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Donate Your Unused Timeshare Week To Cancer Survivors

Now is the time to turn your timeshare into a once-in-a-lifetime vacation for women who have survived cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer organization Send Me On Vacation (SMOV) can use your timeshare week to support the cause of restoring cancer survivors' life balance through the gift of a vacation.

"In-kind donations are the backbone to our success," says Cathy Backus, SMOV's Chairman of the Board. "We use the vacation as a catalyst to bridge surviving cancer treatment with becoming a lifetime survivor. We also use the vacation to provide women with Stage 4 the opportunity to break away from treatment for at least a week, providing them with a 'breathing space.' Vacations have a unique ability to relieve stress, create happiness and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit."

As doctors continue to work toward a cure, Send Me On Vacation works tirelessly to relieve the horrific effects of treatment. Every woman they send on vacation realizes that taking a vacation is a key element of the survival process. "After months of treatment, you sometimes simply forget how to be carefree," says Pam Horwitz, a two-time survivor. "Having cancer means taking on an enormous responsibility for your health 24/7- 365. It's difficult to find the type of 'escape from reality' that vacations offer. Co-pays, deductibles, and loss of time at work due to surgery quash any chance of a future vacation."

Do you have a timeshare week you won't use next year?

"I used to bank numerous weeks thinking that at some point I would use them," says Terri Napolitani. "Now I donate every week that I know I won't use and receive an in-kind donation letter for my contribution."

Donating your timeshare week to help ensure that women who have struggled with cancer will receive the opportunity of a strong recovery period is a blessing. How many times do well-laid plans to take a vacation seem to fall apart? Owning a timeshare means you have paid your annual dues, which are not refundable. Donating your week eases the burden, while realizing you are changing the life of a survivor.

Send Me On Vacation will provide you with an in-kind donation letter.

It's easy to donate; just fill out the form above to provide your details to SMOV and you can be assured the week you donated to SMOV will change the life of a breast cancer survivor in a most amazing way.

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