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How Timeshare Calendars Work

Timeshare calendars operate based on the starting date of your vacation ownership week. Using a traditional calendar, a timeshare calendar numbers each week of the 52-week year, beginning either on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday – depending on your check-in day.

For example, you may see an owner referring to their “week 6” ski week for their Colorado timeshare week, or a “week 26” summer week they may own in Orlando which could cover the 4th of July holiday period.

Timeshare owners, and specifically timeshare buyers looking for a specific week, would refer to a timeshare calendar to see how the week number corresponds to a specific date to know exactly when that vacation week would take place.

Timeshare calendars are also quick reference tools for owners looking to secure a specific vacation week in relation to holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day.

Below, you will see our timeshare calendar here at BuyaTimeshare.com based on a Saturday check-in. If you own a timeshare week with a different check-in day, then please adjust your dates accordingly.

A Reason For The Season

Timeshare calendars are also useful when it comes to defining seasons. Resorts and exchange companies will often categorize weeks into specific seasons, based on demand for a given resort and the popularity of certain weeks. These groups are then sorted into Color Coded Seasons based on highest demand.

Because the beginning and end of seasons can shift, depending on the traditional calendar, it is wise to refer to a timeshare calendar to make sure the seasons correspond to a particular week. This is also important when it comes to requesting floating or flex weeks.

Floating Week or Flex Week – What’s the Difference?

An alternative to owning a Fixed Week is owning a Floating Week, where you’ll be given a defined period of time in which to use that week by the resort. Because the use of a Floating Week is dependent on a predetermined window of weeks from which to choose, such as a season, timeshare calendars are essential reference tools to pinpoint a week to request.

A Flex Week is similar to a floating week, but can include some restrictions. A Flex Week may also refer to a particular season from which to request a week, but may include a more narrow choice of weeks in order to select a vacation. There also may be a rotation of eligible weeks which may be selected. 

Planning Is Essential

Regardless of the type of vacation ownership week owned, planning a vacation is an important part of the process. The earlier a request for a specific week can be made to a resort or an exchange company, the more likely the request will be fulfilled to the complete satisfaction of the owner.

Most resort request windows open 12 months or more prior to a scheduled week, which is why our timeshare calendar is created with dates so far into the future. Some exchange companies allow weeks to be rolled into future years, and for planning large group get-togethers, the more planning time, the better. Anyone who has organized a family reunion understands the benefit of extended planning time.

When using timeshare calendars to plan your next vacation, please remember to check the day of the week that your vacation week begins before referring to the calendar. As mentioned above, our calendar uses Saturday to begin the week but some calendars differ slightly depending on the day of check-in. If you are unsure of your start day, you may want to check with your resort just to make sure.

If you are considering buying or renting a timeshare from the selection of inventory here on our site, we also recommend that you confirm the check-in day with the owner as part of your research.

We at BuyaTimeshare.com understand all of the moving parts involved in planning a timeshare vacation. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions and make the timeshare resale and rental process as smooth as possible. Our customer service team is available to take your calls or emails and help guide you through the process, so please refer to the Contact Us page for more information.

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