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Buy Disney Vacation Club Points

When You Are Ready to Buy Disney Vacation Club Points

Deciding to become a Disney Vacation Club Member is an easy decision you've probably already made, yet you may still have questions about where to buy Disney points and how you can use them. Think of BuyaTimeshare.com as your reliable resource- your buyers guide to buying Disney Vacation Club points for sale on the resale market, opening the door to years of amazing vacations for you and your family.

For current owners of Disney Vacation Club points considering advertising their Disney points for sale, we are also your best resource. The specialists at BuyaTimeshare.com help Disney points buyers, owners, sellers, and renters with the process, keeping it straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to manage. Fill out the short form you'll find on this webpage and we'll help you get started.

Your Guide to Buying DVC Points

The Disney Vacation Club is a type of timeshare in which your ownership won't be measured in timeshare weeks or intervals, but instead is measured in Disney Vacation Club points. Points based ownership in timeshare (or in this case, the Disney Vacation Club) affords you the maximum flexibility possible in planning and enjoying your vacations.

Disney Vacation Club points can be used for amazing vacations at a variety of Disney Vacation Club resorts. There is currently one vacation club resort in Hawaii, one in California at Disneyland, one on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina and nine vacation club resorts in Florida, with eight at the Walt Disney World Orlando vacation resort and one in nearby Vero Beach.

With so much interest in the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, new DVC properties seem to always be on the drawing board, which means your network for resort exchange could continue to expand over the years, long after you first buy Disney points. Although your Disney points can be used to book vacations at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts, your points are assigned to a real estate interest in the property you buy as your home resort. As a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you'll always have booking priority at your home resort, with each resort offering seven months advance booking for any DVC member and eleven months advance booking for members scheduling vacations at their home resort.

You could buy Disney Vacation Club points for sale at full price, directly from Disney; however, smart shoppers, looking to use their dollars wisely, recognize that buying DVC points on the resale market saves them money. And frankly, who doesn't like to buy smart and save big?

Important to Understand When You Buy Disney Vacation Club Points as Resales

In all the important ways that matter to most vacationers, the Disney timeshare points you buy as resales carry the same privileges you have when you buy Disney Vacation Club points directly through DVC. Resale Disney points bank, borrow, and exchange at DVC resorts in exactly the same way regardless of whether you bought them as resales from the current owner or at full price from the Disney Vacation Club. However, a few distinctions apply to buying DVC points as timeshare resales and it is important you understand these differences.

As a buyer of Disney timeshare points resales, you will be able to use your Disney points (based on availability and the number of Disney points you own) at any of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, including California, Florida, South Carolina, and Hawaii. You cannot use resale Disney Vacation Club points to book vacations at Disney hotel properties. Yet most DVC members who purchased their Disney Vacation Club points as resales never miss this exchange privilege.

They joined the Disney Vacation Club because they wanted the spacious accommodations and added amenities such as in-unit washers and dryers, fully equipped kitchens, and other benefits available in Disney timeshares, but not in the Disney hotels. Additionally, they have done the math and realized that Disney timeshare points exchange well within the Disney Vacation Club but don't carry the same value when they are being exchanged for Disney hotel stays. Because using your Disney timeshare points at Disney hotels is not the best use of their value, buyers of DVC resale points do not mind that this benefit does not transfer in a resale transaction.

The Disney Vacation Club also offers its DVC members the use of Disney travel programs. You will have full access to the Disney World Passport Collection travel program as well as options to use timeshare exchange through Resort Condominiums International (RCI), Interval International (II), or Club Cordial. Three of Disney travel programs will not be available to you when you buy Disney points for sale on the resale market. Owners of Disney resales cannot use their Disney timeshare points in the Adventurer, the Concierge, and the Disney travel programs.

Lastly, as of April 4, 2016 Disney resale owners no longer receive access to DVC Membership Extras. Some of these extras include discounts on merchandise, annual passes and restaurants. Other extras include access to a lounge opening at Epcot, select special events, member cruises and a sweepstakes.

Disney Vacation Club Points Open the Door to Endless Vacations

Each of the Disney Vacation Club resorts is thoughtfully designed around its own unique theme. Even at the Walt Disney World Vacation Resort in Orlando, Florida, where you will find eight DVC resorts, you won't find any two exactly alike. Resort themes at the Orlando Disney World destination alone range from a wilderness lodge in the Great Northwest to a turn-of-the-century style luxury resort to an elegant outpost on an African safari and much more. Yet no matter which destination and resort you choose, each Disney Vacation Club timeshare property guarantees you top-notch accommodations and amenities.

Most of the Disney Vacation Club resorts offer timeshare villas or condos ranging from deluxe studio accommodations to large multi-bedroom units, some designed to accommodate 12 or more adults. Balconies or patios are standard, along with well-equipped kitchens, dining space, and most with washers and dryers. Studios do not always include washers and dryers in the unit, although laundry facilities conveniently located nearby will always be available.

Along with lots of space to spread out and relax, televisions, DVD players, and other comforts of home, DVC timeshares have plenty of Disney style built into their decor. With themed furnishings and well-placed touches reflecting your favorite Disney characters, your Disney Vacation Club points turn your accommodations into an important part of your vacation fun. And right outside your door, you'll find restaurants, play areas, and swimming pools so amazing Disney even offers owners (and renters) of Disney Vacation Club points the chance to pool hop from one incredible pool to another.

Bundling Disney Timeshare Points

For many years, Disney timeshare points were sold at a minimum of 150 Disney points per contract. The Disney Vacation Club has since changed its minimum purchase to be 160 Disney points.

When you buy Disney points for sale as resales, you'll find them sold in increments of 150 Disney points (for example: 150 Disney points; 300 Disney points, etc.) because this is the way they were originally purchased by the current owner. With the resale of Disney points that have been more recently purchased, you'll find increments of 160 points or 320 points. You'll also find Disney points bundles that include combinations of 150 points, 160 points, and even 25 timeshare point bundles, with the smaller bundles having been offered through the Disney Vacation Club over the years as "add-on" purchases.

Before you make your decision to buy Disney Vacation Club points, you may still have questions. That's why the specialists at BuyaTimeshare.com are available to help. We will assist you in understanding your options so that you make the vacation ownership choice that will bring you and those you love many years of Disney vacations, each one more incredibly wonderful than the last.


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