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Is Buying Bluegreen Timeshare Worth It?

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Posted on August 14, 2023

Bluegreen is one of the top companies that offer timeshare vacations across numerous locations in the US and Aruba, promising a luxurious vacation experience. But the question that arises for many prospective buyers is, "Is buying Bluegreen timeshare worth it?"

We'll delve into the Bluegreen timeshare points program, covering the benefits, drawbacks, and essential factors to consider before making a decision to buy into the program.

Bluegreen Vacations specializes in vacation ownership, providing opportunities to use points to stay in timeshares at the resorts affiliated with their program.

The company sells deeded options which gives members the right to use a vacation property for a period of time each year. In Bluegreen's case, this typically includes access to nearly 50 resorts and high-end amenities for its 220,000 members.

One of the unique features of the Bluegreen timeshare program is its points-based system. This provides more flexibility than traditional timeshares as owners buy points that can be used at any resort within the Bluegreen network.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Bluegreen Timeshare Points

Pros of Bluegreen Timeshare

1) Variety of Locations

You’ll find Bluegreen resorts located across popular destinations in the U.S. and also on the Caribbean island of Aruba. This flexibility gives owners the option to vacation in different locations each year without the hassle of searching for online rental accommodation deals.

2) Quality Accommodations

The company offers high-quality resort timeshare accommodations, usually with multiple rooms and separate living space - surpassing the standard hotel room experience. Many resorts come with amenities like pools, health spas, bars and restaurants, golf courses, and family-friendly activities, benefits that exceed even a vacation home experience.

3) Flexibility with Points

Points can be used at various resorts at different times of the year. This offers more choices in terms of when and where to vacation. Plus, the more points you own, the more accommodation choices you have from larger and more spacious suites.

4) Rollover Points

Unused points in one year can be rolled over into the next year, depending on the membership level. It’s called banking points, where you basically bank the use of the points until the following year. You can also borrow points from next year to use this year, thereby expanding your vacation choices.

5) Potential Cost Savings

Over the long term, Bluegreen timeshare membership can be a more affordable way to enjoy a consistent vacation experience, especially when purchased on the discounted timeshare resale market. If you plan to vacation each year, it can potentially save you money compared to rising annual hotel costs.

Cons of Bluegreen Timeshare

1) Upfront and Ongoing Costs

The initial purchase price can be steep when purchasing directly from Bluegreen, often running into tens of thousands of dollars. However, the resale market offers discounts 50-60% less than Bluegreen retail prices.

Additional costs such as maintenance fees and annual dues might make it less attractive, but even adding annual costs to the resale price and prorating the amount over a 20-year period can show impressive savings compared to renting a similar unit every year. Especially with rental prices rising each year.

2) Limited Flexibility

While there are many locations to choose from, owners are basically limited to the resorts within the Bluegreen timeshare network. One way around this is to use an affiliated timeshare exchange partner such as RCI or using points to stay in Choice Hotels to expand your options.

Additionally, the most popular destinations may be hard to book, so book as early as you can. Owners can book as far as 11 months in advance of your preferred vacation dates.

3) Possible Additional Costs

There might be added fees associated with the transfer or banking of points, and additional costs if using an exchange provider outside the Bluegreen program.

4) Long-term Commitment

Buying into a timeshare program is designed as a long-term commitment that might not suit every lifestyle. Changes in personal or financial circumstances can turn what was once a dream vacation plan into a financial burden. This is why using a legitimate resale provider like BuyaTimeshare.com is essential when the time comes to sell your timeshare.

Contractual Considerations if Buying Through Bluegreen

Buying a timeshare involves a contractual agreement, and understanding the details is important:

  • Cancellation Rights: Different states have various regulations about the period within which you can cancel a timeshare purchase, known as a rescission period. Usually, it is between 3-10 days from the initial purchase date at the resort but check the contract and the state in which the purchase was made.
  • Understanding the Contract: The contract will outline your rights, obligations, terms of use, and how the timeshare can be sold or transferred.

Is Buying Bluegreen Timeshare Worth It?

The answer to whether buying a Bluegreen timeshare is worth it ultimately depends on individual needs and circumstances. Here are a few things to consider:

Lifestyle: If you enjoy vacationing each year with a variety of locations within the ease of a centralized program and appreciate luxury timeshare accommodations, a Bluegreen membership might be right for you.

Financial Situation: Assess your financial situation, considering both the initial cost and the annual maintenance fees.

Long-term Planning: Think about how your life plans out in the next 10 or 20 years. Will Bluegreen vacations still fit into your life?

Consider Renting Before Buying: One way to see if a Bluegreen timeshare fits your needs is to rent one first. This will give you first-hand experience with the facilities, locations, and overall process.

Thinking About a Bluegreen Vacations Membership?

Buying a Bluegreen timeshare membership offers a potentially unique and luxurious vacation experience, as the variety of destinations and quality accommodations can make it an attractive option for some. However, the costs and commitment may deter others, which is why it is vital to research Bluegreen points on the resale market to save literally thousands of dollars on the purchase.

In essence, the value of Bluegreen membership varies greatly from person to person. Thorough research and careful consideration are vital to making this decision, which can become a lifetime of dream vacations.

The choice to purchase a Bluegreen timeshare is complex and multifaceted. It's more than just a financial decision; it's a commitment to a particular lifestyle that should align with your vacation preferences and long-term plans.

Before making any decision, be sure to check the Bluegreen timeshares for sale and Bluegreen points on offer here on our platform. Because of the way owners choose to promote their ownership, there are two ways to research:

  • Enter the name of the resort into our search bar at the top of the page. You’ll see our system suggest a link to the resort page, so click onto it and you’ll be shown the options for sale to review. Click onto your favorite, then onto the Make an Offer button to send an inquiry to the owner.
  • Click on the Bluegreen Points link here and you’ll see the points packages on offer. Then it’s the same process of clicking onto your favorite ad, then the Make Offer button to start the conversation.

Whichever way you start, you’ll see the impressive discounts on offer and substantial savings on the resale market.

If you have questions or need more information, give us a call on 800-640-6886 and our Customer Care team can walk you through the process.


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