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Miami, Florida

If the places your mind imagines most often are warm, tropical locales, with coconut palms lining white sand beaches and shimmering turquoise waters softly lapping the shoreline, you'll love the benefits of the Exclusive Traveler Club. Places you might find yourself in once you've taken advantage of this travel club for sale include the Dominican Republic and the Mexican Caribbean.

Special Features of a Dominican Republic Escape

With Exclusive Traveler Club, you can relax and soak up the sun's rays and be immersed in Caribbean culture in suites in the Dominican Republic. Amenities include air conditioning, a Wi-Fi connection so you can share your adventures, a balcony or terrace with a hammock, spa, gym, pool, golf courses, bicycle rentals, opportunities for water sports like scuba diving and even exotic Merengue dance classes. Restaurants feature local and international cuisine, along with buffets, steakhouses, crepe specialties and traditional favorites like pizza.

Enjoy Time Spent in the Captivating Mexican Caribbean

You'll love the impressive array of amenities found in your Mexican Caribbean retreat when you choose to belong to the Exclusive Traveler Club. A luxury resort experience awaits with exceptional services like massage, a spa covering two floors, swimming pools, exclusive concierge service to help you find the best attractions and restaurants offering foodie inspired cuisine ranging from spicy Mexican fare to Italian, Mexican, Japanese and Asian delicacies, all prepared by top chefs.

White sand beaches seem to stretch on endlessly as you sip your choice of delicious tropical refreshments and take in the sheer beauty and charm of the Mexican Caribbean. Enjoy world-class golf facilities, dolphin pools, swimming among colorful coral reefs and opportunities to learn diving. Suites feature amenities like Wi-Fi and spectacular views of this tropical paradise. When you grab a membership for sale in this travel club, you’ll be a world traveller in no time.

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