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A Timeshare Resale Provider That Can Be Trusted

Over the years, one of the most controversial sectors of the timeshare industry has been in the area of timeshare resales. Too often, news articles flash by about a company that has been investigated or shut down for not doing the right thing by its customers.

So what is a timeshare seller to do?

One area that a timeshare owner should look at is whether a company is recommended by its industry peers. The timeshare industry is a close-knit group which understands that a rogue company in one sector can cast a poor light on the industry as a whole. Therefore, the industry looks for companies they can rally around that have an ethical means of working with owners – especially when those owners are looking to sell their timeshare.

Enter BuyaTimeshare.com

We were the first company in the country to be accepted into the membership of all three North American timeshare industry associations. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Canadian Resort and Travel Association (CRTA) and Mexico Resort Development Association AMDETUR have all vetted our business practices and found us to be a legitimate provider of timeshare resale services.

Our company must abide by the ethics codes of each organization in order to remain a member. Each group has a method by which a company’s membership can be rescinded in cases of unethical behavior. Fortunately, BuyaTimeshare.com has stood the test of time since 2000 – through good economic conditions and bad – and continues to successfully connect timeshare sellers with buyers and renters. 

What to Look For in a Resale Company

There are several areas that owners looking to sell a timeshare can research in a potential resale company. ARDA statistics reveal that the average owner researches four timeshare resale companies before deciding to hire a company. So if you have a few options, you are not alone.

Look for areas such as:

  • Written Contracts – Florida law mandates that all resale companies must provide a written agreement to a seller in order to do business with them. Ask if they provide their services in writing. If not, then move on.
  • Marketing Programs – find out how a company finds buyers for timeshares. Do they have a promotional strategy in place? How do they back their claims? If they operate online, can they be found on search engines like Google for search terms that buyers would use? If you can’t find them online, neither can a buyer.
  • Cold Calling – if you have not previously requested information from a company and receive a call from someone offering to sell your timeshare, be very cautious. Especially if they claim to have a buyer waiting to buy your timeshare.
  • Securing Your Data – your personal information is sacred, so make sure the company you use has it protected. And don’t offer to give your credit card number over the phone. Resale companies nowadays should have the ability to securely transact with you without taking numbers over the phone.
  • Physical Place of Business – many rogue companies only give P.O. boxes or vague addresses that can be difficult to confirm. This is because they often are on the move and hard to track. Take the business name and do a Google search to see if they come up with an actual office address.
  • Phone Number – if you are called by a resale company, take the number and call them back to make sure it is a legitimate place of business and not just someone’s mobile phone number. See if they respond in a professional manner with a dedicated customer service team.  

These are just a few basic steps you can take to help you decide which resale company with whom to do business. We understand that you have choices when it comes to selecting a resale company. If you would like more information, we invite you to call us on 800-640-6886 and a representative will go over options with you. You can also fill out the form on this page and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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