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Jennifer Chase immediately took care of my needs by returning my call and working to address my concerns. Her cordial voice and genuine work ethic made me very confident that I am with the right business. I can say that I am very happy to be working with a great team.
Ms. Chase, you Rock....

"You have my permission to use this publicly"


- M. Espinosa (Houston, TX)

Hi Johanna,

I Just want to let you & your superiors know that you did a fabulous job working this through with me on the computer this morning. Your patience and experience in handling this matter were exceptional, Thank you.


- D. Eckers (Minneapolis, MN)

Good Afternoon,

This message is an FYI, I had the pleasure of speaking to your associate Chris today. He was very courteous and extremely helpful in assisting me with my inquiries today. I want to compliment him in his professionalism.


- N. Riofrio (Orlando, FL)

Johanna is a real professional she helped me out a lot with your online service thank you again.


- S. Piazza (Lynbrook, NY)

The interaction with Brandon was excellent! I do approve or I grant my permission to be used for future purposes.I am very happy to be a recipient of the services provided by Buyatimeshare.com's Customer Service.


- B. Turner (Columbus, OH)

I was in need of help with my account today, and Luis talked me through it very successfully. You should watch him, he’s a keeper. He knows what he’s doing!!!!

- H. Omer (Tampa, FL)

Hi Johanna, I most definitely appreciated your call today, we really do need to sell this timeshare and your call today assured me that there is a possibility for this to happen. You were very nice, professional and very easy to talk to. Thank you...


- D. Hatton (Hazard, KY)

Brandon Pietsch was a very nice sounding gentleman. He explained how the buy/sell of our Wyndham condos. I really appreciate his patience with me. I hope he continues to be a help to us. You may use this information publically.


- G. Blakeney (Calhoun, LA)

Good job! When handling our questions and concerns, very polite in handling our call.


- M. Dela Rosa (Santa Clara, CA)

I wanted to thank you Jennifer Roush for all your help today. I appreciate how detailed you where with all the information from photos to deed/title work and everything in between. Your customer service was above and beyond and wish all my CS experiences where that amazing!


- M. Sykora (Montgomery, TX)

August 27th 2014 I call Buyatimeshare at (800)648-6886 and was connected to Ms. Jennifer Roush and Ms. Roush walk me through the on line process, I thank you guys for people like Ms. Jennifer Roush, she rocks, she gives me a peace of mind with what was going on with the business at hand, she was and is very exceptional, thank you very much Ms. Roush.


- G. Frank (San Bernardino, CA)

Hi Johanna, many thanks for your patience today when I was trying to set up our account, I finally managed to do it. Again, many thanks for your time and patience!


- A. Hime (Chatham, ON Canada)

I would like to thank Mark Adams and Luis Villeda for the help with my account.


- B. Shelefka (Kingston, PA)

I was well satisfied with the service that Chris gave me helping me to get my new account, He really help me a lot.


- D. Cahoon (Huntersville, NC)

Edward was most helpful in answering my numerous questions and in writing script for our ad!!!


- L.LeDoux (Orange, CA)

Today I had a phone call from Edward who went through the website that I have my Time Share on the market.He was very organized and clear about what is there on the user site and what I need to know and what to do.I am grateful that I was given information about how this works.I also know that if I need further information or repeat of what I was given, I can contact him again.The website looks really good.Also you have my permission to use this publicly.


- M. Dennert (North Haven,S.A Australia)

I had the pleasure of talking to Jennifer Roush she was very helpful in my questions about my timeshare. She led me in the right direction and showed me how to operate the timeshare site. She should be commended for her work and knowledge in handling problems that customers have! She is a asset to your company.


- M.Grzybowski (Smyrna, DE)

I spoke to Patrick this morning returning a message to call your agency on the voice-mail of my phone. He was very helpful to me and gave me some much needed information concerning another Time Share company we signed up to use their services on Saturday evening. We were having second thoughts about signing and had tried to do some research yesterday. We are not computer smart so it takes us awhile. We still had a lot of questions and Patrick was extremely helpful in giving us much needed information. We saw a lot of red flags go up after the seminar and after a lot of prayer for guidance I feel Patrick filled in the empty spaces. We are so grateful. He was very good to not only answer any questions we had but to explain thoroughly also.


- G. Caulk (Pana, IL)

I recently called in to get help in setting up the advertising account for my timeshare. A young lady by the name of Johanna Arroyo answered the phone and told me she would like to help me set up the account. I found her to be knowledgeable about both computers and what was needed by your company. She was patient with my fumbling, cheerful, and helpful throughout the task. When we were finished I felt very good and positive about Buyatimeshare and their exceptional employees.Y0OU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO USE THIS FOR PUBLICITY


- B. Schimpf (Greenwood Village, CO)

Thanks, for all your support and new ideas in helping me to sell my timeshare also giving me permission to use publicly have a great day.


- B. Lee (Suitland, MD)

Hello Luis Villeda,

I must admit, I wasn't sure how BuyATimeshare.com would help me, but not only have you helped me understand the process and what I can do to get my timeshare sold, but you worked with me and my personal situation to give me results over and above what I expected. That's called "value added" and I am impressed (and happy)!! Cheers to Luis!! And thank you from the bottom of my heart.You have my permission to use this publicly.


- C. Richhart (Lansdale, PA)

I called for assistance in attempting to sell my time share and I had the pleasure of talking to Customer Care Manager, Edward Winton. He took ample time in helping me with key wording which would attract potential buyers. He was friendly and efficient in taking the time to assist me. You have my permission to use this publicly.


- R. Fiordeliso (Brockport, NY)

I just want to say thank you Jennifer Roush you were very helpful and knowledgeable assistant. Who was able to help me with all that I needed and pointed me into the direction I needed to go, and was able to answer all my questions. I would say keep her on staff because she will take your company a long ways. THUMBS UP TO JENNIFER


- N. Parker (Burgess, VA)

To whom it may concern,
Just letting you know that Brandon did a nice job in helping me set up an account today. Hopefully my timeshare will sell now.


- J. Scheiter (Collinsville, IL)

Jennifer is a true professional and a pleasure to speak with. She is certainly an asset to your organization.


- Dr. A . Shakt (Newtown, PA)

So far, I have been impressed with the service and knowledge that I have received from your organization. I am a new customer and have just started, but the professionalism thus far has given me confidence that I may succeed in selling my timeshare in Cabos San Lucas.

I just spoke with Brandon Pietsch, Customer Service, and my customer service experience with him was not only pleasant, but it was exceptional in that he walked me through the link that I had to fill out in order to follow all procedures regarding the advertising and sale of the unit. He made sure that I understood all that needed to be done on my end and his knowledge gave me confidence that I could master this on my own.

If need be, you have my permission to use this token of my appreciation publicly and I look forward to a pleasant and successful completion of my transaction.


- J. Fuller (Denver, CO)

Dear Sirs, I would like to let you know that I spoke with Luis Villeda today regarding my Timeshare Ad and he answered all my questions and also helped me with suggesting I put it up for rent in the meantime, which I appreciated. He was very knowledgeable, and very easy to speak with.
Also, you have my permission to post on your website.


- J.Gauthier (West Chesterfield, NH)

I had a talk with Jennifer Roush regarding my timeshare and she was very helpful. I cannot ask for anybody more helpful than she was. She took me to sites that I didn't even know about thank you for all your help professorial Jennifer and be safe thanks.


- J. Marsh (Saint Pauls, NC)

Dear Jennifer Roush,
Thank you for your assistance today. I had trouble logging in to my account, but you were fantastic in helping me to log in and make edits to each account. Your personality, patience and professionalism made our interaction in resolving my problem splendid. Again, thanks for all you have done for me in this endeavor.


- H. Jeffreys (Fort Washington, MD)

Good morning, I just did business with Jennifer Roush & she did a wonderful job walking me through all information that I needed.


- R. Mcallister (Vincennes, IN)

On a quick note to say that I am very happy with the response from Jennifer Chase. She was friendly and took care of all my concerns quickly. She was expedient regarding any updates required on my timeshare ad at Carriage Hills Resort. Now we wait and see what potential buyers there are that might be interested in this great timeshare value.You have my permission to post this email.


- M. Despault (Picton, ON Canada)

I had the pleasure to speak with your associate Jennifer Roush today and she was very helpful and pleasant. It was a pleasure dealing with her.


- J. Gleason (Marlton, NJ)

I had a phone call from Chris in customer service to help me setup my online advertisement, managing account. We got online and went to the website where he walked me through the steps. Explained, what each step did and how to use them. Now I can find out how many people have viewed the website, made an offer or add + delete in the advertisement if I want. EXCELLENT JOB CUSTOMER SERVICE. P.S You have my permission to use this publicly


- J. Ursa (La Puente, CA)

I spoke to Jennifer today, 08/12/14. She was very helpful. We modified my ad and set up a new password. She explained all information and how to navigate in "my account." Peace of mind. Thanks.


- H. Shemler (Fort Washington, MD)

I was very satisfied with the help I received today from Chris, your Customer Service Representative.He helped me to edit and expand on my Cypress Point Resort offering making it far more interesting and attractive. Chris is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with and he is in keeping with the quality service your company provides.


- J. Elpi Jr. (Old Saybrook, CT)

Hi, My Name is Mr. Barton and on 8-11-14 I had the pleasure of specking to a Jennifer Roush about an issue with my time share.
She was very helpful to me and very pleasant to talk to. I would like to let you know you have a great staff and I enjoy working with you.You have my permission to use this publicly


- A.Barton (Massena, NY)

Chris was so very helpful in guiding me threw my sight. I am not very computer smart and he was very patient with me. He is a big plus for your company.


- P. Robinson (Canyon Country, CA)

To Whom It May Concern,
Ms. Jennifer Roush was very helpful to me today; she answered all my questions and assisted me with updating my current website page. She also reviewed the rental program for my timeshare.
"You have my permission to use this publicly".Thanks for excellent service,


- S. Afflalo (San Diego, CA)

I talked with Joseph this morning; minutes ago. He was most helpful and most patient with me. I am a senior with limited (meaning I am SLOW) computer skills. I work on a computer all day but still. I learned a lot of good information and hopefully I will be able to navigate enough to learn what is happening with our ads.


- Mr. and Mrs. Kermmoade (Plymouth, MN)

I've had excellent quality of customer service talking to the online rep Chris. He was extremely helpful and has been working diligently to find a buyer for my timeshare. I would recommend buy a timeshare to anyone looking to buy / sell a timeshare.


- J. Josafath (Ruskin, FL)

To whom it may concern
I just received polite and helpful service from Jennifer Roush. She walked me through the website and I had no trouble at all.


- F. Wallner (Massapequa Park, NY)

To Whom It May Concern:

I appreciate the recent help I got from Mr. Edward Winton. He helped us update our ads regarding our World Mark by Wyndham timeshare that is on the market. Edward made sure new eye catcher description of the timeshare was shown.


- L. Villanueva (Milpitas, CA)

To Whom It May Concern:
I have just spoken with Jennifer Roush on a return call to Buyatimeshare. Jennifer is very courteous and knowledgeable. She walked me through my account on the website and offered future assistance.


- G. Anderson (Peekskill, NY)

I am writing to express my appreciation and satisfaction with the customer service at BuyATimeshare.com. On two occasions, I had the pleasant opportunity to speak with Jennifer Roush regarding our advertisement at BuyATimeshare.com. Both times she was helpful, knowledgeable and very patient with me.My most recent conversation was regarding some questions and concerns that I shared with Jennifer in regards to a recent email I received inquiring about our timeshare. I felt supported and greatly helped concerning our possible timeshare sale.You have my permission to use my email and comments publicly sharing my satisfaction with the BuyATimeshare.com and customer service I have received.


- P. Fleck (Reading, PA)

I talk to Jennifer Roush, from Buy a Timeshare about my timeshare. She was very courteous, polite and helpful to me. She explained to me step by step to update my advertisement. I appreciated her help.


- A. Zavala (Tampa, FL)

Thank you, Patrick for showing me how to get though my adverting of my timeshare for all your patience and great service today, also giving me permission for publicity I think I can get though this with your help. Have great and blessed day.


- B. Lee (Suitland, MD)

I had exceptional help in regards to my time share advertisement with your company today with Jennifer. She was very patient, through and informative with my concerns and questions.


- B. Blair (Fort Mohave, AZ)

I talked to Jennifer Roush today for about 45:00 minutes. She was very friendly, knowledgeable and her patience with us outstanding. Answered all questions we had, walked us through your entire system until we were comfortable using it our self’s.


- Mr. and Mrs. Nevins (Eagle River, AK)

Mr. Luis Villeda (Director of Customer Service),

I, Javier G. Virgen would like you to cancel my account in advertisement my Timeshare. After a serious thought I have decided to keep my timeshare and not to put it up for sale anymore. I very grateful to you and all the fine staff for such a wonderful job you do but especially for you professional and effective service. Thank you so very much!


- J. Virgen (Magna, UT)

Thank you, thank you , thank you . I am glad I spoke with you today, Jennifer you were very helpful, the information I received from you was very helpful and informative. You answered my questions, again thank you very much.


- R. Stuart (Mansfield, TX)

Hello there, today I had the pleasure of dealing with Jennifer Roush who was very pleasant and extremely helpful... She spent a lot of time on the phone with me trying to figure out different ways to increase visibility and sales potential for my unit. She seemed very knowledgeable in regards to what she was doing as well. I hope she gets the proper recognition as everyone always hears negative feedback, but not always the positive, and she was just magnificent and I can't speak highly enough of my experience with her today. Thank you for your time,


- J. Picard (Manchester, NH)

Jennifer Roush has helped me so much today, and if it doesn't sell now the future buyers are the ones missing out. She has the ability to calm a frustrated seller like me again to feel like we are doing everything that we can do to sell my timeshare.


- D. Sudnick (Casa Grande, AZ)

We have been very impressed with your company and the professional level of communication. Kendra did a great job of walking us through the whole presentation from beginning to end. We were very skeptical of the front fees, but relaxed as the process began to make sense.

Today, I had another pleasant surprise. Kendra was busy, so Luis Villeda offered to assist me. He gave me a great refresher course on navigating the website. I can again find where to look for the activity on our advertisement."You have my permission to use this publicly"


- J. Henry (Huntington Beach, CA)

I found your communication with me, regarding the ad to sell my timeshare, to be very patient, kind and very helpful. You are one in a million! You have my permission to use this publicly. I am an elderly woman and it took some time to navigate me through where I needed to be to see the results. Thank you again.


- F. Curtis (Mount Vernon, OH)

Hi, my name is Arthur Barton and this is my first experience with your company. I would like you to know I just talked with a Joanna Arroyo and she was great with helping me with my problem I was having trouble setting up my account to use. She explained everything which made it easy to do. It’s also very nice that the people spoke English so you could understand them. Joanna was very pleasant to talk to. I wish there were more people like her so when people have a problem to solve, they get the right help.Thank you and God Bless


- A. Barton (Massena, NY)

Thank you, Stephanie. I appreciate your help. I’m hoping with your help, I’ll be able to sell this timeshare!!


- B. Carr (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Hi there,

I just wanted to express what a great experience it was to have talked with Luis, he was so informative and pleasant to talk with...he is of course trying to help me with the sale of my time share,I would highly recommend him (or whomever he has trained) to anyone who is trying to do the same. They truly try to get the job done and done right.You have my permission to use this publicly.


- L. Travis (Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Guys

We just want to make a small comment to express our thanks at the help given to us recently by your staff, when opening an account with you, in order to sell our timeshare unit in Orlando. It was much appreciated.We have been trying to sell this unit for many years without success, but with your help I am hopeful of achieving this sale in the near future."You have my permission to use this publicly"


- Mr. and Mrs. Hookway (Ocean Reef , Australia)

This is a team effort and I want to send a special thanks to Cliff and Jennifer. You were very patient in answering my many questions.


- L. Gillingham (New Castle, PA)


I randomly called today just to check the status on my account activity and had the BEST customer service from Jennifer. She not only took her time but donated her knowledge on how to better access and navigate through the website/account. As well, she ensured to upload the Deed which was sent and updated the advertisement on my account. She is definitely a valuable asset to your team and can you extend my appreciation to her from me please…and it wouldn’t hurt to give her a raise either. Thanks for all the hard work and GREAT customer service


- J. Smith (Laveen, AZ)

My experience with Jennifer Chase was exceptional. She was very cordial and helpful in taking care of my situation that I contacted her about. She was prompt in returning my emails and she tried her best to help me with the questions I had. Overall I was extremely satisfied with the customer service provided me.


- D. Duke (Los Fresnos, TX)

Jennifer did a great job and was professional.


- R. Sanderson III (San Antonio, TX)


Thank you very much for your help and total explanation today about our Timeshare possible sale. I certainly will keep in touch on a regular basis as I now understand the importance of doing so. We have enjoyed the travels, especially since we could go to so many locations. There comes a time when "age" catches up with you. Thanks again.


- M. Steinhauer (San Antonio, TX)

I talked to Jennifer Roush today and it was a very informative and helpful experience. She was able to answer all my questions and was very helpful in helping me set up my online account with you. Jennifer was very knowledgeable and understanding concerning my questions. This was a very pleasant experience. You have the right to publish these comments.


- L. Mason (Mayfield, KY)

I was very satisfied with the help that I received from Patrick Meagher during all of my questions. Thank You

You have my permission to use this publicly


- B. Williams (Parker, AZ)

I want to thank Joe for all his help. He was informative, courteous, and professional.
Thank you,


- R. Zeffiro (Matawan, NJ)

Just wanted to express my thanks to the following employees for their great help with my ad on this web site
I need to sell my timeshare and found this site on my diamond property I set up an account, they answered within a very short time and have help me thru the process the whole way. I Want to thank the following people for walking me thru every step as well as the many questions that I had Joe Danic, Jennifer Roush, Johanna Arroyo have help me with setting up account to modifying my advertisement. Every time I have called they answer and help me feel that I have a chance to actually sell my timeshare. If you are trying to sell your timeshare, this is the place to list it; I am hoping that mine will sell shortly as they have put great effort in my ad as well as promoting it I believe that this company has some of the best people who have your interest at heart.Thank you


- M. Turner (Eagle River, AK)

I have had a delightful conversation with Jennifer Roush and just wanted to inform you of her willingness to help and a wealth of information. She was polite and I felt like I was being spoken to with some respect instead of just another # or caller. We are in great hopes that you can sell our timeshare. Please let her know that I applaud her ability to work with the public.


- Mr. & Mrs. Hibner (Cave Creek, AZ)

Review of Telephone Conversation.

I found the call to be very informative. The customer service representative Chris guided me through the Buyatimeshare website, and answered all my related questions.You have permission to use this publicly.


- K. Shafer (Rohnert Park, CA)

Mr. Edward Winton,

I wanted to thank you very much for your help today and the time you spent with me. You are very knowledgeable and helpful. You are excellent at your job.


- S. Watkins (Pauls Valley, OK)

This morning I was attended for the representative Jennifer Chase, regarding the new contract for rent my Time Share, she was a very professional and courteous She provide to me the information necessary to arrive a very good decision. “You have my permission to use this publicly."


- V. Perez (Orinda, CA)

I had very good service with my last customer service experience with Patrick Meagher. I appreciated all the information that was provided me.

- L. Curtis (Stevinson, CA)

I had an excellent conversation today with Joseph Vasquez. He is very polite and pleasant to talk to. We discussed additional options to assist in selling my timeshare and I decided to drop my price by $1000.00


- J. Saad (Reno, NV)


We were very pleased with the excellent service we received from your representative Mr. Joe Vazquez in response to our phone call. He immediately had all the information at his disposal that we wished. He was very polite, to the point, knowledgeable and clear in his discussion with us. Joe is a valued asset to your firm.


- Mr. and Mrs. Schwarz (Penticton BC Canada)

Stephanie Doucette from the New Hampshire office was a great help in assisting me to establish my internet account .I can only hope that the remainder will go so easy.


- L. French (Boston, MA)

To whom it may concern,
I just wanted to pay Tim Levi and also Jennifer Roush a big Compliment for being so helpful and answered all my questions when I talked to them today.


- E. Potts (Houston, TX)

I had a helpful conversation with Stephanie today.Thanks!


- K. Hauger Beebe (Aurora, CA)

I just want to send a thank you note. Chris was able to answer all my questions and was very helpful. Thanks again


- K. Johnson (Aztec, NM)

Hi Chris

Thank you for excellent customer service and patience. Your level of expertise was phenomenal.
Your level of experience as you helped me navigate through the website.


- S. Hall (Fort Washington, MD)

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your help with the advertising of our timeshare. You made me aware of the tools and resources that are available to us on the website that we did not know about. You took the time to talk me through several of the tools as well as tips for ensuring that our ad stays at the top of the list. We appreciate your time and patience! We haven't spoken with but a couple of representatives from your company but you exceeded my expectations with your level of customer service.Thanks again!


- D. Farrington (Madison, MS)

I recently put my timeshare on the market through your company. I have heard a lot of stories about advertising a timeshare for sale and once you have paid your money that is the last you hear from the company involved. Last week I returned home after a week away and was pleasantly surprised to have a message from Buyatimeshare providing me with some information and asking me to call back to ensure I was familiar with the services you provide.
I called back a few days later and spoke with a young lady Jocelyn who walked me through the process of getting into my account and how to update information on the account etc. Thank you for the assistance you have provided and I can only hope that your services will result in the sale of the property.You have permission to use this publicly.


- C. Towson (Winnipeg, MB Canada)

I would like to say my interaction with Jennifer Chase via email was a very pleasing experience. As soon as I asked a question I got an immediate response. WELL DONE JENNIFER!!!!!!!!


- P. Williams (Forked River, NJ)

To whom it my concern, I talked to customer service (CRIS CONDON) and he was very helpful and also very nice. You have my permission to use this publicly. Thank you for all your help.


- L. Wong (Clearlake Park, CA)

Dear Chris,

I would like to compliment you on the manner in which you assisted me today.

I was having difficulty in accessing your web site and viewing my advertisement etc. however with your assistance I have resolved that problem.
You also helped me to review and add to my advertisement and understand how to do this in the future.Thank you again.


- I. Sills (Coombabah Qld, AU)

I just tried to return a call from Chris. He was not available so I talked with Johanna Arroya. She was helpful and very pleasant. It was a pleasure to talk with her. She gave me the information on where to email a scanned copy of my deed. I also have a copy of the title guarantee. You have my permission to use this publicly.


- C. Hellwig (Chattanooga, TN)

I want to thank Patrick Meagher for his help today. I haven't been receiving any emails; he fixed that problem and answered all my questions today. He also has patience with those of us who are not computer smart.
You have my permission to use this publicly.


- R. Norris (Mount Vernon, IN)

What an awesome employee you have in Joanna. She went way above any and all expectation I might have had. Although this was a “required” step to advertising our timeshare Joanna was both patient and delightful. She should get 5 stars out of five. I’m happy to allow you to use this review.


- B. Begue (Indiana)

It was a pleasure to talk to you Jennifer. You provide excellent service. Thank you for that. You have a professional skill about your job. Thanks for help. I gave my permission to publish it.


- M. Singh (Newark, CA)

Thanks, Jennifer for the excellent guidance and help in discussion regarding our time share options...and for the help in navigating a very busy website. You service was courteous, understandable and encouraging.

No doubt we will be visiting again.


- R. Talley (Sun City, AZ)

I had the good fortune this morning of speaking with Customer Service Representative Joseph Manfredi. I had some questions concerning a purchase agreement that was sent to me by an outside broker, and I was questioning its legitimacy. Mr. Mandfredi asked some pertinent questions of me, and then requested that I fax him a copy of the agreement so he could review it and address my concerns. He called me a short while later, and we discussed some of the elements of the document and related issues.

I felt assured by - and in agreement with - Mr. Manfredi. His input confirmed my earlier research, and I voiced my appreciation to him. I am pleased to inform his supervisor(s) as to the merit of his advice and the courteous, professional manner with which he treated me.


- J. Stein (Anchorage, AK)

I had the pleasure of speaking with Edward Winton the other day. It was one of the most pleasurable experiences I ever had over the phone.

Ed was extremely polite, professional and extremely knowledgeable. He really helped me quite a bit. He has a very high degree of patience.Of all the people I ever spoke to over the phone (any company) for assistance; Ed was by far in the top 5%.Buyatimeshare is fortunate to have Edward Winton on its team.


- J. Guadagno (Brightwaters, NY)


I was on the phone with customer service Chris Condon who gave me a call to give me my first update on my ad. He was very helpful in answering questions. You can certainly use this e-mail message as my review.


- D. D'Ermo (Hamilton,ON Canada)

Johanna Arroyo took my call today. I found her to be really knowledgeable, courteous, unusually helpful, and very friendly. You have my permission to use this e-mail publicly.


- J. Vitale (Granada Hills, CA)

Patrick, I enjoyed doing computer business with you. You were very persistent and I need to be treated as such. I am totally intimidated by my computer skills and would rather not be bothered than to continue, SO thank you so much for your help. I'm confident that we will get through this "huge transaction in my life" with competent employees like you. You have my permission to use this 'note of gratitude' publicly and as you see fit. My apologies for not using FaceBook and/or any of the other companies that require lots of information! Thanks again for all you did for me.


- V. Winslow (Aurora, CO)

Chris did a great job of helping me to understand what to put on our advertising. He was very courteous and a good speller LOL

Thanks and hope you sell our Timeshare soon


- D. McBride (Gold Hill, OR)

Thanks for your help, Chris, in getting me thru the advertising section. I would have never done it without your help.I appreciated it.


- C. Sodini (Sun City West, AZ)

I really appreciate the time, courtesy extended, and patience’s your representative afford to me in setting up and managing my account. I will be mailing my deed as soon as I can get a copy made. Thank you again.


- J. Marlotte (Grand Junction, CO)

I’ve just received a reply to my email for help from a young man called Chris. I just wanted to tell you how helpful he was. Phoned back very quickly after my email was sent and answered all my questions politely and cheerfully. I wasn’t expecting such a helpful person and would just like you to know what I thought of his manner great.


- C. Warner (Warkworth, New Zealand (aotearoa))

I just spoke to Jennifer Roush about my account that I have with you and she was a big help and very nice demeanor about her.


- P.Bruening (Eaton, CO)

Your customer service rep Patrick was exceptional. Both intelligent and caring, he seemed to only have one customer, me. I really appreciate his advice and service.


- D. Zupko (Largo, FL)

I am new to Buyatimeshare, as I help my 92-year old aunt, sell her timeshare. Your team has been professional and courteous throughout the process of explaining how the sales/advertising works, assisting in opening the account, maintaining contact with me. I have really appreciated the personal attention combined with the internet advertising. However, today I tried to login after watching the video on how to access “my account”, edit, etc. I have a low tolerance for computer glitches, especially for things that aren’t essential to my life.

I fully expected to be passed on to several different departments when I called the main toll-free number. My experience was far different from what I get from the computer tech support groups I’ve had to call in the last 5 years. The young man Patrick Meagher who answered the main toll-free number was cheerful, knew exactly what had happened to cause difficulty in logging on and had it “fixed” in fewer than 5 minutes from the time I placed the call. Then, he made sure I could log in and could get to what I needed.

This kind of service gives me confidence that I have put my aunt in good hands. Thank you so much.


- D.Mayeux (Baton Rouge, LA)

We spoke with Chris yesterday regarding our request to sell our week of timeshare in Marriott's Grande Vista in Orlando. He gave us good info on the sales procedure about 2 weeks into the process and that another update will come in a couple of weeks. He was reassuring, helpful, and encouraging. He answered all our questions and made some suggestions to improve our visibility in the market. We look forward to success, hopefully fairly soon. Thanks for your service. You have our permission to use this publicly.


- L. & S. Rooks (Lynn Haven, FL)

Thanks Stephanie for assisting me with my concerns about sending in the Deed and assuring me that it is safe to send in. I will mail it in ASAP. Thanks also for taking the time to walk me through the Account set up process and for explaining the fields to me. You were very courteous. I am loving doing business (very timely) with BuyATimeShare.com so far and is looking fwd to great results with selling my property.



- L. Sterling (Lauderdale Lakes, FL)

Would like to thank Chris for his info and help also very helpful is Nathan Kelly. Thank you.


- E. Nicholson (Holbrook, NY)

I was at a loss as to how I would fill out my information on this site, After calling me with information I needed to sell my timeshare, The person I spoke to walked me through the entire forms and gave me step by step instructions. She was very pleasant to talk to, and never got frustrated with how much time I took to type the information she gave me. It was a pleasure speaking with her. And the job got done perfectly. You may use this post any way you like, for managements to view, or advertising.


- D. Marfil (Molino, FL)

Hi there. Just some feed back to say Chris was exceptional today and I was very impressed with how are you help me through the procedure. He was very thorough very friendly and very understanding so thank you very much I totally recommend Chris.


- G. Ellis (Maida Vale, Wa, AU)

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am writing about my recent experience in talking to your Representative Jennifer Roush. She restored my confidence in signing up with Buyatimeshare after a poor experience with a recent bad telephone contact. She helped relieve me of my apprehension about signing up for a rental experience by going over the website advertisement as well as reviewing the recent changes made to my ad.
People don't realize that when you purchase a Timeshare it opens the door to a lot of callers who are touting their businesses. I don't like this and when expressed to your representative, she gave me support to the way I have handled these contacts.
I must say that I feel much better since talking to her and I feel more confident that I made the right choice in purchasing my time share as well as the choice in signing with Buyatimeshare to rent my property. She should be recognized for her service.


- M. Venerable (Perris, CA)

It is my pleasure to say this time spent with Stephanie Doucette was a great pleasure.
This person is a gem that is very polished, you have great online contact person.
Keep up the great job Stephanie.


- R. Lafleur (Falconbridge, ON, Canada)

I spoke earlier in June with Johanna Arroyo and she was very helpful. You have my permission to quote me on that.


- C. Hendricks (Addison, IL)

I wish to thank Stephanie Doucette, as she was extremely helpful, and very pleasant to talk with.
I'm also very happy with the service from Ron Marino, he is insightful, and lead me through the process to advertise my timeshare, I'm happy that I chose your company.


- K. Fabricius (Bakersfield, CA)

Thank you, Johanna for your help today with locating my ad, facilitating a price alteration, and generally advising me about the process. I found your assistance exceptional.

You have my permission to use this publicly.


- W. Tiffany (Corvallis, OR)

I write this e-mail regarding speaking with Johanna Arroyo. She assisted me with managing my account. She was very nice; kind voice, lots of patience with me (I am not the smartest or fastest person on the computer). My experience with Johanna was exceptional. If we use scale on performance 1- 10 I will give her 10 plus . Thank you


- S. Skoczen (Oswego,IL)

Dear Carolina

When I decided to sell my timeshare I didn’t know anything about how to do it and what I can expect. Your orientation and help through several phone calls gave me the assuredness that I was doing it well. Thanks to you I have the advertisement I wanted and a hopeful of selling my timeshare.
I am grateful for all your assistance and help.

My respects

Note: You have my permission to use this publicly


- E. Santiago (Manati, PR)

I would like to thank you for the friendly advice and extra help with selling my timeshare because I’m going through a very difficult time in my life a divorce and back surgery in a few weeks so I hope to sell this to help me in these desperate times. So the well trained staff has been very kind and professional.


- K. Tarrant (Conway Springs, KS)

To Whom It May Concern:

Chris has been extremely helpful to us in explaining the procedures involved in selling our property. He is very friendly and courteous. If a future occasion arises, we would definitely ask for his services again.



- Mr. & Mrs. Rosenblum (Anaheim, CA)

For Jennifer Roush, she is awesome! +++


- W. Tam (North Las Vegas, NV)

I just experienced one of the most helpful, informative and professional company support experiences I have had in many years. I called buyatimeshare.com/support and the individual who assisted me was Jennifer Roush. Jennifer represents the treats a valuable associate should consist of and exhibit in a support position. During my experience with support Jennifer was professional and informative. She Answered my questions, provided additional information and reviewed my advertising media. Jennifer also provided additional information which updates and enhances my property advertisement making it attractive to potential buyers. I retired as a Senior Regional V.P for an international corporation and understand how critical good associates are. Criticism comes all too quickly and often, accolades are normally fair and few between, Jennifer deserves my accolades of the day.
An appreciative client


- F. Knueppel (Tacoma, WA)

I found the customer service most helpful on 6/26 & 6/27. Thanks again.


- J. Madsen (Sonora, CA)

I'm so thankful 4 signing with your company! I've sold 5 different properties with your company! My entire family is happy as well! They all owned a percentage in all the timeshares! Thx again! Pleasure to do business with u!

- J. Stanton (Mission Viejo, CA)

I recently spoke with Jennifer Roush. She was very helpful and patient. I appreciate the detailed service over the phone. She provided much needed advice in a kind manner.
Please acknowledge this hard working employee.

Thank you!


- M. Warren (Glendale, AZ)

The customer service was excellent.


- M. Gentile (Jay, ME)

Chris was VERY helpful today in helping me navigate your website. Was totally confused until he patiently explained how it worked. Thank you!!!!!


- P. Micklos (Bethlehem, PA)

I received an email on June 5th from info@buyatimehare.com letting me know about a FREE month through their Featured Property program and that I needed to write a resort review and description. I called customer service and Chris took my call. He was very polite and professional and I received the most amazing help from him. He even helped me with the Meta keywords part.
Thanks Chris for your great assistance!

- A. Duenas (Elmhurst, NY)

I would like to personally thank Shayla Fereshetian for the help she gave me concerning our sale of our Timeshare. She was very pleasant and answered all my questions concerning the sale of our Timeshare. It is people like her that make it a pleasure to deal with. I hope to deal with more pleasurable people like her.

You have my permission to use this publicly so that other people know that your company has the best of the best!

Thank you,


- G. Funck (Greenwich, CT)

Chris did an excellent job of helping me to get more on track. He walked me through several options and was very patient when my IPad was giving me problems. It was truly a pleasure working with him.


- C. Babbitt (Prescott, AZ)

To Whom It May Concern:

Too often people are quick to express their displeasure when they receive poor customer service but often fail to take the time to acknowledge a job well done. I have had a few conversations over last few months with the staff at BuyATimeShare and have experienced nothing but consistent and outstanding customer service from Tim Levi and most recently Jennifer Roush. You have my permission to use this publicly.


- R. Purington (Danvers, MA)

The rep Johanna that assisted me today was very courteous and informative and explained to me everything that I had a concern about. I will recommend her to anyone that does performance reviews. Thanks for everything.


- N. Rosa (Staten Island, NY)

This is a quick note to say thanks to Ron Marino (ID# TP23338) for taking the time to educate me about selling my time share and the ranking of your company which made me feel comfortable in doing business with your company. Ron also went above and beyond to get me a reasonable contract rate to make this all possible. I feel that Ron used empathy in negotiating with me. Had it not been for Ron I would not be able to accomplish this today. I do anticipate results and feel comfortable that it will be achieved. Please do commend Ron on my behalf.
Have a blessed day.



- L. Sterling (Lauderdale Lakes, FL)

I want to thank you Chris so much for all the time you spent with me today on the phone helping me manage my timeshare account.

"You have my permission to use this publicly"


- K. Eckhart (Monaca, PA)

Dear Ms. Fereshetian,

Thank you for your assistance today with adjusting the Timeshare I advertised with your company. After listening to your explanation of why putting up a property for rent can draw a buyer, I realized how important that is, and agreed. Further, I decided on the basis of our conversation that it would be ridiculous to lower the price of my Caribbean timeshare to a mere few thousand dollars. Therefore, for the moment, I am relying on the rental listing.

You have my permission to share this review publicly.


- J. Armon (Consohocken, PA)



- A. Katchem (Upland, CA)

Chris assisted Mary Racu in making her Timeshare Ad professional to rent or sell it as soon as possible.
Chris is an excellent expert in assisting his clients. I have trusted Chris & have higher hope to rent & sell my Timeshare as soon as possible after he assisted me. I will refer Chris to everyone I know to do business with him.


- M. Racu (Escondido, CA)



- C. Carigon (Greenville, MI)

To Customer Service:

I had a wonderful conversation with Chris, He was very helpful, patient and kind. He made good suggestions as to how to advertise effectively. I was glad to talk to him. I would like to thank him and let him know how much I appreciate his help.


- F. Williams (Fort Myers, FL)

Hi Quincy, thank you for your professional help in trying to sell our timeshare in Phuket. We have had contact with you since 2012 but we were not quite ready to sell. However, from time to time we have talked on the phone and we have always found you to be helpful and to have gladly spent the necessary time with us on the phone. So all that remains now is to sell our unit and everybody will be happy.


- Mr. & Mrs. S. Brannick (Aubin Grove, W.Au)

I would like for you to know how grateful I am for the quality of service provided by your representative Chris. He waited patiently as I read information about my responsibilities as seller and your role as advertiser, explained the procedures to follow when contacted by a potential buyer, and led me step-by-step through the activating process so that it was never a complicated experience. I feel assured that I may contact you at any time for assistance.
You have my permission to use my comments publicly.

Yours truly,


- G. Barbour (Kinston, NC)

I, Lynda Ingram have been talking with Ms Jennifer Roush in helping me trying to sell this property at Alhambra Villas that I have never been able to go there and I am on disability and the help that I had early with this property they have passed away and times are really hard for me now and my granddaughter is not working and not able to help with this matter. The maintenance fees are way out of my range and now I am only able to keep up with the necessities that are needed to keep my household bills here at home. Ms Roush has really been great and she really makes me feel that we may solve this matter as quickly as we can. She has handled the matter very professional and I feel things will get better and less stress off my shoulders I just need to be a little more patient and know that things will work out for those who love The Lord and I do love him.


- L. Ingram (Baltimore, MD)



- G. and W. Fetters (Williamsburg, Ohio)

I was helped by Chris today on the telephone. I found him to be professional, friendly and helpful.


- R. Herman (Dahlonega, GA)

I had a very good experience today with Chris from buyatimeshare.com. He helped me through all the different incomplete sections of my ad and was very informed about what to do. I thank Chris for his help and friendliness it made everything easier.


- J. Leduff (Las Vegas, NV)

Dear Sir/Madame; My name is E. Alvarez , I would like to compliment one of your Customer Service Representative by the name of Ms. Johanna Arroyo. When I called to inquire about my Time-Share, she was friendly, courteous, very knowledgeable and above all professional. It was certainly a breath of fresh air to talk and interact with someone as pleasant as she. Needless to say, Good employees are hard to come by in today's industries. Thanking you in advance.


- E. Alvarez (Toms River, NJ)

Thank you Jennifer for your great assistance in getting me logged into your web site. I now am able to see what is going on in your attempt to sell my Mexican timeshare. Sometimes you go around circles trying to figure out how accomplish what you need to do. Designers of websites are not as smart as they think. One of my spam providers has a sign-in for his unsubscribe screen. That was intentional as he couldn't be that stupid!!
Great service for an "old duffer"


- C. Robinson (Homosassa, Fl)

The Customer Service at BuyATimeshare.com is outstanding; they call me periodically to offer any help I may need, they explain how the sales process works and help me in maintaining information on the website. They are very courteous and professional and it is a pleasure to do business with them.


- N. Thavamani (Oak Park, CA)

We recently had contact with your customer service rep, Shayla Fereshetian. She was extremely helpful & very patient with helping us set up an account to manage the advertisement for our timeshare that your company is handling. Thanks again Shayla for your assistance.


- C Cain (Lake Saint Louis, MO)

Chris - The best customer service guy I've ever met

I had received an e-mail on 9 June from info@buyatimeshare.com telling me how to “Gain More Traffic with Timeshare Pulse”. As I wanted to have more information about it, I phoned Customer Service. To my great surprise I received the most amazing help from Chris, who answered the phone. He very patiently showed me how I could use my web pages more effectively and was happy to explain how Timeshare Pulse works. He even took time to add some more Meta Keywords to my web page that would drive visitors to it more quickly, taking time also to explain how I could add even more.

It was a real educational experience from which I have learned a lot, so thanks very much for that, Chris. This is Service with a capital S.


- D. Levine (London, England (UK))
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