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Since 1978, Shell Vacations has been offering spectacular vacation resorts as timeshare ownership properties. Shell, a pioneer in timesharing, has a respected hospitality industry legacy and today, a worldwide presence with over a 100,000 member/owners and 24 managed resorts. Now, as a part of Wyndham Vacation Ownership, Shell Vacations is as much a part of the future of timesharing as it is a cherished part of its past.

Join the Club—Shell Vacations Club!

One of the first of many perks of becoming a Shell Vacations owner is that you automatically become part of the Shell Vacations Club (SVC). Essentially, Shell Vacations Club is the internal timeshare exchange program of Shell Vacations.

Further expanding your exchange options is the outstanding benefit that provides all SVC members with paid membership to Interval International timeshare exchange (II). This means that regardless of whether you paid full price and purchased your SVC timeshare directly from SVC/Wyndham, or you saved thousands by buying your Shell timeshare resale through BuyaTimeshare.com, your Shell membership exchange network automatically skyrockets from the 24 North American SVC resorts to the full inventory of II partner resorts. All of the 2,600 resorts in 75 countries worldwide that are part of the Interval International timeshare exchange program are automatically part of your exchange network.

Within Shell’s “Club” structure, members enjoy the functionality of multiple smaller clubs, including the SVC Collections partners, SVC Resorts, and SVC LifeStyles. Each club offers select points-based membership opportunities:

  • The SVC Collections program is a travel industry partners plan, that includes cruises, safaris, and special travel or hotel and timeshare resort programs—all accessible to you with your Shell points.
  • SVC Resorts offers vacation opportunities in Canada and Mexico, as well as Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin.
  • SVC LifeStyles is a partner-based program, designed to let members choose vacation conveniences and opportunities. This program is available only to owners who buy from SVC; it is not available to resale buyers and does not transfer as part of a timeshare resale transaction.

Further defining the “Club” concept at SVC is Shell Vacations’ structure of “Home Clubs.” When you become an owner/member, the resort which hosts the timeshare you purchase becomes your Home Club resort and determines which of the SVC Home Clubs is yours. The four Home Clubs are defined regionally:

  • Shell Owners Club – Americana, offering permanent timeshare points that do not expire.
  • Shell Owners Club – Hawaii, may be either standard points that do expire or permanent points that do not.
  • Shell Owners Club – Pacific, offering permanent timeshare points that do not expire.
  • Shell Owners Club – West, offering permanent timeshare points that do not expire.

Although you can book or exchange your timeshare points outside of your Home Club, you do not enjoy the same early booking priority outside your Home Club that you do at your Home Club properties. For reservations at your Home Club, SVC members can book as much as one year in advance of their expected vacation date. For reservations outside your Home Club, you can book up to nine months in advance of your scheduled vacation.

Points Based Flexibility

When you become an owner, you receive timeshare points. As a resale buyer who is new to Shell Vacations, you must purchase a sufficient number of points to qualify for the current Home Club minimum.

If you are already a Shell Vacations Club owner, you may purchase as many or as few resale points as you choose to expand your vacation options. As with other timeshare points based systems, SVC has varying requirements for points based on the size, season, and popularity of the resort you are buying or for which you are exchanging.

Are You Ready to Buy or Rent Shell Vacations Timeshares?

If reading about Shell Vacations or perusing the BuyaTimeshare.com inventory of Shell timeshare resales has inspired your interest, that’s probably because you know a good deal when you see one. Why not let our timeshare specialists help you buy, rent, or sell your Shell Vacations timeshare today?

Shell Vacation Club

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