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Thinking about becoming a Disney timeshare owner? One of the smartest things you can do beforehand is to research the properties for yourself. One effective way to go about that is to rent points from an existing owner or their agent, or rent a reservation that an owner isn't using.


Why Disney Rentals?

Disney Vacation Club rentals offer a more affordable, flexible and relaxing getaway than a traditional hotel room holiday.

Staying in Disney timeshare rentals cost less than a hotel stay with more recreational opportunities, amenities and a much more luxurious experience; you'll have so much more room to spread out. A separate living area and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms means everyone gets some privacy, while beautiful patios and balconies offer breezy spots for an afternoon sunset cocktail or a relaxing morning read.

Disney rentals mean you can dine in for some meals, saving big on restaurant costs. But if you do feel like eating out, Disney Vacation Club rentals are surrounded by a stunning array of restaurants for every taste and budget. Head out to the parks early to beat the crowds, then amble back to your roomy timeshare and let the kids rest or swim in the pool until it's time to check out the evening's sparkling entertainment.

Affordable Flexibility

Operating on a flexible points plan, DVC rentals offer an accommodating way to vacation on your schedule that makes the all-important annual family vacation so much easier to afford.

Accommodations range from deluxe studios to two-bedroom family-sized properties and grand villas accommodating groups up to 12. You can simply search the Disney Vacation Club rentals available on the website and make an offer on the one that suits your needs. You can search by resort or just search by the Disney name, which will lead you to all of the DVC rentals that we have for rent on the site. Once you find the unit that works best, according to size, resort and time of year, then click on the Make an Offer button and you're on your way to a terrific holiday.

Why Rent Before You Buy?

Owning at Disney is a smart-money move for many families who intend to vacation at the parks regularly. In that case, why do any Disney timeshare rentals at all? Why not just buy your ownership and then get to know the properties as you go?

The reason is that you should buy into the Disney resort where you are most interested in staying. Every Disney owner gets a four-month head start on making reservations at their owned, or home, resort. That extra window is Disney's way of guaranteeing you can always get into the property you own. In other words, if all else fails, you can always fall back on your home resort, so it ought to be one you love.

There are so many to choose from, though. Touring them, or viewing models, isn't quite the same as the experience of staying at each one on your shortlist. You already know that booking stays at rack Disney prices is expensive, so use point and reservation rentals from existing owners to do your firsthand research. Renting allows you to explore the resorts with no commitment, while giving you a hands-on feel for what it's like to stay at the resorts you're considering.

Rent to Find Out What Kind of Disney Owner You Would Be

Some important considerations in researching your future home resort include how close to the parks you want to be and how heavily themed you want your resort to be. For example, Bay Lake Tower, attached to the Contemporary Resort, provides owners with an easy walk to the Magic Kingdom and makes monorail access a snap. Its owners can choose between Bay Lake views and a vista on the evening Electrical Water Pageant or views of the Magic Kingdom, including of the nightly fireworks there. That all sounds lovely, but do you enjoy the design and decor of the Bay Lake units well enough to come back to them year after year? Rent for a vacation or two to get a real feel for the answer.

Meanwhile, try another rental at a different resort, perhaps at the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. The latter resort is much farther from the parks, although it's connected by boat to the Magic Kingdom. It's also heavily themed compared to Bay Lake Tower, with a strong Pacific Northwest appeal. The important question is whether you feel relaxed and peaceful there in a way that you don't at Bay Lake Tower. Whether you do or not, that's the kind of insight to have before you buy.

Why Would an Owner Want to Rent Out Any Points?

Owners love Disney Vacation Club for its flexibility, such as their ability to bank unused points into the next year. Still, sometimes life happens, and the option to bank points doesn't go far enough. That's when owners turn to ads, auctions, or reputable timeshare agents to rent their points, cover the year's maintenance fees, and in the case of Disney owners, also turn a profit.

There you have it. Disney timeshare rentals are a great tool for your pre-ownership research. They remain a useful option for owners as well, one to consider from year to year once you own. As happens so often at Disney, they're a win-win concept.




Disney Rentals

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