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Marriott Vacation Club

The most recognized brand around the world.  Marriott hotels and resorts have changed the way the world travels.  Marriott Vacation Club is the timeshare choice for more than 400,000 owner families.  Ensure your annual getaway starts at a place you want to be.  In luxuriously designed townhomes you can enjoy pure relaxation. 

Quality and elegance is sewn into every stitch of a Marriott suite.  7 countries host over 50 prized retreats.  Owners anticipate returning to their timeshares every year.  A lot of exciting places are waiting to be discovered.  Beachside resorts and tropical islands will keep you in the sun.  Major cities and theme parks thrill families and friends.   Sports enthusiasts enjoy the many ski and golf locations in its collection.   It’s no wonder that owners of this elite vacation club are so content.  Buy a Marriott Timeshare on the resale market and experience this same satisfaction.  Guarantee your family an annual vacation somewhere inspiring.  Buy direct from an owner and save yourself thousands of dollars.

Marriott Timeshare Rental

If you are not ready to buy, a timeshare rental is definitely for you!  This adds convenience to affordability.  And without the maintenance fees of ownership, you are free to choose which Marriott resort and when.  You can choose to rent or purchase time during any season.  This way you aren’t locked into a specific week forever.  Furthermore, you can choose the size suite that best fits your needs. has a great selection of Marriott Timeshare Rentals for you to select from.  You can vacation pretty much anywhere in the US and abroad with the Marriott Vacation Club.

Check out the Marriott Timeshare Rentals we have available for you.

Buy Marriott Timeshare

The spacious townhomes are a major benefit to owning a Marriott Timeshare.  Elegant condos provide all the comforts of your home.  Generally ranging from 900 to 1,700 square feet, the suites are fully furnished.  They are equipped with modern kitchens, plush bedrooms and a private balcony.  In-room laundry keeps the suitcases light.   Looking for a special type of ownership?  Many 2- and 3-bedroom apartments can be divided into “lock out” units.  These can be used as two separate weeks each year.

Another benefit of the Marriott Vacation Club is their unique 50/50 or Every Other Year program.  You can choose from a select group of resorts.  Purchase 2 biennial packages at 2 different resorts.  And for the price of a timeshare, one can own even years at one resort, and spend odd years at another.  This was you can alternate vacation locations each year.   Discover what this vast collection of resorts has to offer you!

Make an investment in your lifestyle.  Buy a timeshare within the Marriott Vacation Club.  Become part of the largest network of luxury resorts.  They are dedicated to quality, services, and excellence.  And we can find you the perfect timeshare today!



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