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    Cancel Diamond Timeshare

    Owners looking to cancel a Diamond timeshare have a few options available to them, depending on the amount of time they have owned their timeshare. However, remember that Diamond wants owners to remain with them for as long as possible, so exiting Diamond timeshare ownership is not a simple process.

    So-called timeshare exit companies often make claims that they can complete the cancellation process on behalf of owners, but for a huge fee.

    There really is no need for owners to pay huge upfront fees to hire an exit company or timeshare exit attorney to cancel their Diamond timeshare. In fact, many such companies have been rejected in court and have led to attorney disbarment and company bankruptcy. Owners can take control of the process themselves, but timing is important.

    Of course, the best way to cancel a Diamond Resorts timeshare is to sell it and get some money back for your efforts, rather than just hoping Diamond will take it back. Find out how to sell it by filling out our form and we'll be in contact as soon as possible.

    Rescission Process

    Most states have a regulatory requirement in place allowing owners to cancel their timeshare ownership in a matter of days after purchasing the timeshare. The standard timeframe is 10 days from the purchase date, but you will want to research the state in which you purchased to find out the exact time limit in that state. Some can be as little as five days, others as long as 14. Since Diamond Resorts operates in 33 states in the U.S. as well as internationally, your rescission process is dependent on the state or national law in which the contract is signed.

    The rescission process will be stated in your purchase contract and will require a written request from you. Make sure you review that section of your agreement and follow the process to the letter so Diamond does not find a procedural reason to disapprove your request to cancel your timeshare.

    Transitions Program

    If you are beyond the time period to rescind your ownership, Diamond has an internal timeshare exit program whereby you may be able to relinquish your ownership back to them.  Known as Transitions by Diamond Resorts, owners can contact Diamond directly to see if they qualify for the program. This is designed for long term owners who have held their ownership for a period of years and are looking to give it back to the resort.

    Handled on a case-by-case basis, the steps for this program involve criteria such as:

    • No loans or any liens placed onto your timeshare
    • Current on all maintenance fees
    • Clear title of ownership
    • No future travel booked to use your timeshare

    Since this program is managed solely at the discretion of Diamond Resorts and several conditions apply, there is no guarantee that owners will be able to cancel their ownership. So-called hardship cases where the owner’s health or financial status is in question are also considered, but again there are no guarantees and often it incurs a transfer fee to be paid by the owner.

    Sell Your Diamond Timeshare Ownership

    The only way you can exit your ownership and actually recoup some of your costs is by selling your Diamond timeshare on the resale market. That is where BuyaTimeshare.com can help.

    Our entire philosophy is about attracting buyers, hence our name BuyaTimeshare.com. We have been in business since 2000 connecting sellers with buyers and renters using online marketing strategies that work.

    Tactics to leverage the power of search engines such as Google show us appearing on page one for search terms such as Diamond timeshare points for sale.

    We target terms that buyers are using to search for Diamond timeshares or Diamond points online, placing our clients in front of those customers. Our efforts have led to $100million in offers generated on behalf of our clients just in the past two years.

    Trusted Timeshare Resale Provider

    One million visitors come to our web platform every year looking for deals and information. This activity is one reason why each of the three North American industry trade associations have recognized BuyaTimeshare.com as a legitimate provider of resale services. The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), Canadian Vacation Ownership Association (CVOA) and Mexican Resort Development Association AMDETUR have all vetted our business practices and approved us for membership according to their ethics codes. We are the only resale company in the country to be accepted into all three associations.

    The combination of our longevity in the industry, trust from our colleagues, number of web visitors and amount of offers to buy timeshare makes using our services the best way you can transition out of your ownership.

    Why cancel a Diamond timeshare when you can sell it and make some money? Give us a call on 800-640-6886 or fill out the form on this page for a no obligation consultation with one of our specialists.

    Sell Your Diamond Timeshare

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