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Las Vegas, Nevada

In addition to some 300 fabulous resorts at amazing destinations, Diamond timeshare owners have one more important reason for being happy owners: Diamond Points. 

Diamond Points are your currency to open doors of timeshare exchange and vacation flexibility. But Diamond Resorts International (DRI) offers three different types of ownership and it’s important that you, as a resale buyer, seller, or owner, understand the distinctions between each type. 

Diamond Points: The DRI Collections or DRI Trusts 

Any Diamond timeshare that is classified as part of the DRI Collections or DRI Trusts can be sold or bought on the resale market as points. Points from the DRI Trusts (or DRI Collections as they are often called) can be used for timeshare exchange within a regional collection. 

Specific Geographic Regions Available for Diamond Points Timeshare Resale Exchange Include:

  • Diamond Resorts California Collection
  • Diamond Resorts European Collection
  • Diamond Resorts Hawaii Collection
  • Diamond Resorts US Collection


Beyond the timeshare exchange benefits of The DRI Collections/DRI Trusts, Diamond resale buyers have another option to expand their timeshare exchange benefits. Becoming a member of Interval International (II), one of the two largest timeshare exchange services in the world, makes your exchange options virtually limitless with thousands of resorts available for you to enjoy. 

Diamond Points: THE Club 

Owners who buy Diamond Resorts timeshare directly through Diamond Resorts International automatically become members of THE Club at Diamond Resorts International at the membership level they select. Opportunities for membership in THE Club do not extend to the resale marketplace, and this is an important distinction to understand when you buy Diamond timeshare resales. 

  1. You can inherit another owner’s THE Club membership.
  2. You cannotbuy another Diamond owner’s membership in THE Club on the resale market.
  3. Important fact: You can, however, buy resale Diamond Points, then buy additional points directly from DRI, and have your resale points converted to THE Club points, receiving fully THE Club privileges.


If you own Diamond timeshare purchased through DRI, you can choose your membership level at any of four tiers, each one offering additional travel rewards and opportunities, and all made available when you use your points as currency. Membership in THE Club can be at the Standard, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level. The higher your membership level, the lower your cost to take advantage of Diamond Loyalty Benefits. For example: if a Diamond Points THE Club member pays $100 to exchange his or her timeshare for a cruise, a Silver member would pay only $75 for the same exchange benefit, while a Gold member would pay only $50, and a Platinum member would pay no exchange fee at all. 

This sliding scale on Diamond Points transaction fees includes fees associated with member benefits processing, cruise points redemption, the reservation protection plan, and upgrades of accommodations fees. For percentage discount rewards, the rewards percentage increases as your membership tier goes up. Club bonus time discounts and points redemption value are two examples of how membership at a higher tier translates to greater rewards with Diamond Points. And these are only a few of the many benefits available to THE Club members. 

Diamond Points: Deeded Diamond Timeshare 

Deeded ownership DRI timeshares are also available in the resale marketplace. If you have a home resort you love, buying Diamond vacation ownership as deeded property may be a great choice for you. You’ll become a vacation owner at a property you and your family always enjoy and, because you bought on the timeshare resale market, you will have saved a bundle. 

Maybe Diamonds are a Vacationers Best Friend 

With more than a quarter century in resort management and development, and nearly a half million happy owners, Diamond Resorts has proven that they know how to make vacationing fun, luxurious, friendly, and easy to enjoy. Now add in the flexibility of Diamond Points and the deep discounts available in timeshare resales, and you have every reason to go “shopping for a Diamond!”

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    User Friday, March 18, 2016

    Diamond international timeshares are so much better than traditional memberships at one location. With Diamond, we have traveled all over the world using our timeshare points!

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    owner 702 Saturday, February 13, 2016

    The whole experience of the Las Vegas strip on New Years Eve was incredible. The safeness and location right in the middle of the Strip was awesome. Everything about my stay was one of the best vacations I ever experienced! The rooms are so comfy with everything you need already inside waiting for you. The staff is so friendly and helpful all the time and you just feel very safe and secure while you are there.

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