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Marriott Vacation Club Resales

In 1984, Marriott was one of the first branded hospitality providers (meaning one of the first big hoteliers) to jump into vacation ownership. Over the years, Marriott's popularity, quality, and service has remained consistently high, resulting in lifelong satisfied Marriott timeshare owners-a real family of vacationers connected through their Marriott Vacation Club membership. By taking advantage of the excellent deals on Marriott Vacation Club resales available at BuyaTimeshare.com you can join the many satisfied Marriott Vacation Club members, and best of all, you'll be saving money by buying at the resale price.

Current owners of Marriott timeshare can sell their ownership as Marriott Vacation Club resales. Whether you own deeded Marriott timeshare or points based membership, BuyaTimeshare.com is here to help. Complete the no-obligation form you'll find on this webpage, and let us assist you in selling or renting your Marriott Vacation Club timeshare.

Reasons to Trust Marriott Vacation Club Resales

In 2011, Marriott corporate executives spun off Marriott Vacation Club, separating it from its hotel company, and creating a new entity, Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation (Marriott timeshare). The new company is independent of Marriott International hoteliers, yet continues to work in relationship with it.

Marriott timeshares (the new Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation) then ramped up its focus on points-based vacation ownership. Marriott timeshare believes timeshare points give the Marriott Vacation Club member/owners the greatest range of options and flexibility for vacation planning. When you factor in the legacy of great hospitality service and the value of buying timeshare as a Marriott Vacation Club resale, you have one of the best combinations of luxury and value available in vacation ownership today.

Wonderful vacation destinations are available for you through the Marriott Vacation Club, with some of the most popular choices being:

  • Marriott Vacation Club Aruba - through resorts such as Marriott's Ocean Club or Surf Club
  • Marriott Vacation Club Newport Beach - along the California coast
  • Marriott Vacation Club Kauai - on one of Hawaii's most secluded islands
  • Marriott Vacation Club Ko Olina - just a short drive from Honolulu
  • Marriott Vacation Club Las Vegas - at the Grand Chateau
  • Distinctions in What You Own with Marriott Vacation Club Resales

If you buy your Marriott Vacation Club membership directly from Marriott, you are now purchasing the ownership of a timeshare interest that is linked to a specific number of vacation club points and is sold to you at a price controlled by Marriott. The Marriott timeshare company has chosen to virtually eliminate the sale of its original weeks-based ownership, offering Marriott Vacation Club points instead.

Thanks to the Marriott Vacation Club resales program offered by BuyaTimeshare.com, you can still buy the original Marriott weeks-based timeshare product as a Marriott Vacation Club resale. You'll be making your purchase directly from the current owner of the week at the market value price set by the owner, not at a price set by Marriott. Some weeks offered will be fixed weeks (with a set vacation date) while others will be floating (allowing you to set your own schedule within a vacation season) and all can be traded or banked if you choose to become a member of a timeshare exchange program, such as Interval International, RCI or DAE.

Buying Marriott Vacation Club Resales as Timeshare Points

In June of 2013, Marriott increased the price for Marriott timeshare points bought through Marriott Vacation Club. The price of points on the secondary market as Marriott Vacation Club resales has not generally reflected this price increase.

Because the concept of Marriott Vacation Club points is newer than Marriott's original weeks-based ownership, the inventory of this type of Marriott Vacation Club resale can be limited. Also, Marriott timeshare has placed certain restrictions on its members who purchase their ownership as Marriott Vacation Club resales. While most buyers on the resale marketplace do not find that these restrictions outweigh the savings gained by buying Marriott weeks or points as timeshare resales, BuyaTimeshare.com wants you to be fully informed and make the vacation ownership decision that is best for you.

Only timeshare points purchased directly from Marriott have exchange value in the Marriott Rewards program. Marriott Rewards, although points based, is not related to timeshare points. Instead, Marriott Rewards is a type of loyalty program used by Marriott Hotels to incentivize and reward its customers-it's similar to reward perks you may already earn from airlines or credit cards you carry. Anyone can join Marriott Rewards at any time, but only Marriott timeshare owners who purchased their timeshare directly from Marriott Vacation Club can comingle hotel usage rewards points with their timeshare points.

Additionally, Marriott Vacation Club offers its members four travel exchange plans, but makes only two of these programs available to its members who bought their Marriott timeshare through by-owner timeshare resales, such as BuyaTimeshare.com.

  • Marriott Vacation Club Collection (Available)
  • World Traveler Collection (Available)
  • Marriott Collection (not available to buyers of by-owner resales)
  • Explorer Collection (not available to buyers of by-owner resales)

The Marriott Vacation Club Collection and the World Traveler Collection extend your ownership of Marriott Vacation Club points (even when purchased as by-owner Marriott Vacation Club resales) to 50 worldwide Marriott resorts and over 2500 worldwide affiliated resorts. And for most vacationing families and couples, that's a lifetime of vacations and more than enough to keep them happy as savvy buyers of Marriott timeshare resales.

... Ready to become one of those happy vacationers? BuyaTimeshare.com is ready to assist you; let us help you learn more about the excellent vacation opportunities available in Marriott Vacation Club resales.  

Marriott Vacation Club

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