programs separate from the hotel company, now known as Marriott International. Marriott Vacations Worldwide now looks after the Marriott Vacation Club as well as Interval International, Hyatt, Sheraton and Westin timeshare resorts.

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