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Sell Vacation Ownership

Sell vacation ownership

For Owners Looking To Sell Vacation Ownership Interests – This Is The Place To Be

If you’re an owner looking to sell vacation ownership interests and be free of your responsibility, then you’ve absolutely come to the right place. Owners sell timeshare and other vacation properties for a number of reasons, whether they have been an owner for 20 years or two, and the online marketing of timeshare interests has completely revolutionized the way the industry operates on the resale market. After all, an online search is probably how you found this site in the first place, and buyers looking for deals are coming here by the thousands. Those buyers are the key to being able to sell vacation ownership weeks online and we’re here to help.

Maybe you’ve had your full use of your resort week. Years of fantastic vacation memories through the use of your resort on an annual basis, or exchanging to some of the world’s best resorts around the world. Maybe the kids have grown and you no longer need the use of your week. Or maybe lifestyle changes have dictated that you have to sell your interest. For whatever reason, in order to sell vacation ownership in this market, you must have an effective online presence to tap into the demand.

Google Searches for "Timeshare"

Google estimates that over 670,000 searches are requested just through their website on a monthly basis for the word “timeshare”. These are people actively searching for information about the product, so you need to turn your desire to sell your week into action by getting in front of those people. Add the traffic from other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and you get the idea of the hundreds of thousands of people looking for our products.

Owners have the opportunity to get connected here through the industry-leading advantages that we provide, whether it is our rankings on search engines, owner referrals or through social media outlets such as our Facebook or Twitter accounts. In any event, our outreach across multiple platforms allows us the ability to reach different market segments to attract those buyers and place them in front of the resorts advertised on our site.

In order to sell vacation ownership here, it’s very easy to begin the process thanks to the combination of our specially trained staff and automated service that we provide. Once you’ve agreed to open an advertising account, then our customer service personnel will walk you through the process of creating your advertisement and opening your online account with us, which will allow you to tell the world why your timeshare resale was so memorable for you and why it is such a fantastic vacation option for potential owners. You’ll be able to make adjustments to your ad and tailor it to the unique specifications that will make it stand out to potential buyers looking for your resort.  

Secondary Timeshare market

Our experience in the secondary market gathered from being in business since 2000 is what separates us from the rest of the outlets claiming to sell vacation ownership weeks. The truth is that we attract buyers – plain and simple. We can help you work through the options to make sure you are comfortable with the process and positioned to sell your timeshare.

Email us at Info@buyatimeshare.com or call us at 800-882-0296 if you have any questions and we look forward to helping you find that buyer for your property.


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Sell Vacation Ownership

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