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Royal Floridian Resort

Ormond Beach Florida

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    The Royal Floridian Resort resort provides wonderful accommodation options for your next vacation, and you can get the best deals possible here on the resale market if you’re looking to buy, rent or even sell a timeshare.

    Because the resale market operates directly between current owners and prospective buyers and renters, you’ll always save money here rather than going through the resorts. With Royal Floridian Resort timeshares, you could save as much as 50% over resort retail prices, and sellers can expect to get a fair market price for their timeshare for sale.

    Negotiate directly with the seller and, once you agree on a price, you can conclude the deal and finalize the transaction yourselves. However, if you need help selling, renting or buying a timeshare on our website, just contact us at the information located through this page.

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      Days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday / Time: 4:00 P.M.

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    User Friday, April 29, 2016

    My husband and I started staying in Ormond Beach at Royal Floridian about 4 years ago and we enjoyed it so much we bought a timeshare. It has first, a breathtaking view of the ocean and we watch the sun come up in the morning and we watch sailboats on the ocean. We watch the youngsters trying to catch the waves surfing. The condominium is very nice - comfortable and relaxing is my feelings on it. The staff at the resort is very nice and friendly and accommodating . There were many activities to get involved in during the week. Fun things to do. I love the idea of just sitting on the balcony and reading and watching the crowd and I can be quiet for awhile before we go out shopping and going to the many good restaurants that are close by. There is a huge Flea Market in Daytona that is open on week-ends and it is fun to go to and shop. I also love to walk on the beach, which is easy to walk on because it is packed tight. You can drive on the beach and not get bogged down in the sand. It is like driving on a street. We really like Royal Floridian, but we realize that we are getting too old for the trips down here and will need to stay in our home town soon. When you purchase our timeshare, I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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