Search for a Timeshare to Buy or Rent BBB Relationship is a Good Fit for Timeshare Resales

The Better Business Bureau, commonly known as the BBB, is known around the country as a credible source of consumer information about businesses from a variety of industries, including timeshare. This is why the BBB relationship has been such an important connection, so consumers can understand that there are trustworthy companies in the marketplace regarding the timeshare resale industry.

The BBB connection dates back to 2000, when the company began its online resale advertising business as a way to connect timeshare sellers with buyers and renters when the Internet first developed its e-commerce capability. Obviously, with a company in business as long as BBB critiques were bound to occur, but we have a long tradition of working closely with the BBB to resolve any and all reviews and criticism directed toward us. Just take a look at some of the reviews we've received across the Internet:

We have developed a specific BBB response team to handle all comments forwarded from the BBB to our attention, in areas such as our sales practices and product and service issues. Once we have been notified of comments directed to the BBB, we immediately investigate the claim.

The results of our investigations can be posted on the BBB page on their website, along with the resolution status granted by the BBB. We have a direct communication line with the BBB and the transparency of the process adds credibility to their capabilities as well as sheds light on our desire to do the right thing by our customers.

Timeshare resales has been a sector of the timeshare industry that has received its fair share of criticism over the years, but the procedures put in place by the BBB give legitimate companies the ability to engage proactively with consumers to work through issues toward a successful resolution. Several factors are considered in a BBB rating:

  • Length of time in business

The longer a company is in business, compared to the number of complaints, can favorably impact the rating.

  • Response rate

A timely, good faith response to complaints reported to the BBB.

  • Resolutions

The fact that issues have actually been resolved.

  • Type of Business

Even though is a by-owner internet advertising company, we are associated with the overall timeshare industry since the products available on our website are timeshares. Therefore, the overall image of timeshares can have a negative impact on us even though it has no direct influence on the effectiveness of our individual business practices.

As one of the leading companies within the timeshare secondary market, has worked with the BBB to take a positive approach to resolve issues. This has helped to paint a balanced and fair picture of our business practices and demonstrate that we are open and willing to work to resolve any differences consumers may have regarding our operation.   

Our policies and commitment to customer service has led to a 56% reduction in the number of complaints filed with the BBB over the past year, and a 71% reduction compared to two years ago. While our customer service team sets us apart from all other operators in the timeshare resale space, it is our ability to work closely with our customers to give them the best opportunity possible to sell or rent their timeshares.

If you would like more information about our policies, procedures and online marketing abilities, please fill out the form at the top right corner of the page or feel free to call us on 1-800-640-6886.  

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