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506 West Market Street
Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania 17961

Phone: 570-691-8104


This cabin is located near Wellsville, NY - about 90 minutes south of the lake region and about 90 miles from Buffalo. There are several local events centering on Wellsville, including an annual hot air balloon rally, a spring-time trout fishing tournament and a very interesting and beautiful charity ridgewalk held every year during the fall season. Wellsville hosts a world renowned “bone carver”, Jack Brown, who is famous for his talents with intricate and beautiful carving from deer, moose, and elk antlers and bones. (A lamp built by Mr. Brown is in the cabin – made with elk antlers and a deerskin lamp shade). The town is very inviting and friendly, with many "Mom & Pop" stores. The cabin was built by hand from the foundation up - it is heated with a very efficient wood stove that is centrally located in the cabin. It is well insulated and very cozy in any weather. The land is wooded, with the shade provided keeping the cabin cool in the summer. The valley extends for several miles with a two-mile long lake visible from the two decks built right out from a large rock outcropping on the mountain top - the elevation is about 2,100 feet with the lake about 500 feet below. This area's foliage is spectacular. The land is largely oak and maple with beech making up the remainder. There is small a stream on the northeast end of the property with good hiking trails covering most of the property. The land also has about 70 feet of actual frontage onto the paved County Route 38. Access to the property is by a dirt road that is well-maintained by the landowner's association with a combination-locked gate. The landowner's association has maintained the road for about 14 years. There is a maintenance fee for the road of $4.00 per acre ($144 for this 35.86 acre plot). The access road is a seasonal road.

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